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26 Best Fun Gifts For Teenage Guys 13 Years And Older

Gifts for 13 year old teenage guys - Open for Christmas

Gift Guide: What to Buy a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy

Are you looking for gifts for teenage guys 13 years and older but aren’t sure what a 13-year-old will like? 

With all the hormones flying around, we’re pretty sure that most pre-teens don’t actually know what they like either. 

But this guide will hopefully get you a bit closer to getting a gift they’ll absolutely love – even if they don’t act like it! 

Jokes aside, most thirteen-year-olds will appreciate gifts that are related to their hobbies and interests, such as sports, music, or gaming

As well as hobby-related gifts, they also tend to be big fans of gadgets – from speakers to full consoles

And in teen culture at the moment, there seems to be a big boom in all things LED – from colorful strip lights to LED neon signs – these vibrant lights are everywhere. 

But of course, no two teens are the same, so they won’t all like the same gifts. 

That’s why we’ve tried to include a large range of gift ideas that will appeal to people’s different interests. 

So if you’re wondering what to buy a 13-year-old for their birthday, the holidays, or any other occasion – we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at our gift suggestions below and don’t forget to stick around for our gifts for 13 year old teenage guys FAQs! 

Gift Ideas For Teenage Guys 13 Years And Up

1. Guitar 

Thirteen is a great age to learn a new skill and find a new hobby. 

Designed specifically for students of guitar, this Martin Smith acoustic guitar kit provides you with a complete package to lead them through their guitar learning education. 

We picked a mid-range option for this, as they’ll quickly outgrow a budget option (but of course there are cheaper options available!) 

If you’re looking for music gifts for teenage guys, you can’t go far wrong with a new guitar. 

2. Guitar Pick Punch 

If they’re already a keen guitar player, then this pick punch is a cool gift that lets them make their own plectrums. 

Simply slide pick cards inside and then press the punch down to create unlimited guitar picks in a multitude of designs! 

They’ll save their pocked money too without having to spend money on picks every few weeks, which is perfect for tweens with a hobby.

3. Electric Keyboard 

For a teenage boy who wants to teach himself piano, improve his existing skills, or start composing his own songs – this keyboard is a perfect gift. 

It includes an LED screen and tons of features that we don’t really understand, but a keyboard player is sure to love! 

The electric keyboard comes with everything they need to get started, including a seat and all-important headphones. 

4. Electronic Drum Set

Sticking with the musical theme, we also think this electronic drum kit is a great gift for a 13-year-old. 

It’s foldable and has a speaker as well as head-phone functionality. 

This is perfect for a beginner drumkit, as it’s easy to store in a bedroom without taking up the whole floor space. 

Also, it means you don’t have to splash out on a full-size kit, for them to then decide they don’t want to play drums anymore… 

Shopping for a vegan? Our list of 21 Vegan Gifts For Men – Best Ethical Gift Ideas For Him might spark some inspiration for gift ideas! 

5. Hockey Stick 

Looking for gifts for a hockey player? A new hockey stick is always appreciated. 

We love the bright design on this particular one, but you can check out more options on Amazon (linked below). 

Hockey sticks, or any new kit, make great gifts for athletic teenage guys.

If you’re shopping for a sporty thirteen-year-old, you might like our guide to the Top Running Gift Ideas.   

6. Basketball Hoop 

This hoop has the look, functionality & durability of a professional-grade basketball system, making it a great outdoor activity but also perfect for practicing their skills. 

Adjust the height up to feet’ for court-side play and down to 3 feet for junior or poolside play. 

Fill the base with sand or water to get your hoop set up and let the dunking commence!

7. Bean Bag

Upgrade their space with this fun bean bag that’s practical and also fun to use! 

This particular one arrives completely filled and ready to go. 

Plus, the durable fabric is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and easily spot cleaned with a damp cloth. 

8. Gaming chair

For a keen gamer, this chair takes gaming to a new level. 

A cool accessory for their bedroom or the living room, to upgrade how they watch TV, read, or use game consoles. 

The chair swivels 360 degrees and the back is fully adjustable for comfort and reclining.  

9. Inflatable Lounger

This inflatable sofa is designed for use outside, but we think it’s a great accessory for a teen’s bedroom.

Whether they use it to hang out alone, or as extra seating when friends come round, this is a great gift that they’ll enjoy using daily. 

There are a few fun designs to choose from or you can pick a basic color that will match their room.

10. Drone 

This drone is specifically designed for beginners, putting it at an affordable price-point without foregoing the functionality. 

One happy reviewer bought this as a starter drone, and has the following thoughts: 

Solid drone, great in wind and very fun to fly. Set up was very simple and easy to learn how to operate with the guide and videos. A word about Holy Stone customer support. They are very responsive and friendly with customer satisfaction as a clear goal. That in itself inspires confidence in the Holy Stone drones. The camera is a good one and easy to raise and lower it. The phone app is easy to set up and if you read the instructions is easy to learn and use. I would buy this again and recommend it highly.

11. Nintendo Switch

If it’s a big birthday or you’ve got the budget, you can’t go far wrong with a Nintendo Switch. 

