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18 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for Golfers This Year

Golfing accessories that make great Christmas gifts for golfers

When it comes to buying presents there is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for someone that has a hobby they enjoy. In this guide, Christmas Gifts for Golfers, we will introduce you to 18 amazing ideas that will have your favorite golfer screaming “Hole-In-One!”.

Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Golfers

A Gift to Practice All Year Long

Indoor putting green

Most golfers will tell you that they struggle to capitalize once they reach the green. But we say practice makes perfect! With this awesome indoor putting mat, your favorite golfer will be able to practice all year long, rain or shine!

The Attachment for Professional Video

Selfie Golf Record Golf Swing - Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories | Winner of The PGA Best Product | Selfie Putting Training Aids Works with Any Golf Bag and Alignment Stick

Playing the perfect round is cool, but capturing your best shots to show your friends at the 19th hole is cooler! This awesome attachment used your bag, a club, and your cellphone to set up perfect video that will leave the rest of your foursome in awe!

The Perfect Gift for Ball Flight Perfection

Ball Cleaning Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Any experienced golfer knows that dirt on the ball can cause issues with ball flight. This bag attachable ball cleaner solves this problem with style. Simply add the included cleaning solution with water prior to the round, and you have a personal cleaner on the go! This is one gift that every golfer will enjoy!

Bad Swing Direction Doesn't Stand A Chance

GoSports Swing Spot Golf Swing Impact Training Mat, Shows Club Path at Impact to Detect and Fix Slices, Hooks and More - Choose Indoor or Outdoor

This is a gift that is so simple that it is revolutionary. Imagine going to the driving range to work on your swing, but you end up hitting an endless amount of balls poorly and can’t seem to fix the problem. This is where the swing mat comes into play. Just secure it to the ground using some tees, and voila! You have a personal teacher at your side giving you feedback on every swing!

Measure Distance Like A Caddy

Range Finder Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Knowing the distance needed to reach the pin may be one of the most important aspects of golf. It also may be one of the most difficult. But with this range finder you can kiss the guess work goodbye! With the ability to not only measure distance, but estimate the slope and do it all within a half yard, this gift will have your favorite golfer smiling from ear to ear!

A Speaker Made for Golf

Speaker for Golfers

If you thought a range finder was a great gift wait until you get a load of this! This Bluetooth speaker not only will tell you the distance to the pin, but record your score, charge your phone, all while playing your favorite tunes on the course. This is a gift that will set any golfer apart from the rest!

Getting Organized In Style

Golf Organizer Gift

The age old question “Who is more frustrated with golf, the golfer or their spouse?” comes to mind when I see this lovely organizer. No longer will the golfer in your family come home and toss their clubs and shoes in the garage or closet, only to be the bain of someone’s existence. This organizer is not only good to look at, but provides the functionality a golfer needs to keep everything in place for the next tee time!

Get Your Groove One

Groove Sharpener for Golf Clubs

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages, and this is one that fits that persona. This groove sharpener is something that most golfers will never buy for themselves but can make a world of difference on the fairway. By quickly cleaning and sharpening the grooves of your favorite golfer’s irons, this tool will provide a long-lasting solution to perfect shots, even with old clubs. 

For Those "Over-The-Hill" Hackers

Christmas Gifts for Golfer that are aging

We all know a golfer or two that are a bit, how do you say, out of their prime. These golfers still get around the course fine, but may need some assistance when bending to grab a ball. This is where this handy little attachment comes into play. Simply screw this into the end of your putter’s handle and you have a helpful hand to pick up any ball that is just out of reach. Help them save their back while saving their game!

The Affordable Golf Simulator

The Best Simulator Christmas Gifts for Golfers

In-home golf simulators are on the wish list of pretty much every golfer around the world. The problem? Most cost thousands of dollars and require a separate room in the house built specifically for the system. 

This isn’t the case with the PHIGOLF Home Golf Simulator. This simulator is under $300, hooks seamlessly to many Smart TVs via the PHIGOLF app (check compatibility for this) or casting to a Smart TV from a phone or iPad. This is one of our favorite Christmas gifts for golfers!

A Unique Gift for The Avid Player

Golf Car Organizer

For those that play golf consistently, it may be hard to find a gift that they haven’t already went out and purchased themselves. For these golfers we recommend this two layer trunk organizer. This organizer has room for two pairs of shoes, two shirts, two hats, three pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, and a ton of other accessories! It has everything a golfer needs to play another round if the first one doesn’t go as planned!

Get Sorted On The Course

Organizing Christmas Gifts for Golfers

While carts allow for golf to become a more leisurely activity, the storage for items like car keys, watches, headphones, and more is less than ideal. Instead of chucking them into the hard plastic abyss of the cart’s storage, buy your golfer this sleek organizer to keep everything secure in on place. This won’t win most innovative of the Christmas gifts for golfers, but it is sure to be one of the most used.

The Golfer's Top Phone Accessory

Golf Cart Phone Attachment

With the development of phone apps that allow golfers to track their score, distance to the pin, and general course layout, there becomes a problem. Constantly getting the phone in and out of the cart’s storage to take a look at the information. Well Desert Fox Golf has solved this issue with what has been rated as one of the best phone accessories golfer’s can buy.  The attachment simply slips onto the cart and positions the phone right where a golfer needs it at all times. 

Personalize Your Gift Efforts

Custom Golf Ball Stamp Gift

Let’s face it, all golf balls look the same. Sure there are different brands and numbers, but what if you could buy a gift that will not only let your favorite golfer set themselves apart but also allow them to do the same with their balls?

Look no further because this personalized ball stamp will give them everything they need to make sure their gear is recognizable from a mile (actually feet) away! With a slew of different options to choose from, this stamp will leave your recipient feeling loved!

Fun That Floats

Floating Golf Chipping Green

We’ll admit that this one is a little bit out there, but hear us out for a second. There aren’t too many golfers we know that would trade a pool day for a day on the links, but what if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? That’s where this little gadget comes into play. Featuring not only a quality chipping mat and floating green, but also foam balls and even a net to get out the misses! This may not be the most practical gift of all time, but it is sure to be a conversation starter at your next pool party or even just a reason to use the pool more often!

An In-Your-Pocket Cheat Sheet

Golf Green Reader

Putting is hard, so why not help your favorite golfer make it a little bit easier? This green reader from SlopeMaster is basically just a handy little pocket level that helps decipher exactly what is going on with the shot. You may not be able to use it in the PGA but we don’t think the local course is asking any questions.

So Picture This...

Custom Picture Golf Balls

Personalizing a golf ball with a stamp is a great gift. One that most will enjoy. But if you want to step it up a notch, these custom photo balls ar the ticket. Just upload your photo of choice, adjust it as needed, then wait for them to ship!

The Last Ditch Effort

Premium Callaway Golf Tees

Maybe you have gotten all the way to our 18th and last gift of the guide without finding what you were looking for. Guess what? Everyone can use tees and why not buy these premium ones made by Callaway? Featuring a rubberized cupped top that promotes longer distances due to lower spin launches, these are the perfect gift that no golfer is going to buy themselves.

That's Our Christmas Gifts for Golfers Guide!

We appreciate you diving into all 18 of our favorite Christmas gifts for golfers and hope that you found something that your favorite hacker will enjoy. If you end up purchasing something, let us know in the comments or even tag us on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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