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Top 5 Best Christmas Lights Projector Reviews

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Our Projector Reviews of the Top Christmas Lights

Christmas: another year has gone and another festive season is on the horizon. 

But with many of us still self-isolating, our families dispersed across the nation, and another lockdown threatening to take hold, there are concerns that Christmas might not even happen this year.

*Insert brazen scoff*

Not likely!

No matter how bad things get, there will always be time and room for the joys of Christmas…

…and what better way to revitalize your Christmas spirit, than to decorate your home in seasonal style with a world-class lighting system, complete with string Christmas lights and a stunning light projector?

Simple, easy to set up, and surprisingly cost-effective: your Christmas light projector will enliven your home, transporting you into your very own private Winter Wonderland. 

In this article, have a read of our top 5 Christmas lights projector reviews.

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Reviews of the Best 5 Christmas Lights Projector

Here at OpenforChristmas, our savvy Christmas experts here have shopped around for the best of the best in Christmas light projectors, to give you an idea of the kind of bang you can get for your buck.

Read on to find the best Christmas lights projector on Amazon today and our reviews…

1. Waterproof Christmas Laser Light Projector

Whether you’re hosting a chilled pre-Christmas dinner or a raving party set to send you into the new year with a bang, the Waterproof Christmas Laser Light Projector from Yinuo Mirror laser light projector comes with 5 different patterns. This includes Snowflake, Jingling Bell, Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and, last but not least, Starry, all to give you ample choice fit for every season, mood, or event.

As with most projectors, the laser light projector comes with a wireless remote control that makes it super easy to switch between, schedule, and alter the color of your lighting patterns from as much as 65ft away.

This Christmas light projector has 8 light functions, allowing you to set the timer to turn the lights on for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours,  and then later, turn the lights off for 16, 18, 20, or 22 hours, saving you over 80% of the energy wasted on string lights.

But how can I aim it at any surface without having to move the whole thing?

Worry not, Christmas light lover! The Yinuo Mirror Christmas light projector is fitted with a 300-degree adjustable projector head, giving you blissful convenience to aim your lights at any surface you desire…you could even beam them right into space if you wanted to…

Despite its lightweight, portable frame, the Laser Light Projector is made to last, with aluminum alloy coating and a sturdy plastic base. Now you can keep your home lit to the stars, for many-a-Christmas to come!

Give our Martian friends some Christmas cheer this year, with one of the Waterproof Christmas Laser Light Projectors from Yinuo Mirror on Amazon!


The variety in patterns available means that your projector isn’t strictly limited to use at Christmas – with the snowflake pattern, your projector can be used throughout the winter season, to get that ‘snowed-in’ vibe!

It’s a fantastic, inexpensive alternative to traditional Christmas lights that take hours of crucial Christmas-prepping time to set up and are mind-numbingly tedious to get looking just right.

This light projector is super easy to install and move around: just plug it in, stick it in the ground if you’re using it outdoors, turn it on, and voila!

With lightweight yet sturdy materials, this projector is extremely easy to pick up and place anywhere you want. Even your cat could do it if they ever grew opposable thumbs (God forbid)! 

Furthermore, the LED lights which make up your stunning projector lights are strikingly bright, covering up to 3500 square feet from a distance of 50ft, visible from over 40ft away.


As with any projector, some consumers were left dissatisfied with their light projectors for several reasons.

Namely, some users indicated that they felt the materials of their projector were cheap and flimsy, with the ground stake feeling as if it could snap at any minute.

On the other hand, there were a few users that were disappointed with the modular power cord, writing that the wire felt far too thin and easily breakable.

Lastly, other users indicated that the red LED light color faded within just a couple of weeks, leaving just the green LED lights which they felt weren’t varied enough.

2. Outdoor LED Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights – Ideal for Snowflake Lovers & Amazon’s Choice!

You’ve got all of your internal lights set up, and your traditional string lights are sparkling away like stars in the winter night sky, but every time you step into your living room, you just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right; something is missing.

…and then: eureka – you realize it just doesn’t feel like winter.

