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Festive Above Cabinet Christmas Decorating Ideas

The kitchen, or as we refer to it “The Heart of the Home”, is a space that plays a central role in all of our lives. It’s where we as families gather to cook, share meals, and create lasting memories that we will discuss during holiday seasons of the future. During the Christmas season, it becomes even more special, filled with the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies, clinking glasses for toasts, and the warmth of love and laughter. However, when it comes to holiday decorations, the living room, dining room, and even the kitchen island often steal the spotlight with their Christmas trees or decorations, and of course we all try to have the most festive dining tables. Yet, the often-overlooked space above your kitchen cabinets is a hidden gem, waiting for the attention it deserves to really crown your room king or queen. This area can infuse your living space with the holiday spirit, truly making it the heart of your home during the most wonderful time of the year. Here is our guide to the above cabinet Christmas decorating ideas!

Decorating above the kitchen cabinets for Christmas

Choosing a Festive Theme

Before decorating above your kitchen cabinets, you need to begin with a clear vision. Choosing a specific festive theme sets the tone for your kitchen decor and should harmonize with your existing aesthetics while reflecting the holiday spirit you wish to convey. For many, the December holiday season means conventional Christmas decorations, with red and green, ornaments, candy canes, twinkling lights, and miniature Christmas trees that create the classic festive atmosphere. This traditional theme transforms your kitchen into a cozy, festive haven that beats with the most wonderful time of the year.

However, festive decoration is not confined to Christmas traditions alone. For those who want year-round cheer, non-seasonal themes or colors can be delightful. Imagine your kitchen adorned with open shelves showcasing family photos, vintage collectibles, or decorative items that tell the story of your life. This approach allows you to celebrate the holiday spirit every day, turning your into a place of love and nostalgia regardless of the season. To make your chosen theme work, infuse it with your personal touch. Your decorations should tell a story, evoking emotions and memories, making the space above your kitchen cabinets uniquely yours. Incorporating a theme not only adds holiday cheer but also ties your kitchen into the rest of your home’s decor, making it a place that radiates warmth and holiday spirit throughout the year.

Clearing, Cleaning, and Preparing the Space

Before decorating above your kitchen cabinets, clear and clean the space. Start by removing any items that may have accumulated up there. This is an ideal time to declutter and ensure that your decorations take center stage!

Next, turn your attention to cleaning. Dust, grease, and debris tend to accumulate on top of kitchen cabinets, even for those that pay attention to the space. A thorough cleaning ensures that your decorations look their best and also contributes to a healthy kitchen environment.

Once your space is cleared and sparkling clean, assess the cabinet tops’ condition. If they are in good shape, you’re one step closer to creating a festive atmosphere. However, if they could use a little TLC, consider making necessary touch-ups or improvements at this time. Some may opt for a fresh coat of paint, particularly if your kitchen has a white color scheme, to enhance the overall look. 

For those who prefer a less permanent solution or have a rented space, consider installing temporary coverings like contact paper. This is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh, clean look. You can find contact paper in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to match it to your chosen holiday theme or year-round decor. 

By preparing the surface, you’re setting the stage for a festive transformation. Whether you opt for a fresh coat of paint or use temporary coverings like contact paper, you’re ready to turn this space into a festive haven that captures the essence of the holiday season. This process not only ensures that your decorations look their best but also promotes an organized and fresh kitchen environment that you can enjoy all year.

Key Decorating Elements

Decorating above the kitchen cabinets with lights

The key to creating a captivating display above your kitchen cabinets lies in the arrangement and selection of your decorating elements. Whether you’re aiming for a festive Christmas wonderland or year-round charm, these elements play a crucial role in setting the mood for your kitchen decor. 

Arrangement is essential. 

You can choose between creating a symmetrical or asymmetrical display, depending on your style preferences and the chosen theme. Symmetrical arrangements are more formal and create a balanced look, with similar items on either side. Asymmetrical arrangements lend themselves to a more eclectic and spontaneous feel, allowing you to mix and match decorative items to your heart’s content.

To add visual interest, mix different textures, colors, and heights. This diversity captures the eye and creates a dynamic and engaging display. For instance, if you’re decorating for Christmas, combine the smooth shine of glass ornaments with the natural textures of pine cones, red ribbon accents, and the soft glow of twinkling lights. This combination results in a harmonious yet exciting composition that reflects the holiday spirit. 

Don’t forget to address lighting options as well. 

