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The Best Family Christmas Pajamas 2022

Matching Christmas Family Pajamas - Open for Christmas

Best Festive Matching Family Pajamas

Who’s getting dressed in 2022? Round off the year in the best family Christmas pajamas for lovers of all things luxury, light, and love.

Whether you’re known around your neighborhood as the family that matches their jammies every year, or you’re eager to start a new family tradition – much to the chagrin of your begrudging kids – gathering the whole gorgeous gang for a snuggle sesh around the fireplace can really bring a sense of family bonding to your holiday celebrations.

From dancing around the kitchen prepping your tofurkey Christmas dinner, to rounding up your rambunctious little ones for this year’s festive portrait, this holiday season, you can rock the runway together in cozy, cuddly style!

Our snuggle-savvy elves here at Open for Christmas have been working hard round the clock to curate the 4 best onesies, pjs, and matching sets perfect for every family’s signature style.

And fret not!  – we’ve also included some snazzy little outfits for the family pets: dogs or cats!

So, why not get stuck in & check out our range of matching pajama sets so sweet and so soft, you’ll wanna stay in them all Christmas!

The best Christmas pajamas for the family who always rocks Christmas in style!

1. Family Matching Christmas PJs – IF Family

Family Christmas Matching Pajamas by IF Family

By far the most expansive range on this list, the IF Family Matching Pajama Set comes in sizes fit for every family member, from 12 months, all the way through to an adult 3XL. 

There are twelve styles on offer, including reindeer stripes, white snowman, red snowman family. red and black check tartan and many more, so you can curl up with your favorite mug of hot cocoa and embrace the festive spirit in a fun and cute style.

Each set includes one long-sleeve pajama shirt and a pair of matching long pajama pants. Cuffed sleeves keep the heat trapped in for longer, ensuring you and your family are protected with 360-degree warmth and toastiness throughout the biting winter season.

Made of premium cotton jersey with a comfortable amount of stretch spandex, these jersey knit comfy matching pjs are perfect for lounging or kicking back with the entire family for a merry movie marathon.

Furthermore, the stretch fabric will also make getting your little ones ready for bed a breath of fresh air. Simply slide the pants and shirt on, and you’re done!

With cotton this breathable and velvety-soft, your loved ones will be dying – not kicking and screaming – to get into their pjs and into bed.

2. Nordic Fleece Christmas Onesie – PajamaGram

Nordic Fleece Christmas Matching Family Pajamas Onesie

Of all the family Christmas pajamas on offer this year, the Nordic Fleece Onesie from PajamaGram is, by far, the best for providing head-to-toe warmth, keeping everyone cozy and cute all throughout the snowy season.

The iconic drawstring hoodie, elasticated wrist cuffs, and footie feet keep the warmth in and promote serious snuggle vibes. You’ll never want to take it off!

Made with ultra-soft cotton, these onesies are like a holiday hug you’ll never want to end. Slip yourself in, zip up tight and sink into bliss!

The fun, festive snowflake designs instantly transport the entire family to the tippy top of the snow-capped Nordic mountains, and with fade-resistant fabric, you’ll be transported back year after year!

How about some stress-free ordering? Simply add the first size to your cart, then return to the listing and add the best sizes for all remaining family members.

Place your order and your snuggly family Christmas pajamas should be with you before Santa has a chance to pack up for next year!

3. Festive Green Check Matching PJs – PajamaGram

Festive Green Check Family Christmas Matching Pajamas from PajamaGram

We all know the story:

You come downstairs on Christmas morning, eyes still crusted half-shut after yet another all-nighter wrapping presents for which you find yourself questioning why you even bought them in the first place.

You’re half asleep, but you breathe a sigh of relief, a profound sense of accomplishment filling you up as you walk around your kitchen admiring the cacophony of decorations and snazzy lights you spent hours hand-laying – by yourself, might I add.

You give yourself an inner pat on the back for a job well done, and you finally start to relax. Maybe even a little glimmer of excitement starts to kindle deep in your belly.

But WAIT! What’s that nagging sense of panic creeping up your neck? In a move only Kate McCallister could be proud of, you leap up and remember you forgot the Christmas crackers! You scramble up to the bedroom to get ‘dressed’, then catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

No need to get dressed! In these stylish family Christmas pajamas from leading retailer PajamaGram, you can step out with a smile and heaps of Christmas confidence.

The deep fir-green shirt and matching tartan bottoms provide ample coverage while leaving you looking like you’ve walked right out of a Christmas ad!

And don’t worry – with styles suitable for mom, dad, the newborn and even your rambunctious puppy, and sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, there’s Christmas pajamas for the whole family!

4. Family Jammies Matching Holiday Pajamas – Burt’s Bees Baby

Family Jammies Matching Holiday Pajamas - Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees? But they’re just a lip balm brand; what in Santa’s Grotto do they have to do with the holidays, let alone Christmas pajamas?

We know- our elves were just as surprised as you to learn that they also offer a gorgeous range of matching family Christmas pajamas for the festive holiday!

Deck everyone in the hottest seasonal pajamas this year, with styles included for every family member: from sleepers for the kids, 2-piece pjs in sizes 12-24 months for your adorable toddler(s), to a host of fancy bandannas for your pet, too!

No more woofing and hoofing this Christmas – with such stylish bandannas to choose from, your pet can be included too!

Furthermore, the selection of Christmas colors and designs on offer is exceptional.

For true winter babies, you could opt for the stunning Bold Fair Isle (white background with red snowflakes). Alternatively, if you’re on the lookout for something bolder, we suggest the Diamond Fair Isle design, which is green with red spots and white snowflakes.

