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5 Best Gift Ideas for Families Who Have Everything

Giving a Gift to a Family Who Has Everything - Open for Christmas

Amazing Presents for a Family Who is Impossible to Buy For

Christmas shopping for an entire family can be a challenge, especially when each family member has different ideas for what constitutes the ‘best’ gifts for their individual personalities.

Unique and considerate gifts to suit the whole family are out there: it’s just a case of looking in the right places.

To lend a helping hand, our Christmas experts and savvy marketers here at Open for Christmas have rounded up the 5 best ideas for family gifts – whether you want to go with a physical, personalised gift, or an experience for your chosen family to do together.

For a thorough guide to choosing the best gifts and ideas for families who have everything, read on…

5 Best Gift Ideas for Families Who Have Everything: Review

1. Mr & Mrs Family Edition Game – Amazon

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How well do you think you know your partner, your family, and your friends?

The truth is, nobody can ever fully know someone else, and surprisingly, that includes our family members too! See how well you know your nearest and dearest with this crazy fun game from leading board game manufacturers, Rascals.

Based on the hit TV show ‘All Star Mr & Mrs’ hosted by Phillip Schofield, Mr & Mrs Family Edition Game tests your wits, challenges your long and short-term memory,  and gives you hours of fun bonding time to enjoy with your partner and little ones. 

With over 1000 questions all designed to uncover truths about each other you may not have known, Mr and Mrs Family Edition will keep the whole family entertained for hours, pushing each other to limit exploring their deepest and most inner selves!

Or, if you know a family that can’t go two minutes without tearing each other apart, or are buried in their phones even when they’re in the same room together, then why not give the gift of fun trivia this year? Bring the whole family together, by inspiring curiosity through the art of a quiz board game, fun for all ages to enjoy!

This new Family Edition also features an improved paddle round, in which family members sit back-to-back and answer probing questions about one another, alongside the ‘It’s a Match’ true or false bonus game which allows you to score points if you’re on the same wavelength as your loved ones, even if you both get things wrong!

It’s not about what you remember – it is how well you understand each other that’s the key!

2. Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip Kit for Families – Etsy

Marshmallow Toast 'N' Dip Kit for Families - Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Do you fancy a tasty, festive fireside treat to indulge in with the whole family? Then why not try the Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip kit from Toastdkits?

Created with families in mind, your marshmallow toasting kit boasts a plethora of marshmallows to roast to almost-melting perfection, authentic Belgian chocolate drops to melt and drizzle all over your marshmallows, and a host of edible decorations to jazz up your gooey, marshmallow treats.

Incentivise and revolutionise your little ones to wolf down that delicious Christmas dinner and get ready for a seasonal, post-dinner snack that will give them a full belly and a wonderful memory to take with them as they grow up.

These kits are designed to provide your family with everything that you need to enjoy your fireside toasting experience together, fostering a joyful environment in which to share lovely memories, regale each other with interesting stories, and share some quality time.

Bring the excitement of the outdoor camping experience indoors this Christmas, with a Marshmallow Toast ‘N’ Dip kit, complete with a marshmallow toaster made from a natural sugar beet derivative that acts as a slow, non-toxic gel burner that burns continuously for up to 2 hours!

So, you get hours of fun roasting time with your family, sitting watching jazzy marshmallows turn to goo in the fire, laughing, joking, and storytelling as you craft your own unique marshmallows to savour throughout Christmas Day.

Give your family the gift that keeps on giving, year upon year, Christmas upon glorious Christmas!

3. Family Days Out Experience Gift Box – Red Letter Days

Family Days Out Christmas Gift Idea - Open for Christmas

Have you ever gone out on Black Friday and spent time in the hustle and bustle, rushing to grab that perfect present for your rambunctious rascal of a kid?

If so, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to finally get your hands on that latest Bratz doll or train set, only to find some other parent’s sweating hand grasping at the other end of it, pulling so tight you begin to think your own hand will come off too!

Well, instead of fumbling for the last physical present in the toy shop, or the last candle in the candle store, why not buy an experience gift box instead?

With an experience gift box such as the Family Days Out Gift Box from RedlLetterDays, you can offer an unforgettable family adventure that will give you and your loved ones some irreplaceable memories to last a lifetime!

Tour a famous stadium, go on a seasonal scavenger hunt, take an open-top bus tour through the nation’s vibrant and bustling capital, or battle your way out of conundrum after conundrum in one of the many escape rooms across the country!

Better yet – why not treat the family to a three-course meal at one of London’s countless exclusive five-star fine dining establishments?

However you wish to spoil your family this Christmas, do it in streamlined style no matter the weather, with an all-inclusive Family Gift Box from RedLetterDays, guaranteed to offer you a host of fun activities perfect for adults and children alike!

