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7 of the Best Party Games for Under $30

Werewords party game

The Most Fun, and Affordable Games for Your Next Party

If you love hosting parties then you know that one of the best things are the interactions and mingling between your guests once they get acquainted with one another. But for those natural conversations to be had, icebreaking activities usually need to occur. That’s exactly what our list of best party games aim to do!

While many don’t know how to organize these types of activities, there are many different party games that do it for you. But what is a party game?

In a basic sense party games are any type of game that can be played with a large group of people that encourage interaction and entertainment. These types of games inspire us to laugh, tell each other details about our lives, or even act or draw for your adoring public.

In this list we have compiled our 7 favorite party games to play and each of them for under $30 dollars!

Here is our quick list of the best party games for under $30

  1. Codenames
  2. Medium
  3. Skull
  4. Werewords
  5. Happy Salmon
  6. A Fake Artist Goes to New York
  7. Quelf

7 Party Games To Make Your Night Shine

1. Codenames

Codenames board game for parties

Get ready to turn your next party into a spy-filled extravaganza with Codenames! This exciting game is perfect for a fun and engaging party experience that will have everyone on the look out.

Split into teams and let the game begin as each spymaster uses their clever wordplay to help their team uncover the right words on the board.

With easy-to-learn rules and fast-paced gameplay, Codenames is a game that will keep everyone involved and having a blast. Plus, with endless combinations of words and clues, no two games are ever the same.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a big bash, Codenames is the perfect game to liven up the party and get everyone in on the action. So grab your friends, put on your best spy gear, and let the fun begin – it’s time to play Codenames!

2. Medium

Get ready to channel your inner psychic with Medium, the collaborative party game that’ll have you and your friends predicting the future – sort of.

Split into teams of mystics, each group will choose a set of psychic cards of the same color, shuffle them together, and draw two cards. Then, it’s time to use your telepathic powers to come up with a single word that represents the connection between those cards. If both teams come up with the same word, they’ll earn points and move on to the next round. It’s like reading each other’s minds, but with less creepy vibes.

The team with the most points at the end of the game will be crowned the ultimate clairvoyants – so get ready to tap into the supernatural and let the good times roll!

3. Skull

Skull board game best party games

Ahoy there, ye landlubbers! Get ready to set sail with Skull, the high-stakes bluffing game that’ll have you walking the plank – okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea. Each of ye scallywags will have four coasters – three with flowers, and one with a skull.

In secret, you’ll place one coaster face down, then bid on how many coasters ye can flip over without finding a skull. But beware, mateys, because the other players will be trying to trick ye with their bids! If ye can’t flip over the number of coasters ye promised without hitting a skull, ye’ll have to surrender one of yer coasters.

The first pirate to win two bids and keep their coasters will be the captain of the ship – and the envy of all the other buccaneers. So gather yer crew, hoist the Jolly Roger, and let the games begin!

4. WereWords

Werewords party game

Get ready to howl with laughter with Werewords, the game of deduction that will have you on the edge of your seat – but in a good way!

One of you will be the mischievous “Werewolf,” while another player will be the wise “Seer.” The Werewolf knows the secret word, and they’ll do everything in their power to keep it hidden, while the Seer tries to guide you towards the answer. But watch out – the Werewolf will throw you off the scent with all sorts of sneaky lies!

As time ticks away, the rest of you have to ask yes or no questions to figure out the word and catch the Werewolf. If you succeed, you’ll all howl with delight, but if the Werewolf escapes, they’ll be howling at the moon in triumph. So gather your pack and get ready to sniff out the truth – it’s time to play Werewords!

5. Happy Salmon

Get ready to flip out with Happy Salmon – the happiest, splashiest game around!

In this fast-paced party game for 3-6 players, you’ll each have a deck of cards with four crazy actions: “High 5,” “Pound It,” “Switcheroo,” and of course, “Happy Salmon!” Your goal is to find a fellow player with the same action and do it together, all while yelling out the action’s name like a maniac.

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the game and earns the coveted title of Happy Salmon champion. So, get ready to go fish, slap fins, and give some serious air high fives – because this game is off the hook!

6. A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Best drawing games to play with friends

Ready to play A Fake Artist Goes to New York? It’s a drawing and deduction game where one of you lucky folks gets to be a fake artist!

Don’t worry, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds – you get a blank card while everyone else gets a real word to draw. Then, you all take turns adding one stroke to a communal drawing, while the fake artist tries to blend in and figure out what the heck everyone else is drawing! After two rounds, you get to vote on who you think the fake artist is.

If you’re right, you all win and get to bask in the glory of your artistic skills. If not, the fake artist wins and you get to eat humble pie. Yum! So grab your pens, get ready to laugh, and let’s see who the real artist is – or isn’t!

7. Quelf

Get ready for a wild and wacky time with Quelf! This board game is all about letting loose and embracing your silly side.

Players take turns drawing cards and following the zany instructions, from speaking in accents to performing outrageous stunts. The goal is to be the first player to reach the end of the board, but with so many unpredictable challenges along the way, you never know what will happen next.

Quelf is perfect for a fun-filled party or game night, where you can let your hair down and let your imagination run wild. So grab your friends, get ready to laugh until your sides hurt, and let’s play Quelf!

Which will you choose?

While this list hasn’t included every party game that can bring a ton of fun to your next event, we know that no matter which one you choose will make it one of the most fun, most awkward, or most competitive introduction to new friends that you have ever had!

We hope that you enjoyed our latest gift guide and if you liked it, please share it out with all of your friends!


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