Lighting significantly enhances the overall effect of your decorations, especially during the holiday season. Lighting is an essential component when decorating above your kitchen cabinets. Lights should make your decorations stand out. Twinkle lights, fairy lights, or even miniature Christmas lights can be artfully woven through your display, providing an enchanting glow that highlights your decorations and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially during the holiday season.

Incorporate items that match your chosen theme to make your display unique. If you’ve chosen a traditional Christmas theme, think of mini Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, gingerbread houses, and perhaps a hot cocoa bar underneath the cabinets with red ribbon accents. This way, you showcase your favorite Christmas kitchen decor ideas, creating a personalized and memorable holiday scene. 

Your personal touch turns your kitchen into the center stage for holiday cheer, making it a place where everyone wants to gather. Decorating above your kitchen cabinets is all about curating a visual story that evokes the holiday spirit. The careful placement of decorative items, the interplay of textures and colors, and the clever use of lighting all contribute to a display that captivates and enchants. Your chosen theme and personal touch make it uniquely yours, turning the kitchen into a place where the Christmas spirit comes alive or where year-round charm thrives.

Festive Decor Ideas

Above the cabinet decorating ideas with garland

When it comes to holiday decorating above your kitchen cabinets, the possibilities are endless. This is your chance to infuse your kitchen with the enchantment of the festive season and do it YOUR way. 

Let’s explore some decor ideas that can transform the space above your cabinets into a celebration of holiday cheer.

For the Holiday Season:

Above Cabinet Christmas Decorations

1. String Lights and Garlands: Twinkling fairy lights or traditional string lights can be artistically draped along the cabinet tops, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere perfect for embracing the holiday spirit.

2. Wreaths and Ornaments: Hang wreaths with red bows, pinecones, or miniature ornaments. The contrast between vibrant greenery and festive decorations adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

3. Seasonal Figurines or Collectibles: Display miniature Santas, snowmen, or nutcrackers to showcase your love for the holiday season. These decorative figures add a whimsical charm to your kitchen.

For Year-Round Appeal:

Above Cabinet Vintage themed ideas

1. Vintage or Themed Decor Pieces: Embrace a vintage look with classic items like antique dishes, teapots, or old books. Alternatively, go for a themed decor approach, such as a coastal or farmhouse theme, that resonates with your personal style and the look of your kitchen. We love the above theme where the use of wicker combined with boho style plants leave you in neutral lover’s dream.

2. Artwork and Family Photos: Transform this space into a gallery of cherished memories by displaying framed family photos, artwork, or inspirational quotes. Your family’s history and personal touch make your kitchen a heartwarming space.

3. Plants and Greenery: Consider decorating with fresh greenery or potted plants. Succulents, herbs, or cascading vines create a natural, welcoming atmosphere above your cabinets, infusing life into your kitchen throughout the year.

Remember that your choice of decor ideas should align with your theme and personal taste. Whether you opt for holiday-specific decorations or year-round charm, this space above your kitchen cabinets becomes a canvas for self-expression. Make it uniquely yours, reflecting the festive season or the essence of your kitchen’s heart all year long. It’s your opportunity to transform this often-neglected space into a captivating area that exudes warmth and character.

DIY Projects and Customization

Taking a hands-on approach to decorating above your kitchen cabinets can be incredibly rewarding. DIY projects and customization provide you with the opportunity to add a personal touch and create unique decorations that perfectly match your style and theme. 

Here’s why DIY projects and customization are an excellent way to enhance the space above your kitchen cabinets.

The Joy of Creating Personalized Items:

Undertaking DIY projects means you’re not just decorating; you’re crafting a personal touch that infuses your personality into your kitchen. Whether you’re hand-painting decorations, making ornaments, or creating unique figurines, these items will tell your story. It could be a set of hand-painted holiday signs or custom-crafted planters that add a special touch to your year-round theme.

A Way to Involve the Whole Family:

DIY projects can be a great way to involve your family in the decorating process. Whether it’s crafting handmade ornaments with your children or working on a family art project, these shared experiences can be incredibly special. It’s a wonderful way to bond with loved ones while adding a little festive cheer to your kitchen.

Customization to Match Your Style:

One of the greatest advantages of DIY projects and customization is the ability to tailor your decorations to your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can choose colors, materials, and designs that perfectly match your existing decor or your chosen holiday theme. If your kitchen has a white color scheme, you can paint ornaments or create decor pieces in shades that harmonize with it.

