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6 Best Ethical and Eco Friendly Gifts | Sustainable Gift Ideas in 2022


Gifts They’ll Love That Are Amazing and Eco Friendly

Caring for the environment is on everyone’s mind at the moment and this doesn’t stop at Christmas. Finding eco friendly gifts doesn’t need to be hard, and a lot of zero-waste gifts are very practical and well-received.

There is nothing worse than buying a gift that is never used, or the recipient doesn’t even like. Put your hand up if you’ve ever received a gift like. That looks like all of us!

There are eco friendly gifts out there for everyone, so use this guide to help find the perfect sustainable gifts this year.

Why Eco Friendly Gifts?

It is so easy to throw away single-use products without actually knowing the real harm and permanent damage to the environment we are causing. Single-use plastic especially, can not fully biodegrade.

Therefore it ends up in the ground, waterways and sadly eaten by marine life. And, this damage to the environment is only getting worse as our world population grows.


Plastic is convenient, and durable, which is why it is such a popular material used to make millions of products. But, there are great alternatives. And now more than ever it is easy, and essential, to make eco-friendly swaps in our lives and reduce our carbon footprint.

The festive season is full of gifts, and that can often mean a lot of unnecessary waste and plastic. However, with some eco friendly gifts, you can make Christmas more ethical and sustainable.

So whether you choose to use these gifts as a subtle message to your friends to become more eco friendly, or you buy them for yourself, you can enjoy the festive season with a clear conscience. Zero-waste gifts also make perfect stocking gifts for teenagers and adults.

Our 6 Top Eco Friendly Gifts

1. Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps are a completely natural and sustainable alternative to cling film. Brighten up your fridge or lunchbox with these wraps. Made with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, the wrap softens with the warmth of your hands as you use it. It then hardens to create a natural seal around the food.

There are so many uses for beeswax wraps:

  • Use to wrap sandwiches
  • Keep food fresher in the fridge
  • Cover bowls and mason jars
  • Make snack pockets

These beeswax wraps also come in a flower and bees print that we love. Do know anyone who loves clingfilm or sandwich bags? This is the perfect gift or stocking filler for them!

2. Reusable Straws

It is well documented how bad disposable plastic straws are on animals and our environment. They end up in landfills and our oceans, and are the 7th most collected item on beaches around the world.

If your friends or family haven’t already, it is time to make an eco-friendly swap to a reusable straw such as silicone, stainless steel or bamboo straws.

These Silicone Straws come in a pack of 12 different colours with 2 cleaning brushes and linen pouch to keep them organised in.

We love how bright and colourful these rainbow silicone straws are, and will look amazing with your morning smoothie!

Stainless Steel Straws are another great option. They come as a pack of 8 straws – 4 straight and 4 bent with 2 cleaning brushes and a linen bag.

These sturdy straws are a great option for those who prefer a classic look, and will make your cocktail night very professional.

Bamboo Drinking Straws are 100% natural and biodegradable.. They are extremely durable and can be used in both hot and cold drinks.

This product comes with 5 bamboo straws, a cleaning brush and a linen pouch to store them.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that 80% of water bottles end up in landfill? What better reason do you need to make the switch to a reusable water bottle?

If you still have a friend who is using plastic water bottles, buy them a Chilly’s Water Bottle. Plastic bottles are officially out. This is the perfect gift and a subtle hint to them to stop. These smart bottles come in a variety of colours so choose a colour or pattern so they can use it as their everyday water bottle.

Features of a Chilly’s Water Bottle
  • Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
  • Cold drinks keep cool for 24 hours
  • Hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours
  • Leak-proof screw lid
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rust resistant

4. Silicone Lids

Another great practical gift for any kitchen. These Silicone Stretchy Lids can be used replace clingfilm or tin foil. They come in multiple sizes and form a great seal on your food container, glass or bowl. The lids are very easy to clean with a quick rinse in warm, soapy water after use. They’ll never need to use clingfilm again!

5. Foldaway Bag

The average lifespan of a plastic bag is 14 minutes before thrown away and never used again. Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled. The rest end up in landfill or in our oceans.

Everyone needs a reusable carrier bag and foldaway bags are great. They fold up so can be stored in your pocket, handbag and car so they are available when you need them. This is the perfect stocking filler, or a great gift for anyone for enjoys shopping.

This reusable tote bag from Reisenthel is perfect for grocery shopping or a big shopping spree. Lightweight and durable, these bags will last for years.

The perfect, stylish stocking filler or gift.

6. Reusuable Coffee Cup

Daily coffee trips is a part of many people’s routine, and therefore makes a great gift. It’s quick, convenient and gives you that pick-me-up you need in the morning. However, this is having a detrimental impact on the environment. Less than 1% of coffee cups end up recycled.

So let’s change this. You can now use a reusable coffee cup when picking up your takeaway coffee. Many coffee shops now offer a discount as an incentive to bring your own coffee cup. This is the perfect gift for your coffee lovers you know.

This rCUP is actually made from recycled coffee cups and is 100% leakproof and BPA proof so no nasty chemicals.

This bru Coffee Cup is robust, double-walled and vacuum insulated meaning your coffee will stay hot (or cold) for hours.

More Eco Friendly Gift Tips

  • Try and buy gifts from your local shops where possible, to save on delivery and transport emissions.
  • When buying gifts, take your own reusable bag instead of using a plastic bag.
  • Use recycled wrapping paper
  • Try and buy gifts from as few retailers as possible to save on delivery emissions.
  • Consider homemade or upcycled gifts
  • If you’re buying clothes, buy organic cotton from organic cotton farmers
  • Support local independent shops

Our Final Thoughts on Eco Friendly Gifts

There are so many eco friendly gifts which make wonderful, yet sustainable presents with something for all ages.

Buying eco-friendly gifts has never been easier so consider adding sustainable gifts to your list of gift ideas and stocking fillers this year.

This year, let’s think of our planet, and all do our bit to help.

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