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17 Best Food Gifts for Christmas: Amazing Ideas

Hot chocolate and festive chocolate slab - Food gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Everyone loves food gifts for Christmas. It’s the season for giving, sharing and errrm… eating, after all! 

So, “what are the best food gifts for Christmas?”, I hear you ask.

Well, we’ve searched high and low for the best food gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas. You can find chocolatey gifts, sweets, savoury gifts and desserts to treat your friends and family. 

With something special for all ages, we’ve thought of everyone in this temping and delicious list.

Here at Open for Christmas, we love a homemade gift. They are fun to make, can help you save some pennies and handmade goods are always well received. 

So, we’ve split our gift list into gifts you can buy and homemade food gifts for Christmas if you’re feeling inspired to get crafty in the kitchen.

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself drooling as you read this article!

Food Gifts for Christmas

1. #NOM Crackjack – Addictive Droitwich Salted Caramel Flapjack

#NOM flapjacks gift idea - food gifts for Christmas

Simply put, the BEST Flapjack ever. Handmade by #NOM, these award-winning salted caramel flapjacks are packaged and sent by post. 

A general layer of their Droitwich salted caramel is sandwiched between buttery flapjack. All you have to do is choose between a box of 3, 6 or 12.

If you’re looking for a present for someone who loves sweet treats, you’ve found it with these mouth-watering flapjacks!

2. Lotus Biscoff Luxury Gift Box

Biscoff Luxury Treat Hamper Gift food Gifts for Christmas

Know someone who loves Lotus Biscoff? Or, actually, do you know anyone who doesn’t like Lotus Biscoff?

This ultimate Lotus Biscoff luxury package comes with everything you could possibly need!

The ultimate gift for any Lotus Biscoff lover. This gift box will ‘bi-scoffed’ before you know it!

3. MarzipanArtisan Custom Marzipan Fruits or Vegetables

Marzipan Fruits & Vegetables - Food Lovers Food Gifts for Christmas

These marzipan fruits and vegetables almost look too good to eat!

Beautifully boxed in a variety of sizes, choose between marzipan fruits, vegetables or a selection of both. These marzipan treats are handmade to order, and are not only delicious but look incredible too.

A wonderful gift for any marzipan lover! 

4. The Truckle Cheese Co. 14″ Special Selection Cheese Hamper

Truckle Cheese Food Gift Hamper for Christmas

This special cheese hamper from The Truckle Cheese co. contains a special selection of cheeses guaranteed to delight your friends or family.

You can find all the favourites from The Truckle Cheese co. including Blue Stilton, Farmhouse Mature Cheddar, Cheddar with Caramelised Onion, Chilli and Lime Cheddar, Oak Smoked Cheddar and Onion Marmalade Chutney.

Also included is a packet of Savoury Biscuits to help your loved ones enjoy this delicious luxury hamper.

5. Thorntons Family Sharing Chocolate Hamper

Thorntons-Family-Sharing-Hamper-food gifts for Christmas

What’s more Christmassy than a hamper and chocolate?! This hamper is perfect for the whole family, with something for everyone from toffee and fudge to assorted boxes of chocolates and chocolate coins. 

You can’t go wrong with this family sharing chocolate hamper!

6. Senior Choice Gift Hamper for Older Friends and Family

No products found.

The Senior Choice gift hamper is one of the best hampers for Christmas for your older friends and family. 

Offering fourteen sweet and savoury snacks, as well as a selection of rich British teas. Expect delicious treats such as flapjacks, sherbet lemon sweets, sea salted crisps, orange marmalade, and much more. 

Make their day even more special by adding your own free personalised gift message, for that personal touch.

This is the perfect Christmas hamper for any of your older friends or family members. Give your elderly loved ones a taste of the luxurious life!

7. Keto Gift Package

Keto food gifts for Christmas

Do you know someone on a strict keto diet? Make Christmas a little bit easier for them with this keto gift package crammed full of delicious and tasty keto snacks.

With a collection of 20 high protein, low sugar and high-fat products, we can guarantee they will be blown away with this thoughtful keto package!

8. Cheese Making Kit

No products found.

Are you buying for someone who is a self-proclaimed ‘cheese monster’?! This cheese making kit is an amazing present for any cheese lover.

This kit can make more than 20 different artisan cheeses in 40 batches from mozzarella to goats cheese to Cheshire cheese. t comes with a 70-page recipe book, along with an introduction to get started on your cheese-making journey! 

The perfect gift for any cheese lover, or aspiring cheese-maker.

9. Retro Sweets Hamper: Just Treats Lunar Gift Hamper

The Best Ever Retro Sweets GIANT Treasure Box (The Original Sweet Shop in a Box!)

The Retro Sweets Hamper is the best food hamper for that sugary buzz your kids or family crave so highly during the holidays. From Sherbet Fountains to White Mice and Jazzies, you can find all of the delicious treats and more! 

Filled to the brim with sugary goodies, this hamper is the perfect gift for your children, nieces or nephews, or any of your adult friends and family who enjoy reminiscing over the ‘good old days’. 

Take your loved ones back in time this Christmas, with this wonderful array of retro sweets.

