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The Best Stocking Fillers Under $1

Stocking Fillers Under £1

How to Buy The Best Less Than $1 Stocking Fillers

Do you struggle to find stocking fillers under $1?

Stockings are such a wonderful tradition at Christmas time. The memories of waking up on Christmas morning, running downstairs at 6.00 am to find a stocking full of presents that Santa has left. 

And even now, seeing the faces on children light up with excitement when they see their own stocking. Even as adults, receiving stockings is such a fun tradition.

However, we know that stockings don’t get filled by themselves. And, as much as we want him to, Santa doesn’t fill them either. The elves do make all the toys though.

So here’s the tricky part: how to know what to put in a stocking, buying gifts you know they’ll love and most importantly – sticking to that tight budget. 

This can all be overwhelming and stressful when you have no idea where to start, especially when you have a few stockings to fill. We know this is a common Christmas problem, so find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

And, that’s where we come in. Your seasoned Christmas experts.

So, we’ve put together a list of the best stocking fillers under $1 to help with your preparations. 

Before we do, we wanted to share our 8 top tips to filling stockings, especially when you have a few to fill. And to make the process a whole lot easier, and actually fun!

Our 9 Tops Tips to Buying the Best Cheap Stocking Stuffers

1. Budget

Stick to a budget per stocking. It could be whatever you like –  $10, $20, or even $50. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to it.

And, believe it or not, £10 is enough to fill a stocking with some great gifts. 

See our guide to the best money saving hacks for other ideas on how to budget, save and prepare for Christmas.

2. Keep Track

Keep track of gifts you buy and if you’re on track with your budget with an organiser which you can buy online, or use our Ultimate Christmas Organiser.

Also, keep track of any gifts you buy online. At Christmas, it can be stressful to keep track of parcels, and sometimes you may not even realise if a package has gone missing or not turned up. 

Save all emails, take note of despatch dates and when the item has arrived. 

Ultimate Christmas Organiser - Open for Christmas

3. Less is More

When filling a stocking, don’t think that you have to fill it with the most amount of presents possible. 10 small presents are more than ample. 

And yes, you can absolutely fill a stocking with 10 presents with $10. 

4. Buy Duplicate Gifts

If you are filling stockings for a few people, you can end up with a lot of presents to buy. Make it easier for yourself and buy duplicate gifts when appropriate. There is no need to buy separate gifts for everyone. 

Stocking Fillers Under £1

5. Take Advantage of Promotions

Especially when buying multiple and duplicate gifts, utilise promotions. 3 for 2, buy one get one free. If you see a promotion, and some great stocking gifts, it is a great time to buy. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying in September or December. Just think of the money you’ll be saving.

6. Save Time

Buy a few gifts from the same shop at once to save time. We go into more detail about this below.

7. Save on Delivery Costs

Stay in budget and save on delivery costs by shopping at local stores. You can also feel smug knowing you’re helping the environment by saving on delivery emissions and packaging.

8. Shop at Christmas Markets

Shop at local Christmas markets and find fun, unique festive gifts. Just keep an eye on the prices as some Christmas market stalls can be overpriced.

You’re also likely to be helping local businesses too, which is always a plus.

9. Don’t Overthink

Don’t stress or panic overthinking your gifts. Stockings are such a thoughtful surprise on Christmas morning. They are not made to be filled with expensive and lavish gifts. 

We love stockings as they can be full of useful, fun, Christmas themed, or even everyday items. 

See our list of 150 best stocking filler ideas for all ages for more inspiration.

Our List of the Best Stocking Fillers Under $1

Stocking fillers usually consist of small gifts, little nicknacks and Christmas themed items. 

And don’t forget the orange at the bottom of the stocking, and some chocolate coins to stay traditional. Plus, they are cheap. Win-win.

Using tip number five from our points above, our favourite way to buy gifts, and save time, is to utilise shops we know and trust. 

And, know that we can buy a few gifts at a time from. So, we decided to split this list into categories and the type of shop to make the process easier.

So, take this list to your local stores, and stock up on the best stocking fillers under $1.

Stocking Fillers Under £1

Supermarket Stocking Fillers

  1. Favourite sweets
  2. Chocolate Santa
  3. Toiletries
  4. Mints
  5. Chewing gum
  6. Hand sanitiser
  7. Book
  8. Magazine
  9. Chocolate coins
  10. Nuts
  11. Dried fruits
  12. Nut butter
  13. Jams/Chutneys

Pharmacy Stocking Fillers

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Makeup
  3. Nail varnish
  4. Nail files
  5. Body wash
  6. Bath bomb
  7. Body lotion
  8. Shaving cream
  9. Mini travel toiletries
  10. Lip balm for kids
  11. Bath bomb for kids

Pound Shop Stocking Fillers

  1. Sweets
  2. Chocolate
  3. Festive games
  4. Puzzle books
  5. Colouring books
  6. Colouring pens/pencils
  7. Toiletries
  8. Mug
  9. Pack of cards
  10. Home decor
  11. Picture frame
  12. Baking items
  13. Cooking items

Toy Shop Stocking Fillers

  1. Bubbles
  2. Bath toys
  3. Squishy toy
  4. Yo-Yo
  5. Mini stretch man
  6. Colouring book
  7. Colouring pencils
  8. Activity book
  9. Rubber
  10. Stickers
  11. Glow in the dark stick ons
  12. Jigsaw puzzle
  13. Homemade crafts
  14. Play clay
  15. Slime

Online Shopping Stocking Fillers

If you’re struggling for time, remember to utilise online shopping.

Try retail stores like Amazon, Five Below, Walmart, Dollar Tree and craft shops. Just consider the delivery costs when buying items, as they can quickly add up without you even realising.

If you’re using Amazon a lot for your stocking fillers, Christmas gifts and other festive essentials, try Amazon Prime where you can get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items along with many other benefits. 

Our Final Thoughts on Stocking Fillers Under $1

We hope this article has given you some help and inspiration for filling your stockings.

Remember to stay within budget, have a limit on the number of presents and use our list to find small gifts and nicknacks you know they will love. 

There is no need to overwhelm yourself and find the perfect gifts for each stocking. Now, let’s go shopping for the best stocking fillers under $1.

Happy shopping!

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The Best Stocking Fillers Under $1

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