Well, worry not, festive friends:

.With the Outdoor LED Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights from UPODA,  you get stunning, hassle-free lights to give your home that sumptuous cozy winter glow, allowing you to bring the snow right to your feet!

This particular projector features 4 snowfall settings including Slow, Medium, and High rotation, thus allowing you to adjust the speed of your snowfall to match your surroundings. All-in-all, this will enable you to create the illusion of authentic seasonal snowfall, right within your own home.

The fourth and final setting is the ‘Gradually Changing’ setting which, if you live in a snowy climate and time it correctly, can change the speed in real-time to match the snowfall around you.


The Outdoor LED Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights are ideal for snowflake lovers, with a realistic snowfall pattern and speeds to match it.

Furthermore, these Christmas lights are extremely lightweight and easy to pick up and move around, made out of a sturdy yet light ABS plastic which is scratch-, rust-, and water-proof, with added resistance against all climate types, giving you the assurance to use it all year long, come rain or shine!

Concerned about the coverage? No need – this light projector can cover a range of over 60 yards2 when placed at a distance of just 20ft away! So, if you’re looking to create a winter snowfall effect in your backyard, now you can, no matter how big your garden is!


Some users indicated that they had issues with the remote control, commenting that it took a while to get it to connect with the projector and took several tries to get it to switch on.

This particular projector only has one effect, the snowfall effect, which doesn’t leave much room for creativity or variety in decor style. If you live in a climate that does not get a lot of snow and you are just looking for a way to bring the snow to you, then this will be a great purchase for you.

However, if you’re looking for a fun, customizable way to decorate your home and bring light into your life this Christmas, then we would recommend checking out another of the options within this list.

3. Christmas Projector Snowflake Lights

With the Christmas Projector Snowflake Lights from Mussozy, you get stunning snow practically falling from the very skies themselves.

With its sleek, small, and black design, you can plant your projector deep in the ground, making it virtually invisible to your loved ones, guests, and anyone not in the know. This gives you a seamless, inconspicuous way to decorate your home in style, transforming your front or backyard with realistic snowfall seemingly coming out of nowhere!

No ugly wires to keep hidden, no messy cables to cover up, and no sharp edges – this Christmas light projector is perfectly safe for you and your loved ones, and suitable for use all year round.

Furthermore, this projector comes with a unique, 300-degree adjustable head that allows you to aim your snowfall wherever you like. This is perfect if you don’t have a solid wall on which to project your lights, but are still looking to create that seasonal glow.


The Mussozy Christmas Snowflake Projector comes with a sturdy plastic base and a long ground spike that can be stuck deep within the ground to provide increased stability if you are using it outdoors.

However, this projector can also be mounted on your living room wall, allowing you to bring the snow into you! Alternatively, it can also be placed on any flat surface, giving you the flexibility and the freedom to decorate your entire home, no matter where you put the lights!

Furthermore, this Christmas light projector comes with a built-in timer designed to keep the projector running, working continuously for up to 6 straight hours. After this time, it will automatically shut down and remain off for up to 18 hours to preserve its battery life and light quality. This will save you heaps of energy costs in the long run and allows you to use your projector to spread Christmas cheer throughout every Christmas yet to come!

Finally, this Christmas light projector is certified 1P65 waterproof and weatherproof, so you can light up your home and fill your front or backyard with that crisp, authentic winter snowfall feel, no matter the climate. Come rain, shine, or heavy ice, you can rest easy knowing that your projector will always be protected.


Some users have indicated that their projector lights weren’t bright enough and seemed to fade over time, which can be frustrating.

4. Christmas Laser Projector Light

If you’re looking for a Christmas projector light that will turn your indoor and outdoor spaces into a stunning winter wonderland, then look no further than the Christmas Laser Projector Light from Tofu, available on Amazon.

This incredible light projector comes with a wireless infrared remote control, with 8 gorgeous light patterns including Snowflake, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Star, and much much more; giving you the variety and ease to change the festive mood at the click of a button, from up to 50ft away.

