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12 Best & Exciting Christmas Activities For Kids


Activities for Kids at Christmas

Looking for something fun to do over the Christmas season with your children? Well, you’re in the right place as we have compiled a list of fun Christmas activities for kids. They’re fun, exciting, and will keep your kids engaged for hours over the festive season!

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12 Christmas Activities for Kids

1.  Baking Different Goodies

Who doesn’t like baked goods on Christmas? Include your kids in this activity and create some Christmas themed goodies for everybody. Get some Christmas cookie cutters to create fun festive shapes. Then add some green, red, and gold decorations and set them up on your dinner table!

2.  Reading a Christmas Themed Book for Kids

Christmas-themed books are fun for kids to read. Not only do they get to know all about Christmas, but they also stay engrossed in this activity for a long time! Plus, you can even dress the part and act out the story to make things more interesting. Our personal favourite is ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!‘ which is a true Christmas classic.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Dr. Seuss)

3.  Creating Fun Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are great as your kids will have something new to look forward to every day. Create them before the 1st of December and add a surprise gift for each day for them. You could even make a homemade advent calendar together with your kids. Opening each number in the countdown to Christmas will be the first thing they will want to do each morning!


4.  Picking a Christmas Tree 

Kids are probably the most excited about their Christmas trees. So, take them with you when you go on the hunt to find the perfect tree for your home and turn it into a family tradition each year. They will love it.


5.  Ice Skating

Ice skating is something that people of all ages love to do. Take your kids out for ice skating over the festive season and they will forever cherish the memories they make. Even those of everyone falling over on the ice!

6.  Writing a Letter to Santa

Letting writing with Santa is a great activity for children. Not only will they have fun imagining all sorts of scenarios with Santa, but you can also get an idea of what they want for Christmas. And, don’t forget to send it to the North Pole after they’re finished!

7.  Building a Snowman

You can build snowmen even without the snow! If there’s snow around where you live, then that’s great. But you can just as easily create artificial snow or use toilet paper to build a snowman with your kids. Don’t forget the carrot for his nose!


8.  Going on a Candy Cane Hunt

Just like the Easter egg hunt, you can now plan out a candy cane hunt for your child. A fun Christmas game and a great way to burn off their energy with all that extra sugar!


9.  Decorating the Christmas Tree

Give your kids some crafting material to play around with and let them come up with different decorations and ornaments for the Christmas tree. Use a Christmas craft kit to get them started.


10. Making Hand-Painted Christmas Themed Gifts

Engross your kids in hand-painting and use these to create gifts for close family members. People love customised gifts from young ones. Moreover, it’s fun for the kids and memorable for everyone else. Start with some plain baubles along with some acrylic paint pens and let them personalise them!

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11. Creating a Child-Sized Gingerbread House

Thought you could only decorate and eat a gingerbread house? This Christmas, do something different with your kids and create a jumbo cardboard Gingerbread house that’s fit for your kids. 


12. Making Christmas Cards with Cotton Balls

Sit down with your kids and create cute Christmas cards that you can decorate with cotton balls. Help your kids add a touch of snow or a snowman with these cotton balls.  

Final Thoughts on Christmas Activities for Kids

Fun and entertaining Christmas activities for your kids are a must during the holidays. And, these activities are guaranteed to keep your children occupied for hours over the festive season.

We’ll be using this list as our family friendly bucket list this Christmas!

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12 Best & Exciting Christmas Activities For Kids

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