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How to Make a Christmas Stocking in 8 Simple Steps


Making a Handmade Stocking for Christmas

There are so many wonderful activities that come with the holiday season, and one activity you don’t want to skip is creating your own Christmas stockings. You can find a range of stocking projects online, but a project that doesn’t require any sewing is perfect for both children and adults.

Are you looking for a creative way to get into the holiday spirit? Use the following tips to learn how to make a Christmas stocking.

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Christmas Designs

You can use your fabric or felt and decorations in any Christmas patterns or colours, such as plaid, snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer, red and green. The idea is to create Christmas stockings that are perfect for you or your recipient.

How to Make a Christmas Stocking

Making the Stocking

1. Lightly draw your stocking onto your fabric or felt using a pencil. You can also print out a template or stencil if you need a little help. Remember, you’re going to do this for two pieces of fabric or felt. It’s also best to draw the stocking a little bigger than your preferred size to provide room for the glue.

2. When you’re happy with the design, slowly and carefully cut the stocking shape out of both pieces. The pieces should be the same size so you can glue them together, and be sure to leave the top part open so you can fill it with gifts.

3. The next step is to hot glue the two pieces together. If you’re using fabric that is plain on one side, you want to glue them together with the plain sides on the outside. Give the hot glue time to dry before proceeding with the project.

4. Once the hot glue is dry, carefully turn the stocking inside-out so the patterned or coloured sides are on the outside. You’re going to leave the stocking like this for the rest of the project.

5. You can add the top coloured part of the stocking, which is similar to the white area of a red stocking, with extra fabric or felt and hot glue. Be careful to not glue the stocking closed.


Decorating the Stocking

6. Now here comes the exciting part: decorating your stocking! You can use a variety of decorative pieces, such as fabric or felt markers, scraps of fabric or felt, buttons, glitter, ribbon and pom-poms. You may even decide to personalize the stocking with a name or monogram.

7. If you’re using hot glue to attach the decorative pieces to the stocking, allow the hot glue to dry to ensure the pieces don’t fall off.

8. An optional step is to cut, loop and glue a piece of felt, yarn or ribbon to the top back corner of the stocking for easy hanging.


Final Thoughts on How to Make a Christmas Stocking

There we have it! A homemade Christmas stocking is the perfect gift for your loved one, or you can use it as your own stocking. It’s easy to create and sure to stand out from the other holiday decorations. The best part is filling the stockings that have been created for others.

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How to Make a Christmas Stocking in 8 Simple Steps

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