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How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia? 11+ Fun Facts On Xmas

How Do They Celebrate Christmas In Australia - Open for Christmas

Fun Facts About Christmas in Australia

We all know that the festivities down under are a bit different due to it being their summer season in December. 

Our usual traditions of hot chocolate, snowy walks, and fireplaces don’t really make sense in the scorching sun.

So this got us thinking, how do they celebrate Christmas in Australia

Some traditions, such as carol-singing, church-going, and bright colorful lights are the same in Australia as other countries.

But other things we might consider as key to celebrating Christmas don’t make sense in their warmer climate. 

One key difference between a cold Christmas and hot Christmas is that the warmer weather lends itself to socialising. 

When it’s cold, we tend to favour the comfort of our homes.

In Australia, their Christmases are much more communal with most traditions taking place outdoors in large groups of people. 

We think that celebrating Xmas around a large group of people is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and reduce loneliness. 

However, if you’re used to a White Christmas, spending the day outdoors just isn’t feasible. 

Would you prefer a hot or cold Christmas? Leave us a comment letting us know. 

In this article, we’ll tell you some of our top Christmas in australia facts,

How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia?

What Are the Christmas Traditions in Australia?

Christmas Carols 

Much like the rest of the world celebrating Christmas, Australians love to come together and sing carols. 

Towns, large cities and schools will host Carols by Candlelight.  

The big events are often televised, with local bands and choirs performing Christmas Carols and singing songs.

Lots of carols relate to snow and winter, so the Aussies like to make up their own words or come up with their own humorous songs to sing. 

Singing Carols to Celebrate Christmas In Australia - Open for Christmas

Christmas Lights 

Another one that doesn’t change in the Australasian continent is a love of Christmas lights. 

Whether it’s huge trees with colourful ornaments, or town-wide light displays, Aussie’s love festive lights as much as any other country. 

Streets, homes, and public buildings come alive with bright lights to spread the festive joy. 

Street Parties

Here’s one that’s a little different to what you might be used to. 

During the hot Summer evenings of December, Australians will gather outdoors for Christmas Street Parties after sunset. 

Neighbours will sit outside and drink, eat and be merry to celebrate Christmas and just be around each other. 

Christmas On The Beach

One of the most well known Aussie traditions is spending Christmas Day on the beach in your swimsuit! 

Almost impossible to imagine for those of us who are used to stepping out once on Xmas for a freezing walk, before quickly returning to the warmth of our homes. 

Some surfers will even dress-up as Santa Claus for their traditional boxing day surf! 

Beach In Australia - Open for Christmas

Outdoor Barbeques 

Almost impossible to imagine if you’re used to waking up on Christmas day to a layer of snow, is the Australian Xmas BBQ! 

Since the day is usually spent in the sun, Australian Christmas food is usually cooked outdoors on the barbie. 

Although, some families do prefer to have a traditional roast indoors. But we’ll probably have pretty decent air conditioning. 

Boxing Day Cricket

After Christmas Day is over, it’s time for the second public holiday of the season. 

Boxing Day will usually feature yet another outdoor BBQ soaking up the sunshine, before heading inside to gather around the TV to watch the Boxing Day Test. 

Another popular boxing day sporting event is the annual Sydney Hobart sailing race, which Australian’s also might fit into their boxing day schedule. 

Christmas Decorations 

Although it’s hot around Christmas time, festive and seasonal decorations in Australia aren’t all that different.

Don’t be surprised if you see some snow-capped Christmas trees in public places or people’s homes. 

Christmas decorations to celebrate in Australia - Open for Christmas

Some malls might even go the full-hog with winter-wonderlands and Santa meet and greet for children to enjoy. 

For the holiday season, families might decorate their homes with seasonal plants instead of cold-focused decorations. 

These might include ferns, palm leaves, evergreens – or colourful summer flowers such as the Christmas bellflower or Christmas bush. 

Read more about Christmas plants here: How To Care For And Grow Christmas Plants.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Christmas in Australia?

Here are some of our favorite funny Australian Christmas traditions. 

Santa Wears Swim Shorts and Flip-Flops

You might be used to seeing Santa wrapped-up in his snow boots, fluffy jacket, and winter hat, but this isn’t practical for an Australian Summer. 

Once he gets into the hotter continent, he might swap out his winter-gear for swim shorts and flip-flops (or boardies and thongs as the Aussie’s would say.) 

Prawns on Christmas Day 

Although Christmas Day is usually honoured with a hot roast dinner around the dining table, most Australians are avoiding indoors to stay cool. 

The summer heat lends itself perfectly to BBQ’s, so you’ll often find Australian’s celebrating Xmas with seafood cooked outdoors. 

Santa Comes Through the Veranda

Many Christmas Carols talk about Santa coming down the chimney, which doesn’t make sense with Australian homes.

They don’t have chimneys, so Santa makes his way through the veranda or front door. 

But that doesn’t mean they don’t still sing about Santa coming down the chimney! 

Leaving Out Beer for Santa 

Do you leave out a mince pie and glass of egg-nog for Santa like Christmas in England? Or maybe milk and cookies? 

This tradition tends to change for each country. 

In Australia, they actually leave out beer for Father Christmas to enjoy! 

Christmas in Australia Faqs

Does Australia Have Santa Claus?

Australia has Santa Claus but some of the usual traditions differ slightly. Instead of coming down the chimney, Santa comes through the veranda. And where kids will usually leave our cookies and milk, families leave Father Christmas an ice-cold beer.

Plus, Santa Claus will change out of his winter-wear for a more weather-appropriate outfit such as swim shorts and a t-shirt. 

Does Santa Use Kangaroos in Australia?

According to some Christmas cards, decorations, stories, and songs, Santa will swap out his reindeer for some more climate-friendly Kangaroos to help him deliver his presents to the children of Australia. 

Is Christmas Big in Australia? 

Although some traditions might be different to those from colder-climates, Christmas is still a big deal in Australia.

Christmas Carols, light displays, and large feasts are a huge part of Australian festivities, with the main difference being most of the day is spent outside.

It’s also during the countries’ summer holidays, where kids are off school from December-February. 

Final Thoughts On How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia?

Well, that’s a wrap on How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Christmas traditions in Australia, and found our fun facts about Australian Christmas interesting. 

Whether you were researching a school project, or just wanting to find more about the culture of the world’s largest island – we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. 

Because Christmas is during Australia’s hottest season, it’s worth noting that in December the country is often battling large wildfires. 

Many people will volunteer to fight these fires and protect their wildlife as much as possible. 

Also, as the big day falls within school Summer holidays, many families will be on vacation – abroad or within Australia. 

The main thing we noticed is that although there are similarities and differences between a cold and hot Xmas, the big common factor is that people will always come together for the big day. 

And, we’ve also learnt that we would LOVE to spend Christmas in Australia one year. 

The idea of spending it on the beach with loads of people all celebrating together, followed by a street party and huge light display sounds like so much fun.

Will you be visiting Australia for Christmas, or does your heart lie with hot cocoa and cozy fires? 

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How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Australia?

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