Arguably this is the very BEST gift for a thirteen-year-old available right now, but it’s not by any means an affordable choice.

12. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Steel Series Arctis Nova 7 Wireless headphones is a top of the line gaming headset that provides amazing battery life, even better sound, and will have your teenager practically living in the game!

13. Scratch Map 

Are you buying a gift for a keen adventurer that has a dream of traveling the world? 

The Black & Gold Scratchable Map will let them track your travels and share their experiences with family and friends!

14. Speakers

This portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is teenager-proof and will stand the test of time! 

15. Joggers

‘Train hard. Stay cool. 

These men’s soccer pants battle the heat with breathable, quick-drying fabric. 

Cut for movement, they have a slim fit and stretchy ribbed details on the lower legs to promote clean footwork.’

That’s how Amazon has described them, but they’re also great for lounging around the house.

16. Galaxy Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt features a cool galaxy print that any astronomy lover will adore. 

There are loads of prints to choose from, follow the link below to view them all! 

17. LED Strip Lights 

These LED strip lights are packed with over 15 color choices. 

Jazz up their bedroom or hang-out spaces with vibrant lighting and they’ll be over the moon!

18. Apple Charging Hub

For the teenage gadget-lover, this charging hub neatens the bedside table and also looks really sleek. 

If they have two or more Apple products like iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPad, they’ll be able to charge all their devices in one tidy charging dock. 

19. Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

No need to look around to buy a speaker and a lamp. This Aiscool all-in-1 LED night light and Bluetooth speaker are two things in one.

The cool light effects make this a great gift for a 13-year-old boy!

20. Retro Skateboard 

Take this board to the park, to school, and on the road with ease.

The cool designs and smaller sizes make it the best holiday gift for kids and teens.

21. Express HD Streaming Media Player

On Sale!

Streaming made easy: Roku express lets you stream free, live and premium TV over the internet right to your TV.

Endless entertainment at their fingertips! 

22. Movie Projector

Enjoy movies, videos, and games at home or on the go, including outside in the garden. 

This projector is small and portable and projects all kinds of media onto a flat surface. 

What 13 years old wouldn’t enjoy movie nights in the garden with their friends? 

23. LED Neon Sign

Add some cool decor to their bedroom with an LED Neon sign that’ll both decorate and add some ambient lighting. 

If they aren’t into gaming, there are tons of different designs on Amazon to check out, take a look by clicking the link below. 

24. Comic Book Merchandise

We’ve linked to a book about Marvel: “Discover the essential facts about Marvel Comics’ timeless heroes and villains with an introduction by the legendary Stan Lee.” 

This is just one example of something you could buy for a comic-book lover. 

If they’re a fan of comics and the Marvel or DC movies, there is tons of merchandise available if you search these terms. See what you can find! 

25. 3D Basketball Backboard Light 

Another way to accessorize and personalize their bedroom and make it their own. 

If they’re a fan of sports then they’ll love this LED 3D light that will make their face feel super cool. 

26. Caster Board

On Sale!

A skateboard with a difference – a 360-degree inclined casters and a pivoting deck provide a unique carving motion, for the thrill of surfing and snowboarding on dry land. 

Its unique twisting motion moves you forward without pushing off.

Gifts For Teenage Guys 13 Years & Up FAQs

What do 13-year-old boys want for their birthday?

In general, most teenagers will love gaming consoles, gadgets, clothes, and room decor (think LED lights and neon signs). Creative teenagers will love guitars, art supplies, cooking equipment, or other musical instruments.

Sporty teens will appreciate anything to do with their favorite sports, like hockey sticks, soccer boots, skateboards, and basketball hoops. 

Is 13 a special birthday? 

A 13th birthday should be special as they transition from child to teen. In most cultures, turning thirteen is the start of your teen years, the first step on their journey to adulthood.

The thirteenth birthday is when they become a teen, which means they’re no longer a child and is a big step in their development and maturity. 

Final Thoughts On Gifts For Teenage Guys 13 Years And Older

Well, that’s a wrap on our round-up of the best gifts for teenage guys 13 years and older.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through the list, and have hopefully found something that your teenager will enjoy. 

The list is packed full of gaming gifts, gadgets, clothes, decor items, and hobby-related gifts that will hopefully provide some inspiration in your gift-buying journey. 

Whether you’re here looking for 13th birthday gift ideas for a son, grandson, or somebody else in your life, we hope our gift guide has been useful. 

Teenagers are renowned for being difficult to buy for since their interests can change so quickly. 

That’s why we think buying older than their current age can pay off, as it’s better that they grow into a gift instead of growing out of it after a few months. 

We love suggesting hobby and skill-related gifts for young people, as they will appreciate having the opportunity to learn it for their whole lives. 

And if they’re the kind of teen you can’t keep indoors, then the Razor board or outdoor projector will be loved by them for years. 

And don’t forget that if you’re struggling with what to get them, it’s not a bad thing to ask directly. 

It’s better to spend money on something they want and will use, rather than guessing and wasting your money. 

If you’ve enjoyed this gift guide and would like to read more from us at Open For Christmas, take a look at our related posts linked below. 

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