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The Best DIY Cricut Christmas Ornament Ideas To Make In 2023

Cricut Layered Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season is the perfect time to get creative with your Christmas decorations and gifts, and crafting your own DIY Cricut Christmas ornaments is a great way to do just that. Whether you’re trimming your Christmas tree with elegant ornaments, looking for personalized ornaments to gift, or just searching for a fun way to spend your time, Cricut crafts offer a world of creative possibilities. This year, why not take things up a notch and explore some of the best DIY Cricut Christmas ornament ideas for 2023? From intricate designs made with the Cricut Maker’s knife blade to quick and adorable wood slice ornaments created with a Cricut Joy, there are countless creative ideas to explore. So, let’s dive in and discover the top Cricut Christmas projects that will make your holiday decor truly unforgettable.

Why DIY Cricut Christmas Ornaments?

Incorporating handmade ornaments into your Christmas decorations not only adds a personal touch but also allows you to create great gifts for your loved ones. With a Cricut machine, like the Cricut Explore Air, at your disposal, you can craft intricate designs with ease. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional designer to get started. Cricut Design Space offers a plethora of free SVG files and SVG cut files, making it a fantastic resource to jumpstart your DIY ornament design journey.

Getting Started with Cricut

Before diving into the creative process, let’s get the basics down. To begin your DIY Cricut Christmas ornament journey, you’ll need a few essential supplies. 

The core of your crafting adventure is the Cricut machine, whether it’s the Cricut Explore 3, the Cricut Maker, or the compact Cricut Joy. Each model comes equipped with unique features that cater to different ways of crafting, from cutting delicate paper ornaments with precision to etching intricate designs on ceramic or acrylic ornaments.

Once you’ve chosen your Cricut machine, you’ll need various materials to bring your DIY Christmas ornament ideas to life. This includes adhesive vinyl in a variety of colors, heat transfer vinyl, and permanent vinyl to ensure your designs last for years to come. Additionally, tools like a weeding tool, cutting mat, and a roll of transfer tape are essential for a seamless crafting experience.

With the right equipment in hand, you’re now ready to explore a world of DIY glitter ornaments, elegant ornaments with intricate holiday sayings, clear plastic ornaments filled with holiday-themed cut files, and so much more. The next step is to find the perfect ornament design and let your creativity shine as you craft your favorite DIY Christmas ornaments for 2023. And, of course, don’t forget to check out YouTube videos for step-by-step tutorials and valuable tips on how to create amazing ornaments that will truly stand out on your Christmas tree.

Our Favorite Cricut Ornaments for 2023

Cricut Ornaments Using Wood Slices

When making your own Christmas decor there is no better canvas than wood rounds. These backgrounds can make for amazing ornaments, giving a rustic touch that can be both simple and elegant. Adding in acrylic paint to give a pop of color is also a great touch to add some Christmas cheer!

Let’s check out 5 Cricut Christmas ideas for cute ornaments using wood slices. 

1. SImple Sayings & A Bonus Tutorial on Photo Transfers Using Mod Podge
Wood Slice Cricut Ornaments

When it comes to great DIY Christmas ornaments, simplicity is beautiful. We love these simple sayings wood slice ornaments and can’t get enough of how they liven up a rustic tree!

2. Merry Christmas To All Wood Slice Ornament

If you are looking to take your simplistic wood slice ornament to the next level then look no further than this awesome “Merry Christmas to All” design. We love the cute holly leaf highlighting the upper left hand corner, and the free svg that is available!

3. Rustic Wood Slice Ornaments

Is there anything better to add to a farmhouse Christmas tree than a rustic wood slice with a silhouette that reminds you of life in a forest? I think not! These cute ornaments are not only easy to produce, but the svg is also free!

4. Snowflake Wood Slice Ornaments
Cricut Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes are an integral part of the Christmas season, and whenever we get a chance to make a new ornament that includes them then we do just that! These snowflake wood circle ornaments are not only cute, but fully customizable when it comes to materials!

5. Simple Wood Blank Ornaments
Rae Dunn Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Not everyone wants a wood slice ornament when they are making their DIY Christmas decorations. Instead some may opt for a simple wood cut ornament where they can create a blank canvas with acrylic paint and a Cricut cut stencil. We have fallen in love with these simple yet beautiful ornaments that you can customize with a ribbon of our choice!

Cricut Ornaments Using Clear Acrylic Balls

One of the best ways to make Cricut Christmas ornaments is by using their removable vinyl. The best part about this is that not only can you cut the vinyl on your cutting mat, then use your weeding tool to remove it. It also stays removable on your surfaces for up to two years! That means that not only can you make adorable DIY Christmas ornaments, but you can also change them later if this year’s theme isn’t quite the same as you wanted last year!

Before you get started, read this great tutorial will not only show you how to lay outstanding vinyl on your ornaments but also contains your SVG cut file as well as other great ideas to get you started. It also gives some great tips on when to use transfer tape and when it actually just turns a great project into a frustrating one!

1. Chalkboard Ornaments

Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments

Black ornaments on your Christmas tree? No way! Well you will think differently when you take one look at these elegant Christmas ornaments. Simply buy some blank chalkboard ornaments from Amazon, fire up the Cricut, and get the fun started!