10. Red Letter Days Tea for Two Gift Voucher

Tea for Two Gift Voucher – 440 Delightful Afternoon Tea Experiences

Treat your friends and family with this Red Letter Days Afternoon Tea Voucher. Or, book a date and treat your loved one as a fun outing together as a gift.

Enjoy afternoon tea at a choice of 405 UK locations from stunning city hotels to breathtaking country manor houses.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves indulging in afternoon tea.

11. High Protein Gift Hamper Collection

No products found.

Searching for a gift for someone who is gym obsessed or a fitness-fanatic? Well, look no further as we’ve found the ideal gift

This high protein gift hamper collection will keep them satisfied over the festive season, instead of indulging in all of the sugary temptations around.

They will be delighted with these 15 high protein bars, snacks and a protein shaker to enjoy. It arrives presented in a wicker basket, so wrap it up or leave it sitting beautifully in the hamper.

The high protein gift hamper is the perfect present for any gym bunnies out there!

Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas

Homemade gifts are beautiful at Christmas. They are just as fun to make, as they are to watch the face of your loved one light up, as you present them with your handmade goods.

Related: For more homemade gift ideas, take a look at our 15 easy and unique homemade gift ideas.

Wrapping Your Homemade Gifts

To make our handmade crafts even more special, we love to present them in special seasonal boxes, cellophane, bows and ribbons. 

So, to save you the hard work, we’ve put together our special festive shopping list for wrapping homemade gifts. Just pick and choose what you need!

Your Homemade Wrapping Shopping List: 

Homemade Food Gift Ideas

1. Make a Homemade Food Hamper

Make your jams and chutneys, biscuits, Christmas cake and other Christmas goods. Add in chocolate, a bottle of prosecco and snacks such as nuts, crackers and cheeses. 

Grab a wicker basket or hamper kit, some shredded paper and neatly place everything into your hamper. Attach a gift tag and a bow for a beautiful finishing touch.

2. Iced Festive Biscuits

If you have a steady hand, and that creative streak, have a go at icing your own festive biscuits. Use a simple cookie recipe and get some Christmas cookie cutters

Then decorate with some coloured icing pens. Use the icing to make a Santa, Christmas tree, baubles, snowman, gifts, stars and any other festive designs. 

Then once dry, place them all into an airtight box to stay fresh and add a finishing touch such as adding a Christmassy decorative bow. 

We recommend making your biscuits one or two days prior to giving them as your gift so they stay fresh. 

3. Festive Chocolate Slab

Choose their favourite type of chocolate (white, milk or dark) and melt it. Or, make your own chocolate from scratch if you like. Pour it into a small tray to set in the fridge. 

Then, personalise and decorative the chocolate bar with more chocolate, sweets and other festive decorations. 

Festive chocolate slab - Christmas food gifts

Wrap it in some cellophane, and tie a ribbon around for a wonderful chocolatey gift.

4. Make some Mince Pies

What is more Christmassy than some delicious mince pies? And the best news is they are not so hard to make!

We like this recipe from BBC Good Food which is super easy to follow. If you’re stuck for time, or baking isn’t your thing, you could make the recipe even easier by buying ready-made pastry.

You can also freeze your mince pies so make them in advance when you have time, and take them out the freezer when you need them!

Put your beautiful mince pies into a box, add some festive ribbon or a bow and they’re done!

5. Edible Santa Sleigh Gift

A wonderful handcrafted gift that anyone can make!

Simply get two candy canes to use as the base of your sleigh. Next use tape to secure and stack your selected chocolate bars onto your candy canes. 

Kit Kats make a great base as they’re wider then use smaller bars on top. Plus, it helps that they’re red and festive too!

Candy Cane Sleigh - Homemade Food Gift Ideas for Christmas

Personalise each sleigh by using their favourite chocolate bars. You could also add chocolate coins for a traditional touch.

Make sure you leave enough room for Santa to sit in front. Finally, add a bow, ribbon or gift tag to finish and voila! An impressive, but a simple handmade gift for any of your loved ones. 

We also love using them for stocking fillers as a gift from ‘Santa’ himself!

Top Tip: Impress your guests with these Santa sleighs by using them as place settings for your Christmas dinner. 

6. Layered Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Fill and layer a jar with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows and maybe include a mug and can of squirty cream. Put it all in a box, or wrap it in cellophane and tie with some ribbon.

You could even add a packet of biscuits or a gingerbread man, or some crushed up candy canes! 

Add a gift tag and a ribbon, and there you have your beautiful gift!

Or, instead of hot chocolate, try layering ingredients for other treats such as cookies, cupcakes and brownies.

Homemade Candy Canes: Make some candy canes for your loved ones, take a look at our recipe here.

Final Thoughts on the Best Food Gifts for Christmas

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and have found some great food gifts for Christmas. And also, some mouthwatering festive homemade food gifts to give to your loved ones this winter. 

Christmas is allll about enjoying food and the time of year to truly treat yourself with some delicious goodies.

If they’re like us and are absolute foodies at heart, then they’ll be delighted with any of our food gifts!

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