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What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box: The Best Ideas

What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box - Open for Christmas

Amazing Ideas To Fill Your Boxes on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Boxes are a relatively new tradition which takes place on Christmas Eve. The boxes create excitement for all ages whilst we wait for Santa to arrive and fill the stockings with toys and gifts.

But, knowing what to put in a Christmas Eve Box is another story. 

They’re spreading in popularity each year so you’ll be happy to know we’ve put together a list of ideas to fill a Christmas Eve Box for not only children but adults and babies too. Especially if you’re struggling for inspiration.

Before you know it, you’ll have the best-filled Christmas Eve Box in town. 

Make the night before Christmas extra special and start a new tradition the whole family can look forward to every year. Or, use it as a way to keep mischievous children at bay and prevent them from trying to begin the present opening saga early.

If you’re late to the party and wondering what on earth a box on Christmas Eve actually is, then keep reading as we’ve got you covered. 

So, let’s get to it.

Christmas Eve Box - Open for Christmas

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

First of all, before we get started, let’s get to the bottom of what a Christmas Eve Box actually is. 

A Christmas Eve Box is the act of gifting someone, typically children, a box full of small gifts on Christmas Eve (24th of December).

This fast-growing trend is believed to have stemmed from the German festive tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve and have become a great reason to start celebrating one day earlier.

But, as with Black Friday or the Elf on the Shelf, this modern tradition is not everyone’s cup of tea. With some people believing that it is simply another way for retailers to encourage shoppers, and buy even more unnecessary gifts.

Whatever side of the debate you’re on, Christmas Eve boxes are a fun festive tradition. And, as with everything at Christmas, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Think homemade gifts, free printables and cheap items such as sweets or chocolates.

With all the presents sitting under the Christmas tree, the anticipation is a lot for children, and the build up to Christmas is like no other. A festive box gives them something to keep them entertained and look forward to prior to the big day (that you’ve no doubt spent weeks, if not months, planning for). 

Box Shaped Presents Under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve - Open for Christmas

The best part is that there is no rule as to who Christmas Eve Boxes are for. Children are of course the obvious choice. However, you can make one for your partner and don’t forget about yourself.

So, think pyjamas, their favourite treats, a film to watch together, an activity book. And of course, it must all be festive-themed. 

Choose your favourite gift ideas and fill your box and much or as little as you wish.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas and Fillers

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed our favourite festive goodies to fill your box up to the brim. 

You may also wish to give your Christmas Eve box some structure with a theme.

For example:

  • Items to try and encourage your children to go to bed early (pyjamas, a book)
  • Gifts for Santa and Rudolph’s visit (magic key, treats and a drink)
  • Everything they need for a cosy film night (movie, treats, film night ticket)
  • Exciting festive activities to create even more excitement prior to the big day (activities, treats, toy, treasure hunt)

Don’t go overboard with your spending and preparations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and buy dozens of gifts but Christmas Eve boxes should be filled with small gifts, not extravagant items, such as stocking fillers.

Christmas can be a stressful affair so have a read of our article on how to have a stress free holiday for advice on how to plan and enjoy the holiday season.

See our list of ideas for babies, children and adults below. 

What to Put in a Baby’s Christmas Eve Box

  • Pyjamas
  • First Christmas Bauble
  • A Book
  • Reindeer Food
  • Sentimental Items
  • Bath Toy
  • Soft Cuddly Toy

What to Put in a Child’s Christmas Eve Box

  • Pyjamas
  • Magic Key for Santa
  • Letter from Santa
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Favourite Treats
  • Fun Game
  • A Book
  • Socks
  • Craft Kit
  • Gingerbread Kit
  • Reindeer Food
  • Festive Activity Book
  • Bath Toy
  • Soft Cuddly Toy
  • A Film
  • Free Printables (subscribe to our resource library below)

What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box for Adults

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mulled Wine or Bailey’s
  • Candle
  • Jewellery
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Festive Chocolates
  • Toiletries
  • Pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • A Mug
  • Christmas Family Game 

Our Go-To Retailers for Gift Ideas

Where to Buy a Christmas Eve Box

Finding Christmas Eve boxes is not a hard task. Whether you’re looking for personalised, pre-filled, wooden or paper boxes you can find an abundance of options online which will leave you spoilt for choice.

