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2023’s Best 12 Days of Christmas Ideas For Him

12 Days of Christmas Ideas For Him

Everyone knows the 12 Days of Christmas song, where someone’s true love showers them with gifts for twelve straight days and oddly includes more birds than anyone could seriously enjoy. From French hens to turtle doves there seems to be no end in sight to the shower of fowls that end up as gifts for someone that I would mark as seriously unlucky in love. Have no fear though my friend, because this 12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Him guide contains no birds, but instead just unique gift ideas to help you set up for success this holiday season.

Before we get started let’s just lay out the outline. Starting December 13th, you will be wrapping and delivering 12 days of Christmas gifts. The last gift is delivered on Christmas Eve, allowing the perfect timing for whatever you so choose to place around the Christmas tree for the big day. 

It’s a fun way to do something different this Christmas season and something that I would recommend doing at least once for someone special, like a spouse, boyfriend, or best friend. 

So without further ado, let’s get to our gift guide for the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas For Him!

Our Guide to Twelve Days of Christmas Giving for Him

The 1st Day of Christmas:
Start Small

On The First Day of Christmas a Partridge in a pear tree is gifted in the classic holiday song. We aren’t going to get a full grown tree and bird here but what could be better to stay with the theme than gifting something pear related. For this we offer the jelly belly juicy pear pack.

Alternative Gift Ideas:

The spirit of the first day of the event is really just to start the anticipation. The idea of day one is to surprise him with a gift that will spark the spirit of Christmas and bring excitement to town! This is a great time to wrap the perfect stocking stuffer or an inexpensive gift such as milk chocolate or a fun keychain!

The 2nd Day of Christmas:
Get Nostalgic

The second day of Christmas brought turtle doves, and while you could deliver Turtle Candies, we are going a different route. We recommend these two pairs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Socks! While it’s a bit childish, it also is a fun way to gift some nostalgia and give men something they probably can desperately use, a new pair of socks!

Alternative Gift Ideas:

Playing the nostalgia game can be fun and really opens up for a world of possibilities. Our suggestion is to stay with the days theme and get them a childhood favorite gift such as an etch-a-sketch, a small erector set, or even just stream an old movie that will bring help bring back some child-like wonder!

The 3rd Day of Christmas:
Wake Them Up

Three French Hens were the package of choice on the third day of Christmas, but we are targeting our coffee lovers here with a French press travel mug that is from everyone’s favorite rugged brand. This is a seriously cool gift for anyone that loves coffee!

Alternative Gift Idea:

If you aren’t shopping for a coffee lover, or just want something different, then go with a special gift such as this personalized cutting board that will let him know you are thinking about why he still needs to go to the grocery store to get something to cook for tonight’s dinner!

The 4th Day of Christmas:
Give Him Something Fancy

The fourth day of Christmas brought us calling birds, and while we would love to mix some flying friends into your home, instead we recommend this beautiful BOBO Bird Steel & Wood Watch. A watch that is as stylish as it is functional, it combines different wood and metal styles that result in a look that every man will enjoy.

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Alternative Gift Idea:

There is no such thing as a man that can’t use a little bit of fancy in his life. While your special someone may not love a wrist watch, there is no reason why they can’t use a good shirt that can be worn to both a nice dinner and in every day life. For this I always will lean towards the Columbia Rapid Rivers Long Sleeve Shirt. My husband loves these and so do most other men judging by the amount of 5-star reviews!

The 5th Day of Christmas:
The Gift of Knowledge

The fifth day of Christmas seems to be one of the most well known, and brings with it everyone yelling “Five Golden Rings!”. Here we are pivoting from jewelry to Miyamoto Musashi’s “The Book of The Five Rings”, a book about the strategy of the Samurai. This is a true classic and one that every man will enjoy reading and learning lessons not only about Samurai battle, but also about life.

Alternative Gift Ideas:

The gift of wisdom can come in may shapes and forms and if your not purchasing something for an avid reader then maybe try an Audible membership! With a ton of audio books this is perfect for anyone that spends time commuting to and from work. If this doesn’t sound like their bag either, then just get them some silicon golden rings they can work in and call it a day!

The 6th Day of Christmas:
Give Some Laughter

On the sixth day of Christmas we had geese-a-laying, something that I will pass on happening at my house during the Christmas season. Well any season actually! For your sixth day gift we have some hilarious geese key holders that use a tiny magnet underneath their beak to hold anything your man’s metallic heart pleases!

Alternative Gift Ideas:

Laughter is a funny thing (pun intended) because everyone has their specific thing that gets them going. Today you are trying to bring as much fun as possible to the gift and that means that geese-a-laying can just be a roll of duct tape packed up (punny again) or even one of these hilarious Dash Ducks!