On the other hand, if you prefer a subtler look, Hat’s Off comes in red, with hand-drawn bobble hats for a quirky style. Whatever you fancy, the  Burt’s Bees Baby matching holiday jammies come with options of everyone.

Wanna know the best part? If you’re planning on making eco-consciousness your new year’s resolution, these jammies are made with organic, Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S) 100% cotton for breathable, 360-degree warmth from head to toe, even for those with sensitive skin!

This eco-certification certifies each step of the organic textile supply chain against strict ecological and social standards.

Ultimately, this means you can rest easy this Christmas, knowing that you’re not only rocking the festive season in a stylish Christmas pajama set, but you’re doing it with a great deal of consciousness, too.

Thank you for considering the planet!

Your buyer’s guide to the best matching Christmas pajamas for fabulous families in 2020

The history of matching Christmas pajamas

The tradition of wearing matching pajamas as a family first came into fruition during the height of World War Two, when thousands of husbands across the United Kingdom were conscripted and sent off to fight, leaving their wives and children to take care of things back on the home front.

While the adult women moved into the workplace during the day and took over the responsibilities that their husbands had left behind, a lot of their spare time was focused on finding ways to reinforce their position as the newfound leaders of the domestic sphere.

A strong focus was then placed on mother-daughter fashions and how these reflected the traditional ideal of a strong family unit.

This desire, coupled with the scarcity of income and their experience in sewing,  lead many mothers to don their kids in clothes fashioned from whatever fabrics they had to hand, which often meant using the same materials as the clothes they made for themselves.

Ergo, the tradition of mother-daughter matching outfits was born.

Mum & Daughter Wearing Pj's - Open for Christmas

As history dictates, the men of the household eventually returned home from the war and quickly resumed their position as the head of the home.

The tradition that the women had built up with their children became popularized, and with their husbands now back home and safe, they soon followed suit.

Inevitably, with the popularization of Christmas as a social event to be shared across the country, and with the much-welcomed rise in the economy due to the end of the war, fabrics and materials were more readily available, meaning women could put together outfits for the whole family.

Matching Christmas pajamas were just one of the types of outfits that were handcrafted across the country.

Why matching Christmas pajamas are the hottest thing this winter

While the novel trend of the 1950’s served to emphasize the importance of a strong family unit holding traditional, accepted values, the tradition that we see today has been revolutionized entirely.

Fast forward 70 years from the second world war and the fundamental reason for the tradition hasn’t changed much at all.

In fact, family Christmas pajamas are, to this day, still worn to signal unity, co-operation, and a strong sense of family bonding.

What has changed, however, is the way in which we define what it means to be a ‘family’.

In the mid-20th century, the general consensus for what it meant to be a ‘strong family unit’ involved a hetero-normative family dynamic.

Or, in other words, a ‘family’ meant a husband, his wife, and their son and daughter (having a child of each binary gender was deemed ideal at the time).

Nowadays, however (thanks to the gradual acceptance of LGBT+ orientations and a shift towards self-identification), a family can no longer be defined in such restrictive terms. 

On the contrary – we now see families in single-parent households, couples who choose not to procreate, and gay, lesbian, and trans couples who don’t conceive in a hetero-normative way.

It used to be that many of these couples were put off by Christmas pajama sets, unable to see their family unit reflected in ads promoting the traditional standard.

However, today we see ads featuring all kinds of families, and a rise in the offering for individual sets for each individual family member is which is why these matching family Christmas pajamas are so popular this year.

If the option is there, why wouldn’t more families want to be a part of a tradition they’ve been excluded from for far too long?

Children wearing Festive PJ's - Open for Christmas

Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family VS Pajamas for Individual Family Members

This one’s a no-brainer: if you’re looking to make your mark this Christmas with a streamlined, matching pajama set, there’s no better way to do it than by buying the best pajama set for each individual family member.

Some would argue that the only way to make sure you actually get a matching pajama set is to buy an all-inclusive set that includes pajamas for the whole family.

In some ways, I would agree, because family sets are intended to be matching, and therefore you get more of a guarantee that you’ll get what you paid for.

Nonetheless, I would argue that your best bet is to find a brand or seller who offers a matching set with options to choose singular products for each member of your family.

For example, the Family Matching Christmas PJs by IF Family on Amazon offers themed pajamas for the whole family, with a specific set for each member. In other words, you can pick and choose either a reindeer set for the kids or a red snowman set for mom.

What’s best about this particular brand is that unlike other brands that only offer member-specific family Christmas pajamas, they also provide a range of sizes in that member’s range.

This means that even if you’re an XXL dad, you can get your hands on your size AND your loved ones’ sizes, with minimal effort.

Final Thoughts on the Best Matching Festive Pajamas

Whether or not you’re one for getting the whole family together and pose in matching pjs, these sets are so versatile that they always make fantastic gifts.

Think of it this way: if you or someone you know has a penchant for cheesy group photos and posing in unison, you can pick and choose a unique set of matching pajamas every Christmas. That way, your favorite family can create stunning traditional photos year upon year.

Now, that’s a priceless gift worth shelling out for!

From all of our gift-savvy elves here at Open for Christmas, we hope you find the pajama set you’ve been dreaming of.

Alternatively, if you abhor the idea of rounding up the gang for a family photo, or you’re looking for a tradition everyone will want to take part in, take a look at our guide to the Elf on the Shelf tradition for a whole heap of ideas for fun elf pranks and shenanigans.

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