Furthermore, these patterns come in three bright and sparkling colors including red, green and blue, so you can switch the color to fit every seasonal mood!


The Christmas Laser Projector Light is highly durable and extremely weatherproof. Made out of professional-grade aluminum with a plastic housing rated IP65 waterproof, this projector is weather-resistant and built to last, making it ideal for year-round indoor and outdoor use.

You will never have to worry about your projector overheating because it is built with a high-temperature sensing system that will automatically switch the projector off if the temperature starts to climb too high or too low. This makes it ideal for use throughout the year, whether you live in the scorching Nevada desert or the icy Montauk suburbs.

Furthermore, this projector offers three varied installation methods to suit every decor style. This includes: sticking it in the ground with a ground stake for easy, seamless projecting; mounting it on your wall with the included mounting plate; and finally, simply laying it on the ground or flat surface. Either way that you decide to install your projector, this is one of the fastest and the most simple to set up.


Some users have reported that the laser lights were not actually all that bright, forcing them to install the projector closer to their desired surface than they would have wanted.

Other users indicated that there isn’t enough variety in color, and with only red, green and blue, they felt as though there weren’t enough options for Christmas colors.

5. Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector

If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood this Christmas, then we recommend lighting up your front lawn with a sparkling LED Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector from 1byone.

This Christmas projector comes with high-quality red and green infrared laser lights shaped like stars, to transport you, your loved ones, and your guests right to Bethlehem this Christmas season.

Give your front lawn a starry makeover, cover your living room in glittering stars, or transform your garage into a winter party hub – whatever your desire, make it happen today, with this stunning star projector!


What better way is there to create seasonal cheer and spread festive joy, than covering your front lawn with shining, twinkling stars?

With the Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector, you can cover any space up to 2100 square feet from a distance of just 25 feet away.

Looking to turn your front lawn into party central? Amazing! This projector has two light settings, so you can transform your outside or inside space into a flashing fiesta, or a stationary samba.

With a projector from 1byone, you get ease, safety and a cost-effective way of decorating your home to the stars! Never again do you have to go through the trouble of unwrapping and hanging messy Christmas lights that take forever to untangle.

Simply plug your projector into a power outlet, place your projector wherever you intend to display it and enjoy festive year-round energy-efficient lights that will never need replacing.


Some users have indicated that when the temperature drops to below freezing, the brightness of the green laser light can be affected. However, others have indicated that this was only true for the first few times of using the projector.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Christmas Light Projectors

Indoor or Outdoor Projector Lights?

Whether you’re looking to replace your traditional Christmas lights with an all-in-one Christmas light projector, or if you’re simply wishing to add a touch of wonder to your already stunning lighting system, it’s important to decide whether you’re wanting to display your projector indoors or outdoors.

Christmas lights projector reviews - Open for Christmas

Outdoor Projector Lights

Most Christmas light projectors are designed and built to be used outdoors.

However, it’s important to look for a light projector that has a high IP rating that will keep your light projector protected against any and all weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice, high winds, and frost.

The best Christmas light projectors are those which can be installed anywhere, undamaged by the unpredictable winter climate, leaving you with years of stunning lighting.

Indoor Projector Lights

Looking to add some wonder to your indoor space this festive season?

If so, then you don’t need to worry about having a high IP rating for protection against the icy climate.

However, it’s important to make sure that your light projector has enough of an IP rating to keep you protected from overheating and aesthetic damage.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Lights Projector Reviews

It’s safe to say that no Christmas decor is complete until the decorations are up and the stunning, bright Christmas lights are twinkling away.

Here at Open for Christmas, we believe that your LED Christmas laser light projector, whichever you choose to purchase, will add the perfect warm, magical touch to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

With so many options, features and styles out there, it can be a little overwhelming when you’re searching for the perfect LED light projector.

We hope this guide has helped you to find the best LED Christmas light projector inside or outside your home.

Our top tip: always read the pros and cons and compare the reviews of different Christmas lights projector before you buy to ensure you get the best for you and your home.

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Top 5 Best Christmas Lights Projector Reviews

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