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9 Crazy Awesome White Elephant Gifts on Amazon

Finding the Best and Unusual Gifts on Amazon UK Website - Open for Christmas

The Best of Amazon’s Weird, Unusual Gifts for Your White Elephant Party

From the slightly strange to the down-right “what on earth is that?”, Amazon is packed full of unusual items and gifts for your White Elephant party.. While these gifts may be odd, they make for amazing conversation!

If you’re looking for something the person you’re buying for will have never seen before – Amazon is the place to go

We can’t promise they’ll actually use these things, but they definitely hit the mark for being quirky. 

The following list of 9 Amazon unusual gifts is sure to make them smile, laugh or at least look very confused at what they’re holding. 

Quirky gifts and gag gifts work the best when it’s something they never knew existed. 

We’ve picked some slightly more practical weird presents, and some they’ll truly be shocked by. 

So if you’re in the market for the perfect crazy present for someone you love, or someone you don’t really like, then you’re in the right place. 

And if you’re shopping for gifts for the woman or man who has everything – we can be pretty certain they won’t already have the things on this list. 

9 Best Amazon White Elephant Gifts 

Without further ado, here are our top white elephant gift ideas on Amazon. 

1. Beefaroni Secret Stash Safe

We’re starting off our list of weird presents with a fairly practical and understated gift. 

This present is affordable and actually useful, so it makes a perfect white elephant or secret Santa gift that’s away from the norm. 

This fake can food is designed to store possessions secretly. 

Use the tin to hide your emergency money or spare keys to disguise them from prying eyes. 

We think this tin makes a lovely present as it doubles as funny and actually useful.

2. Inflatable Alien Costume  

Do you ever find that whenever you need a fancy dress costume, everything is way too expensive, won’t arrive on time or just doesn’t look funny enough? 

The solution to this is having a great costume at home all year round, just in case you’re invited to a Halloween party spontaneously. 

We absolutely love this alien carrying you costume, and we’re pretty sure whoever you buy it for will too. 

They might even plan their own dress-up party just so they can wear their hilarious new outfit! 

Also if the ‘person who has everything’ you’re trying to buy for loves dressing up and Halloween, then you can’t go far wrong with this quirky present. 

3. Dancing Pickle  

We’re willing to bet money that the person you’re buying a white elephant gift for doesn’t have one of these. 

And if they do, then please ask them why and let us know their answer. 

This gift will make anyone laugh with mimicing your every sounds. Yes it may not be used daily, but it is sure to bring a smile to your face when you do!

It’s a brilliant gag gift. 

If the person is an eccentric that’s difficult to buy for, or perhaps a teenager who likes the sillier things in life – then this dancing pickle is sure to make them smile. 

4. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This hilarious card game will add a funny and unique twist to game night, or even to the white elephant gift extravaganza you have been invited to!

On Amazon, the game is described as: “A power-packed quick and simple party game. Race against each other to SLAP a match between a card and spoken word. But – watch out! – your mind will play tricks on you. This game was engineered for maximum fun. Enjoy!”

The game was the highlight of our family Christmas this year. It is fast paced and you are guaranteed to be crakcing up during the game!

We think this is a perfect unusual gift as it will definitely be used time and time again, at parties, with families and on game nights with friends. 

5. The Butt – Tape Dispenser and Supply Station 

On Sale!

If you’re looking for a funny gag gift for a secret Santa or for a person who likes brightening up their workday, then this tape dispenser and stationery supply stand is brilliant. 

We can just imagine the office joker going around asking everybody if they need any tape, and chuckling away as they bring out their novelty tape dispenser. 

It would also work as a fab gift for a crafty person, a student or teenager. 

6. The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

We’ll be honest, we had no idea you could get a cheese-making kit anywhere let alone on Amazon! 

Any cheese-lover will be used to receiving all different kinds of cheeses for Christmas and birthdays, but they might never have received an actual kit to make their very own cheese. 

This kit comes with everything you need to make 10 Different Artisan Cheeses!

This kit is designed with beginners in mind, so you don’t need any experience to start making your home-made cheeses. 

This may be the ultimate gift for cheese lovers! 

7. Pizza Socks Box

We had to exercise some serious self-control to not buy these for ourselves when we saw them. 

This gift is the perfect combination of two of the world’s best things: pizza and funky socks! 

A novelty gift like this is one they’ll definitely use and enjoy. 

It looks great in its fun pizza-box packaging, and they receive pizza-themed pairs of socks. Win-win! 

This is one of those weird gifts on Amazon that we would love to receive ourselves.

8. Build-On Brick Mug

This may be the ultimate work procrastination mug. 

We know we’d spend hours playing with the blocks and making up mini-stories in our head to avoid getting that task done. 

It’s also a cute retro mug to use at home or as a gift for somebody going to university. 

Also, it’s socially acceptable and office appropriate, unlike some of the other presents in this list. 

We think this is a lovely gift that’s more quirky than unusual, and it’s sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. 

9. Chocolate Bitcoins

Know an investor with a sweet tooth? 

These decorated chocolates are a perfect gift for any cryptocurrency enthusiast

Great for gag gifts and stocking stuffers.

We’re sure that whoever is the lucky recipient of these chocs will be taking it to the bank! Get it?   

Our Final Thoughts

Buying a novelty present is a great way to guarantee they won’t already have what you’re getting them. 

It’s also brilliant for making people smile and laugh, which should be the effect of every gift. 

We love shopping for unique items on Amazon because the range of odd products you can find on there is truly unbeatable. 

In this post, we tried to include a variety of weird presents that would suit all budgets, tastes and personalities. 

Plus, we also wanted to pick items that would actually get used – aside from the dancing pickle that is. 

Although novelty gifts are funny, it’s quite wasteful of money and materials to buy gifts that will ultimately end up shoved at the back of a drawer. 

‘Unusual’ doesn’t have to mean useless, so we tried to pick practical unique gifts that would hopefully provide some value in people’s lives. 

We hope you enjoyed the range of presents we picked for this white elephant gifts from Amazon gift guide. 

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