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9 Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers on the Go

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The Best Gifts for the Traveling Coffee Lover

For some that consistently travel the world, finding different coffee shops can be exciting and fun, but when traveling many places there isn’t a quality cup of coffee to be found. These types of coffee lovers need gifts that fit them.

While many are content with a cup of coffee from the local restaurant, there are others that have been accustomed to high end espressos and pour overs that are associated with quality baristas. 

For these people we are bringing to you the best gifts for the traveling coffee lover!

The 9 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers on the Go

AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go is just like it sounds, an on-the-go version of the ever popular AeroPress coffee system. The AeroPress Go is basically a French press espresso machine hybrid that all comes neatly packed into a travel cup. 

This is a must have for anyone that loves a great cup of joe on the go!

Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse

Those that love coffee know that the one thing that can change the taste of good beans is when and how they were ground. Grinding beans just before their use can bring out their best flavors, especially if you use a burr grinder like the one above!

Even coffee snobs will love having this grinder in their luggage!

Travel Electric Kettle

Traveling should be an adventure, but what shouldn’t be an adventure is how to find hot water to make a good cup of coffee. While you could run water through a dirty coffee machine that hasn’t been cleaned in ages, your mind will be at ease when using this kettle.

What we love most about this kettle is how neatly it folds up for travel!

Brew Buddy Portable Pour Over

Coffee lovers are very particular on how they brew their cups and many love pour overs. This handy little gadget can be packed in your pocket and is great for both coffee and tea. What is even better is that it is a breeze to clean and under $10 dollars!

Rechargeable Scale

There is obsessed with coffee then there is weigh-your-beans-to-the-gram obsessed with coffee. If you know someone that is the latter then this rechargeable scale is a must have item. 

Complete with a C-charger, timer, and rubber drip tray that keep this scale looking brand new, this item is something that no coffee lover should do without!

Bodum 15oz Travel Press

Bodum is a well known manufacturer of French presses and they have outdone themselves with this one. For the people that want an all in one option, the Bodum Travel Press is it. Simply place grinds in the cup, pour in the hot water, screw on the top, and wait five minutes. After the short wait just push down the plunger and you are ready to drink great French press coffee anywhere!

Handheld Milk Frother

For the coffee lovers in your life that enjoy a latte then this handheld milk frother is a must have. Complete with its own storage tube, this milk frother can can turn milk into a beautiful creamy froth in no time!

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister

This little canister may look simple and sleek but don’t discount its value. Nothing ruins great coffee beans quicker than exposure to oxygen. This is where the Atmos Vacuum canister has you covered. By some quick turns of the lid, the canister automatically removes air from inside and leaves your contents in a better place!

It’s a must have for anyone that travels with good coffee!

Artemis & Rhodes French Press Travel Kit

If you have someone in your life that loves coffee but is a little bit bougee then this is the perfect gift for them. Artemis & Rhodes have created an amazing French press kit that includes a gold press and a grinder both with an Acacia wood handle, a gold tbsp measuring spoon, a cleaning brush, and even a vegan leather case to carry it all in! 

This is a gift that will even make a tea drinker want to brew a cup!

The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

While anything on this gift guide would make tremendous gifts for coffee lovers, its important to remember that everyone drinks their coffee a little bit differently. If they are a staunch coffee snob that won’t even look at a cup from the home drip machine then the AeroPress go may be the best option, but if they love lattes then don’t forget the Milk Frother!

No matter what you decide though we at Open For Christmas are sure that they will love it!

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