2. Let It Snow Filled Ornaments


I didn’t want to double up designers. I really didn’t. But when I saw this “Let It Snow” ornament design from Board & Batten there was zero chance that I could leave it off! These ornaments are so simple and elegant, but have a touch of fun with the white snow fill, that they have me ready for Christmas all year round!

3. Peppermint Ornaments That Glitter

Glitter Peppermint Ornaments

Glitter? Check. Peppermint Swirls? Check. A fun Cricut design that will have your friends loving your ambition and creativity? You know it! This is one of our favorite designs on this list and are so festive that we want to make them in every color imaginable. Get out the vinyl and get to cutting!

4. The Elf Cam Ornament

The elf cam ornament is an all-time favorite of mine and gives a special touch to a Christmas tree, especially those that have little ones in the house. The best part about this link is that it is actually a design you can open up right in the Cricut app!

5. A Floating Nativity Ornament

Floating Nativity Ornament Cricut

Let’s not forget the real reason that we are celebrating during the holiday season, the birth of the Savior. This floating nativity scene not only captures the essence of our celebration, but also adds some depth and texture to the scene with a ribbon fill that will captivate those around the tree!

Cricut Ornaments Using Paper

In this section, we’ll explore the delightful world of creating Cricut ornaments using paper. Crafting personalized ornaments can be a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor or to create a heartfelt gift for a cherished family member or friend. The best thing about making your own ornament is that you have full creative control, from the size of the images you choose to the amount of paint you apply. With the guidance of a helpful YouTube video, you can transform a simple piece of paper into an amazing ornament, adding a touch of your unique style and sentiment to your holiday season. So, let’s dive into the world of Cricut paper crafting and start designing some extraordinary ornaments!

1. Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

Paper Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

Paper ornaments on the Cricut are an amazing way to show off to your friends without the tedious work of vinyl. These Christmas snow globe ornaments are a sure fire winner when it comes to both. With a free svg download available, this is as simple as complicated can get!

2. Awe Inspiring Layered Ornaments

Cricut Layered Christmas Ornaments

Want to get a little more advanced when it comes to your paper ornaments? Then look no further than these layered paper Christmas ornaments. Simply cut the layers using the templates, glue them in the correct order, then impress your family with your artistic skills!

3. 3D Paper Ornaments

3d Paper Cricut Cut Christmas Ornaments

Sure layered ornaments are cool, but what if you could take it a step further and make them 3d?! That’s exactly what That’s What Che Said has done and the tutorial couldn’t be easier to follow. Can you make these and get rid of all your other ornaments? Well that’s up to you, but for us we are debating!

4. 3D Chinoiserie Ornaments


If you have never heard of Chinoiserie paper then you are missing out on a tremendous amount of artistic fun. These 3D ornaments take it to the next level of style and will make you rethink the way that you were decorating for Christmas!

5. Rocking Horse Ornaments (Advanced!!!)


If you are up for a challenge with your Cricut when it comes to Christmas ornaments then look no further than this adorable rocking horse. Completely made of paper, and consisting of multiple small pieces, this ornament is like putting together a puzzle that you cut yourself! This is not one for the weak of patience, but is well worth the time.

Three Other Cricut Ornament Ideas You Need To Know

Sometimes things don’t fit neatly into the three categories that you set out to write about when you create an outline. For those, we present some bonus ideas!

1. DIY Cricut Ornament Boxes

If you are making your own Christmas ornaments using the Cricut then you may as well put together your own custom boxes. This tutorial from Avanti Morocha gives you a step by step guide for how to make them like a pro.

2. Arabesque Tile Ornaments

Arabesque Tile Cricut Christmas Ornaments

If you thought that paper, bulbs, and wood slices were the only materials for the Christmas tree, think again! Arabesque tile ornaments have quickly become a hot trend in the Christmas world and we couldn’t be more on board. This fun DIY project is sure to leave you with a smile!

3. Leather & Wood Cricut Ornaments


Sometimes you need something different to stand out and decorating rustic or farmhouse trees it leaves you a bit limited. This is our answer to that. These leather and wood grain ornaments give a traditional rustic vibe but provides a twist on the regular old wood circle. 

Wrapping Up Our DIY Cricut Christmas Ornaments

As we wrap up this exploration of the most wonderful time of the year’s perfect craft project – DIY Cricut Ornaments – we hope you’ve found inspiration in the myriad ways to add your personal touch to holiday decor. The good news is that with the assistance of an electronic cutting machine, such as a Cricut, crafting elegant, personalized, and even whimsical ornaments has never been easier. Whether you’re creating clear plastic ornaments filled with paper snow globe scenes or etching intricate designs on ceramic ornaments, these DIY ornaments are a perfect way to infuse your own home with holiday cheer. Don’t forget that your handmade gifts, each adorned with your favorite things, serve as heartfelt tokens of affection for family members and friends. The final product, perched at the top of the ornament or hanging gracefully from your Christmas tree, is a testament to your creativity and the love you pour into your holiday crafting. So, why not dive into the world of Cricut Christmas crafts through YouTube videos or by experimenting with Christmas craft ideas to make amazing ornaments that capture the spirit of the season? With a Cricut and a flat surface, you’re all set to craft your own ornaments, no extra charge for the endless joy and satisfaction they’ll bring.

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