Many stores sell out of these boxes in the run up to Christmas so it pays to be prepared and buy yours in advance.

Our favourite retailers are Amazon, Etsy and Not on the High Street.

We’ve rounded up our favourite pre-filled and personalised boxes below.

Pre-Filled Box’s

Take the stress away with a pre-filled Christmas Eve box.

If you simply don’t have time to buy additional gifts to fill a box, don’t fret, as you can now buy ready-made boxes online. 

This is also a wonderful gift idea if your loved ones don’t live close by.

We’ve listed our favourites below:

Pre Filled Christmas Eve Box Personalised Full of Treats

Make the night before Christmas extra special with this personalised wooden box. This box really stands out against the rest.

A little more expensive than other options online, but in eyes, this box is totally worth it.

Inside the box you’ll get:

– A red and white personalised pillowcase
– A cuddly traditional style teddy bear
– Special blend of hot chocolate with melting white chocolate and deluxe Christmas toppings
– Giant candy cane
– Igloo Bricks giant marshmallows
– Santa place mat for reindeer carrot and Santas drink
– Santas drink bottle
– Magical reindeer food
– Chocolate coins
– Santas magic bell
– Santa popcorn

Red Christmas Eve Pre Filled Personalised Box

How beautiful is this red personalised box? The contents inside are designed to enhance the magic of Christmas and looks just like it’s been delivered from the North Pole!

Christmas Eve Pre Filled Wooden Box

This personalised wooden box is just brilliant, and can be reused year after year. Everything they need for the perfect Christmas Eve. 

The contents inside will get them excited for for the big day ahead from a magic key, to reindeer food and hot chocolate.

Personalised Box’s

If you wanted to buy a personalised box for your children or family to enhance the occasion, there are plenty of options available online.

We’ve picked out our favourites below.

Personalised Christmas Eve Crate

Grey Personalised Christmas Eve Crate - Open for Christmas

Who said it had to be a box? An alternative is this beautiful and stylish grey crate with a personalised engraving complete with its twinkle star design.

Personalised Large Wooden Christmas Eve Box

Engraved with a line of stockings and the writing ‘do not open until Christmas Eve’, this is a lasting keepsake that can be filled with presents year after year.

Personalised Engraved Christmas Eve Box Chest

Designed as a treasure chest, this box is different and will delight any kids. With a handle at either side, the wooden chest can be personalised with a name of your choice.

How to Make a Christmas Eve Box

If you’re crafty and want to have a go at making your own box, any box can be used for a Christmas Eve Box. 

It doesn’t need to be a box with a lid either. Try a basket, wooden box, a plastic container, a hamper or wicker basket or even a stocking. 

Gifts do not need to be wrapped up. To make things easier for yourself, just present them well within the box and decorate with ribbon, tissue paper and bows to add a special festive touch.

For a visual tutorial on how to make homemade Christmas Eve boxes, have a watch of this video below.

Final Thoughts About What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box

Whatever your thoughts are on this additional present-giving trend, they’re a wonderful modern tradition to create excitement and start the festive spirit a day early.

Knowing what to put in a Christmas Eve Box is fairly simple and the same ideas can be used year after year. And, we hope this article from Open for Christmas has given you some food for thought on how to fill your box. 

Dressing your family in matching pyjamas, putting a holiday movie on whilst eating your favourite festive treats is a wonderful way to enjoy Christmas Eve. Before the anticipation of Santa’s famous visit, of course.

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What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box: The Best Ideas

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