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12 Amazing Gift Ideas for Teachers That Stand Out

Pencil Caddy Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

If there is ever a person that is underappreciated for the work they do, it’s teachers. That’s why we have put together a special guide with gift ideas for teachers. 

This doesn’t have to wait until Christmas, in fact you don’t even have to purchase all twelve, but what you should do is check out these amazing and thoughtful gift ideas!

The 12 Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

It doesn’t have to be an apple that you gift a teacher, that tradition isn’t what it used to be, but giving a teacher a thoughtful present has never been more important!

So feel free to put your own spin on this fun little tradition, but we think that our awesome collection will leave everyone feeling special!

Gift 1 - A Mug With a Special Touch

There is always a place for caffeine when it comes to being a teacher, and personalized mugs are a popular gift. 

This mug though puts a great twist on a traditional gift, with a adorable message followed by a place to put your child’s name. 

This is a truly caring gift and one that we can’t get enough of!

Gift 2 - The Hip Bag that Says It All

A large bag is a teacher’s best friend when it comes to carrying supplies to and from school everyday, so why not have the most fun bag out there!

This canvas bag is the perfect gift to give a teacher that you appreciate and show them that you care!


Gift 3 - A Gift Card Done Right

Let’s face it, gifting gift cards can be a stale activity that says nothing more than “I forgot to get you something but remembered at the gas station.”

You can stop those thoughts in their tracks with these cute gift card holders. Each holder has a funny little saying that connects coffee and teaching, and will leave your favorite lesson planner laughing until their next cup!

Gift 4 - Pencil Caddy With Style

The pencil caddy is a staple (very punny) of every teacher’s desk, and this one is nothing short of amazing!

Featuring their name in a beautiful font and plenty of room to store every writing implement imaginable, this gift idea for teachers is one that will surely be a hit!

Gift 5 - Best Teacher Book Ever

Before you scroll past, understand this is no ordinary book for teachers. This gift idea is special because you (or your child) have a chance to fill in the blanks on each page to create the most personalized gift yet!

An example: “The best thing I learned from you is __________.” 

This is just one page of many that will leave your favorite teacher in tears of joy as they cherish this special gift.

Gift 6 - Don't Forget Your Lunch!

Personal mementos make amazing gifts, but sometimes the best gift ideas for teachers are actually just plain useful.

This stylish lunchbox not only will fit everything a teacher needs to get through a chaotic day, but also comes in patterns that will help them stand out in the break room.

And at this price, we are buying one for every teacher we know!

Gift 7 - Buy Something On Their Wishlist

Sure there’s a chance that they already own one, and this is definitely our most expensive gift on the list, but this gift idea for your teacher is one that will definitely make their day. 

Whether you buy them their first Stanley, or simply add a color to their collection, this is one gift that will have them feeling the love!

Gift 8 - Caffeine On The Go

So you have already bought the cutest mug out there, why not give your favorite teacher a gift that allows for caffeine on the go?

This travel tea set from ZENS is lightweight, easy to use, and best of all, CUTE! 

If you want a gift that will make your teacher the talk of the school, then this one is for you!

Gift 9 - Burn It Up

Okay, so this one is cheesy…but we love it!

If you are looking to make a teacher chuckle somewhere, then this candle fits the bill. With a funny message and lovely lavender scent, this is something that every teacher can enjoy as they pour themselves a glass of wine after a tough week.

Gift 10 - Something For The Classroom

Teacher’s all care deeply about their classrooms, and with budgets being cut all over the place many have to use their personal funds for supplies. 

This leaves little room for luxuries such as this cart. 

Be a hero to a teacher by gifting them a place to store everything they need and also have the ability to move it around the classroom with them. These make great gifts and while not as cute, still are just as thoughtful as many of the gifts listed above.

Gift 11 - A Personalized Sign

Let’s get personal again!

This sign is a fun gift to let a teacher know you care. Complete with their name and some fun artwork, this quality craftmanship will let everyone know just who runs the room!

Gift 12 - A Little Bit of TLC

The school day can be rough on both the hands and feet of our fearless shapers of the future. This is why one of the best gift ideas for teachers is the simple package of self care provided by Burt’s Bees.

These products are well known and they should be because they are tremendous!

Every teacher will appreciate these as they kick back and rejuvenate at home during their off time!

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

We hope you enjoyed the list of gift ideas for teachers that we think everyone will enjoy. Whether it is something personalized or something useful, we hope that you will find something that will show the teacher closest to you that you care!

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