Making Unique Centerpieces:

These DIY creations can become unique centerpieces above your kitchen cabinets. For the holiday season, you could create a custom mini Christmas tree adorned with ornaments you’ve made yourself. For year-round themes, consider crafting plant holders or artwork that adds character to the space. It’s a way to ensure that your decorations stand out and capture the essence of your kitchen’s heart.

Maintenance and Care

After putting so much effort into decorating above your kitchen cabinets and creating a charming holiday or year-round display, it’s crucial to maintain and care for these decorations. Maintenance ensures that your space continues to look its best, and the decorations remain safe throughout the year. Here’s why maintenance and care are essential and how to keep your space above the cabinets in pristine condition.

Cleaning and Dusting:

Regular cleaning and dusting are essential to keep your decorations looking their best. Dust can accumulate, especially in hard-to-reach areas, and this can dull the shine of ornaments and collect on foliage. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or a duster helps maintain the freshness of your decorations, ensuring they always sparkle and shine. We recommend setting an alarm on your phone for weekly dusting so that nothing settles into the small crevices on your decorations.

Rearrangement for Freshness:

From time to time, it’s a great idea to rearrange your decorations above the cabinets. This small change can create a refreshed look and add excitement to your kitchen decor. Moving items around can also prevent dust from accumulating in one spot for too long. This can be done at any time, but we typically notice that small rearrangements every week provides a new look to your display, even if it is something as simple as switching the positions of two pieces.

Avoiding Overcrowding and Clutter:

While it’s tempting to add more and more decorations, overcrowding can lead to a cluttered look that detracts from the overall appeal. Strive for a balance between festive and tasteful. Sometimes less is more, and carefully curated decor can have a more significant impact. Remember that if once the display is complete, every time something is added, something  else should be removed.

Safety Considerations

While creating a festive and charming display above your kitchen cabinets is an exciting and creative endeavor, it’s essential to prioritize safety when decorating. This ensures not only the longevity of your decorations but also the well-being of your family, particularly if you have young children or pets at home. 

Here’s some safety considerations that are paramount and a few steps to take to make your kitchen decorations safe for all.

Securing Items to Prevent Falling:

One of the primary safety concerns when decorating above your kitchen cabinets is the risk of items falling. Make sure that everything you place up high is securely positioned. Use adhesive hooks, fasteners, or double-sided tape to secure objects, particularly if they are hanging. This prevents accidents and damage to both your decorations and anyone who might be in the kitchen.

Fire Safety:

If you’re incorporating lighting elements, such as candles or string lights, it’s vital to consider fire safety. Ensure that any electrical connections are secure and not overloaded. Keep flammable materials, like fabric or paper, away from open flames or hot bulbs. LED lights are an excellent alternative to traditional lights since they remain cool to the touch and are energy-efficient.


For households with young children, it’s wise to childproof the space above your kitchen cabinets. This may include using safety locks or latches on cabinet doors to prevent curious little hands from accessing potentially hazardous items. Additionally, consider using child-safe decorations, such as unbreakable ornaments, to reduce the risk of accidents.

Safety considerations, while not always fun, should be a fundamental aspect of your decorating project. By securing items to prevent falling and addressing fire safety concerns, you can enjoy your decorations without worry. If you have children, childproofing is an important step to ensure that your little ones can safely explore your kitchen without causing harm to themselves or your decor. Prioritizing safety allows you to fully enjoy the warmth and charm of your festive display while providing peace of mind for the well-being of your loved ones.

Your Beautiful Christmas Kitchen is Complete!

Decorating above your kitchen cabinets is a creative and transformative endeavor that can infuse your kitchen with the spirit of the holiday season or can provide an awesome year-round aesthetic. The space above your cabinets, often overlooked, is a hidden canvas just waiting to be adorned, turning the heart of your home into a place of character, personality, and festivity.

During the most wonderful time of the year or any other festive season, your kitchen can become the perfect place to capture the essence of the holiday spirit. Your creativity knows no bounds as you select a theme that complements your kitchen decor, whether it’s the timeless beauty of Christmas or a year-round style that reflects your personality.

In the end, whether you’re celebrating the holiday season or adding year-round charm, decorating above your kitchen cabinets provides an excellent opportunity to make your kitchen a place of character and personality. The space above your cabinets becomes the canvas on which your creativity shines, making your kitchen the heart of your home, radiating warmth, charm, and a personal touch that welcomes everyone who enters.

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