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When To Put Up a Christmas Tree? Let’s Talk!

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When is The Right Time To Put Up a Christmas Tree?

The debate of when you should put up a Christmas tree is an age-old conundrum. 

Decorations appearing in shops from September and your work colleague putting their tree up on the 1st November straight after Halloween is not out of the ordinary nowadays.

And, every year, it seems as though Christmas decorations are appearing earlier than ever all over the world. 

People love Christmas, but commercialism plays a big part in that. Spotting Christmas trees up and decorated months before Christmas has even begun is not unusual.

But then you have your friend who strictly waits until twelve days before the big day before dusting off the decorations and transforming their home into a winter wonderland.

Putting up the Christmas tree is a big deal, and in many homes symbolises the beginning of the joyful festivities. A time when even those Scrooges have to pretend to enjoy the season through gritted teeth. ‘Bah humbug!’

But, when should you put up a Christmas tree?

When Should You Put Your Christmas Tree Up?

In short, there is no right or wrong answer. 

As with many things at Christmas, every family has their own traditions and beliefs, such as what festivities to partake in, what to include in your Christmas lunch, and of course, when to put the tree up.

But we know you’re here to find an answer to that all-important question. So, we’ve rounded up the traditional and expert answers to give you some clarification.

The Traditional Answer

Traditionally, in Victorian times, it was common for Christmas trees to be put up and decorated during the afternoon of Christmas Eve. 

People would enjoy the sweet treats from the tree over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Any earlier, and it was thought to bring bad luck. 

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Nowadays, if we were to put our Christmas tree up according to tradition, then the tree should be erected at the beginning of Advent. This is four Sundays before Christmas. And any earlier is considered to bring bad luck.

Advent is a special date in the Christian calendar, and marks the beginning of the period to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. You can read more about the importance of Christmas here.

However, this is not the only tradition…

Other traditions indicate that the tree should be put up 12 days before Christmas. This means decorating on the 13th of December each year, and strictly keep to this 12 days before Christmas rule.

So, that’s the traditional answer. 

Now, what’s the expert opinion? 

Christmas Decorations in Box - When should you put up a Christmas tree

The Expert Answer

If you buy a real Christmas tree to put up in your home, then you shouldn’t be putting up your tree any earlier than the beginning of December. Christmas trees can last up to four weeks if they’re looked after properly. 

For more information on how to care for your real Christmas tree properly, have a read of this article.

The beginning of December is also a popular choice for many people. December is a sign that the festive season has well and truly begun, and they celebrate by putting up their Christmas tree.

In the UK, you can find festive lights turning on in towns, cities and villages in November. And, in the USA, Thanksgiving dictates the start of the holiday season.

Sometimes, putting your decorations up can take hours, especially if you have more than one tree to erect. Therefore, enjoying the festive season for longer and admiring your handiwork only seems logical. 

According to experts, putting your festive decorations up earlier has also been linked to an increase of happiness and excitement (source). These feelings are simply an anchor and link back to our childhood and the enjoyment of all the festivities. 

In that case, we’ll be putting our decor up as early as we can get away with this year!

When Should You Take It Down?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer and it really comes down to personal choice. Some people like to keep their decorations up for as long as possible to put off those post-festive blues. 

Baubles on Christmas Tree

Others will do it the day before they go back to work, usually the 1st or 2nd of January. 

However, most people will traditionally take their tree down on the 6th of January. This is the twelfth day after Christmas and indicates the end of the festive season.

And, again, some people say leaving your tree up any longer is considered bad luck.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there is no right or wrong answer to when you should put up your Christmas tree, or even when you take your tree down.

If you wish to put your tree up on the 1st of November, or even on the 20th of December, rest assured it is an entirely personal preference.

And, whatever your thoughts are, if putting your tree up only leads to excitement and an increase of happiness, what better excuse do we need to put the decorations up earlier than ever this year!?

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When Should You Put Up a Christmas Tree?

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