The 7th Day of Christmas:
A Unique Way to Listen

Swans-a-Swimming were the bird of choice on the seventh day of Christmas and the swimming theme seems like a great idea to us! We get that not everyone lives near the water, or a pool, or even enjoys swimming so we are are going the way of some unique sunglasses that are at a price point like no other. These Bluetooth glasses make the perfect gift for music lovers, as they pair simply to your phone and pump out whatever music is desired!

Alternative Gift Idea:

​Let’s not immediately count out those who love to swim either! Grab them a pair of awesome new swim trunks, a cooler to take with them to the pool (we love this nostalgic cooler), or even just a new pair of Crocs to wear to the pool. Added bonus if you buy them some charms for their Crocs!

The 8th Day of Christmas:
Do Something Simple

The eighth day of Christmas brought maids-a-milking, and this gives us a perfect excuse to give our recipients a gift card so that they can hopefully take us along for some milkshakes! This is not just fun little gift, but is also an easy way to create a good reason for a few minutes out alone during what can be a hectic holiday season. We recommend choosing their favorite milkshake destination and getting a gift card that shows your appreciation.

Alternative Gift Ideas:

Why have the fun stop at the restaurant when you can have it at home whenever you want? We personally love this at home ice-cream maker or you can buy him an official milkshake maker so he can have one whenever he wants!

The 9th Day of Christmas:
Dancing on The Green

Well the ninth day of Christmas surely needs a substitution because we aren’t sending nine ladies dancing over to the house! With the eighth day bringing a somewhat boring gift of a gift card we have to make sure that there is a great gift here to unpack. For our ninth installment, we are going to talk about dancing on the putting green and deliver some awesome golf balls! These are a great option or you can go all in to make sure he knows you care by providing the best of the best.

Alternative Gift Idea:

​While golf isn’t everyone’s game, there are few men out there that don’t enjoy sitting in an easy chair and watching sports on TV. For those that watch more than play we recommend the Couch Coaster! This is a must-have for anyone that likes to sit, have a drink, and watch the game!

The 10th Day of Christmas:
Give Good Habits

Just the ninth day brought a gift we weren’t inclined to deliver, so does the tenth day of Christmas. Unless you want to hiring ten lords to leap around your house (something that will raise a lot of red flags with the homeowner’s association) then let’s pivot again and provide a simple idea that is an excellent choice for any occasion; a book that will inspire. If you want to take the “leap” (I’m reaching here!) in any facet of life it comes down to habits and how they add up over time. This is why my recommendation is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This may be a different gift than you are used to giving, but it is one that will deliver!

Alternative Gift Ideas:

Good habits are partly just being aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Want to move more? Try a FitBit that will give you feedback on how much activity you are doing. Want to be more present? How about this phone lock box that will have you both locked out of screen time and locked more into a conversation?

The 11th Day of Christmas:
Give Good Habits

The eleventh day of Christmas brings us pipers piping and the obvious choice for a gift has to be music-related. While many of our ideas are small gifts that are relatively affordable, this is one where you an potentially splurge and purchase something like concert tickets to their favorite event later in the year. If you really want to stay with the 12 days of gifts idea and have something tangible for them to unwrap then we suggest upgrading their listening options with this fun Bluetooth beanie. I personally have one and while it isn’t exactly headphones, it is a great way to keep music around while I work outside or walk the dog in the cold weather, two things that still require me to pay attention to the sounds around me.

Alternative Gift Idea:

​Don’t even worry about a purchase today but instead have them unwrap a homemade coupon for the control of the radio for the next long drive, or if that is too excruciating for you, the evening!

The 12th Day of Christmas:
The Finale!!!

The twelfth day of Christmas has finally arrived and while the classic Christmas song find our true love getting their ears bombarded with twelve drummers, we should go a different and less percussive way. For the final gift, the finale you may say, we need something that shows a little extra love. For this, we have selected this awesome subscription box called the Man Box. While you can subscribe and let it be the gift that keeps on giving, it also is a great choice for a one-time gift as well. Complete with everything that will make him forget that he has moved to the suburbs and hasn’t had to start a fire without the help of a lighter once in his life. This is truly a fun gift that will have him feeling like a child again!

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​Alternate Gift Ideas:

​The Man Box may not be for everyone but how about getting a bunch of their favorite things such as a magazine, candy, beer, DVDs, books, etc and hiding them in random places around the house. End your last day with a scavenger hunt!

That's It For Our 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts for Him.

Now On To Christmas Day!

That completes our 12 Days of Christmas gifts for him gift guide. Whether this is the first year that you are going to try the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts theme, or if you were just here to find new gift ideas to beat out last year we truly appreciate you taking time to dive into what we think are some of the best gifts for this special event. While there are an abundance of different ways to complete these, we hope this is just a starting point for you to spread joy this Christmas and do something unique for the one you love.

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