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15 Funny, Wacky, Weird & Wonderful Christmas Songs to Sing This Holiday

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The Best Funny Christmas Songs to Add To Your Party Playlist

Do you love funny Christmas songs

Opinions on Christmas music tend to be very conflicted. 

Some people love it and would listen to it all year round if they could. 

Others prefer to listen to it exclusively on the big day. 

And when it comes to the type of Christmas music people listen to, it can range from classic carols to hilarious modern jingles. 

Since we’re a Christmas website, you can probably guess that we love all types of festive music. 

But, we do have a favorite type of Christmas song. 

In our opinion, the best Christmas music is fun, uplifting, and gets people dancing and making wonderful happy memories. 

Plus, although we love the classics they can get a bit boring after a while. 

In this post, we’ve listed the top festive tunes to add to your Xmas playlist. 

Some of these you’ll know all the words to, and some you might not have heard before. 

Either way, we hope you enjoy singing along or having a boogie to these wacky Christmas songs.

And for more music fun, check out our 90s music quiz featuring 55 questions to test your music knowledge!

So if you’re in the mood to dance, or want to spark that festive feeling, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the best:

  • Funny Christmas Songs 
  • Weird Christmas Songs 
  • Fun Christmas Songs
  • The Classics
  • And some festive music FAQs

The Best Christmas Music For Parties, Quizzes, and Getting that Festive Feeling

Funny Christmas Songs 

Santa Bring Me A Dinosaur is a lesser-known Christmas song, but a great one for the kids. 

Who knew that Dinosaurs in swimming pools could be festive? 

We think this song is great for children to sing along to, either in the car, at school, or at a holiday party. 

Written in 1944, this novelty Christmas song could just as well be in our Classics category. Since the lyrics and wispy way the song is sung are so funny, we decided it deserved a place in the funny Christmas song category.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth has a lovely story behind it.

A teacher asked his second-grade class what they wanted for Christmas. He noticed that almost all of the students answered with a lisp because they all had at least one front tooth missing. The teacher then wrote the song in just 30 minutes!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is another classic Christmas song that deserves a place in this category because of the funny lyrics. 

This one is child-friendly as it doesn’t give the game away, so can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

The lyrics talk about a child coming downstairs when his parents think he’s asleep, and he witnesses his mommy kissing Santa Claus and tickling him under his beard.  

Many people have made parodies of this song, and it’s been translated into numerous languages for sale around the world. 

These adorable cats are equally weird and funny. 

In the video, three cats wearing Santa hats are meowing along to Silent Night, which is usually quite a sleepy Xmas song.

Who’d have thought that some meowing cats could rack up over 5 million views on youtube! 

The video is actually from a channel called meowychristmas that posts videos of cats ‘singing’ Christmas songs. We’d like to meet the person behind this. 

Weird Christmas Songs

A Christmas song that sounds happy but actually has a dark and twisted story. 

It’s hard to believe that in homes around the world, children and families are singing about Grandma being brutally killed by reindeers on Christmas Eve!

‘When they found her Christmas mornin’

At the scene of the attack

There were hoof prints on her forehead

And incriminating’ Claus marks on her back.’

Pretty dark stuff right!

This country Christmas song is a little different from your usual Christmas carols. 

The song talks about a previously unheard-of reindeer called Leroy, who happens to be a Redneck Reindeer. 

At one point in the video, a couple’s ceiling starts falling down because the reindeer are line dancing on the roof!

Another one with some country vibes – Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas is a funny song with some kind of sad undertones. 

The song is sung from the perspective of a young child asking his dad not to drink too much because he doesn#t want his mother to cry. 

The year before, the father had come home late and fell asleep underneath the Christmas tree! 

Fun Christmas Songs 

Any song with boogie in the title is a winner in our books. So get up and get dancing to this funky Christmas song. 

The lyrics aren’t anything special, but the rhythm and music are a great way to get people shimmying on the dance floor at your next Christmas party. 

Now, who doesn’t love the Chipmunks?!

This is another one that’s great for the kids to listen to at Christmas time. 

It’s a tradition for many people to watch the Grinch at least once over the holiday period. And the music is just as good. 

This one isn’t one for dancing to, but it’s still a joy to listen to. 

We love that it tells a story in the lyrics. 

Now, this is for sure one that will get people up and moving on Christmas day. 

This song by Chuck Berry was released in 1958, which just goes to show that good music never dies!

Christmas is a great time to enjoy music from all throughout the decades, and most people’s favorites tend to be the older stuff. 

You might not know this one as well as the others, but it’s such a good song to dance to during the holidays. 

It’s called the Christmas Bop and is written by Marc Bolan, but it was only released after his death. 

We’re actually surprised it isn’t more popular than it is. 

The Classics

This Xmas tune is fun, uplifting, and tends to get everybody singing along. 

We think it really sparks that feeling of excitement that comes around the holiday season.

And even for those who are too old for Santa, you still find yourself getting excited about his arrival! 

This is one of our favorite songs to play at Christmas parties once everybody has had a few drinks and is in the party spirit. 

This song is one of the greats. “Jingle Bell Rock” is an American popular Christmas song first released by Bobby Helms in 1957. It has been recreated many times by various artists over the years. 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without hearing this tune at least once a day. 

We’re ending this list on one of our absolute all-time favorite Christmas songs ever. 

The inspiration for Driving Home For Christmas came as Chris Rea and his wife were getting stuck in heavy traffic, during a heavy snowfall. Chris looked at the other drivers, who “all looked so miserable”. 

Jokingly, he started singing: “We’re driving home for Christmas…” Then, whenever the street lights shone inside the car, he started writing down lyrics.

Although it was written for Van Morrison, Chris never managed to get it to him. 

It would be a few years before the song was officially released, and it’s been a great success.

Rea never planned to write a Christmas song. So it was several years later that while testing pianos with a keyboard player, he found a tune that fit the lyrics. The keyboard player made the recognizable jazzy intro and the song was born! 

Christmas Song FAQs

  1.  What Are Some Fun Christmas Songs? 
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Driving Home For Christmas 
  • Jingle Bell Rock 
  • Feliz Navidad 
  • Last Christmas 
  • Run Rudolph Run 
  • Last Christmas 
  • Santa Baby 
  • Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  • White Christmas  
  1.   What Are the Top 3 Christmas Songs?

Spotify shared their top 25 most-streamed holiday songs of all time. Here are the top three: 

  1. Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”
  2. Wham! “Last Christmas”
  3. Ariana Grande, “Santa Tell Me”

15 Funny, Wacky, Weird & Wonderful Christmas Songs to Sing To This Holiday

Well, that’s a wrap on our favorite funny Christmas songs to sing and dance to during the holiday season. 

Did we include your favorite song? Leave us a comment letting us know which Christmas song you enjoy the most. 

There are so many weird and wonderful festive tunes out there. It’s hard to imagine what Christmas would be like without them. 

Many people’s favorite songs tend to be the older ones, which means that a lot of festive music has decades of history and stories behind it. 

And since we tend to learn to love the music our families listened to growing up, we think it’ll be a while before these old classics go out of fashion. 

Even though the new music and movies are fun to watch, it’s just not the same as watching the classics. 

Nothing gives you that Christmassy feeling like snuggling up and watching Home Alone or listening to Bing Crosby! 

If you’ve enjoyed this list of the top wacky Christmas songs and would like to read more from us, take a look at some of our related posts below. 

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15 Funny, Wacky, Weird & Wonderful Christmas Songs to Sing To This Holiday

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