4. Family Matching Pyjamas – NotOntheHighStreet

Family Matching Pyjamas - Open for Christmas - Gifts for Family

Are you stuck on finding timeless gift ideas for your favourite family, or can’t find the ideal gift for each of your own family members that won’t leave someone unsatisfied or feeling left out?

Honestly, we understand. It can be so tough to find presents that will suit everyone and won’t leave anyone green with envy.

That’s why we recommend opting for a please-all gift like the Family Matching Pyjamas set from PJ MAMMA on NotOntheHighStreet.

This matching pyjama set is one of the best gifts for families because it features matching pyjamas for the whole family: a Mama Bear set, a Daddy Bear set, and a Baby Bear set, alongside optional additional sets for extra family members, to keep each and every family member warm and stylish throughout the chilly Christmas season.

Treat the whole family with these chic, winter pyjamas made from 100% organic cotton, and match in seasonal style!

Snuggle up on the sofa, warm yourselves by the fireplace, or cuddle up in bed in these soft and cosy polar bear family pyjamas, available in all sizes to suit every family member.

Concerned about the environment too? Don’t worry! These pyjama sets are all eco-friendly and made to suit your dedication to the planet’s sustenance. Printed with organic dyes on 100% cotton, and machine-washable at 40 degrees, these pyjamas are made to last.

Give your loved ones the freedom to dance, play and thrive this Christmas, with these all-natural matching polar bear pyjamas to suit the whole family.

5. Alcohol-Free Chocolate Small Gift Hamper – Chocolate Trading Company


Does your infamous insatiable sweet tooth run in the family?

Is your shopping list typically stocked with sugary treats and chocolatey sweets?

Do your youngsters whine and wail, craving that milk chocolate hit all throughout the Christmas countdown?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then the Alcohol-Free Chocolate Small Gift Hamper from ChocolateTradingCompany is one of the best gifts for you!

Your adult family members shouldn’t get to be the only ones with a chance at tasting luxury, and now they don’t have to be!

This luxury chocolate selection gift hamper is enough to make anyone tea-total, not just the kiddos!

Filled to the brim with over 20 different types of alcohol-free chocolate, this gift hamper features an 18-chocolate gift box, an Orangettes dark chocolate gift cube, and a nibble pack of salted caramel chocolate drops to dip into throughout the jolly day.

Each of these chocolates is hand-finished in Chocolate Trading Co’s Superior Selection design and presented in their stylish, sleek and sophisticated gift hamper, ready for effortless gift-giving.

In this sense, Chocolate Trading Co does all the work for you: putting together a selection of chocolates that are simply to die for, wrapping them in high-quality chic packaging, and displaying them in a stunning hamper that is fit for reusing, Christmas upon Christmas!

Not personal enough for you, yet? Don’t worry! With every hamper, you get the opportunity to include a free gift message or Christmas card, available at CTC’s own checkout.

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The Buyer’s Guide to the 5 Best Gift Ideas for Families Who Have Everything

Gift Experiences for Families

One thing that we have found when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your family (or a family you know and love) is that experience gifts go down a lot better with all recipients involved, rather than a physical gift which only one might be able to enjoy.

For example, a common family gift includes gift hampers, which often come with alcohol included, something that the children cannot enjoy.

On the other hand, another option is to buy individual presents for each family member so that everybody is included and satisfied. However, this method is extremely time-consuming and the costs could end up piling up dramatically.

Alternatively, to circumvent high costs and a long trek around the shops, we recommend gifting your favourite family with a fun, festive, all-expenses-paid trip to any one of the thousands of experiences hosted by

RedLetterDays has pioneered the experience-gift-giving concept since 1989, with a dynamic range of gift cards and gift boxes available across their site, tailored to individuals, couples and, yes, even entire families!

They’re all about making memories and providing their customers with incredible experiences for every festive mood and budget, even during the purse-tightening Christmas period! 

Hot Air Balloons in the Sky - Gift Ideas for Families Who Has Everything - Open for Christmas

From hot air ballooning and supercar racing to relaxing spa treatments and luxurious afternoon tea trips, they have thousands of ideas to choose from, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in the right place for gift giving.

So, head over to today, to find the perfect gift for your favourite fun-loving family this festive season!

Physical Gifts for Families

However, if you do decide to opt for a physical gift, then there are some important things to note:

Firstly, when it comes to buying physical gifts at Christmas, our audience-savvy marketers here at OpenforChristmas have found that most recipients tend to prefer gifts that they can put out on display.

This is because they serve as wonderful conversation starters, and add a touch of personality to any home.

Gifts that have a personal meaning or a sentimental touch are also put on display as a personal reminder for the recipient, and therefore have a lot more emphasis and weight than experiential gifts.

Gift Ideas for Families Who Has Everything - Open for Christmas

Gifts that get forgotten about or tossed into charity bags post-New-Year tend to be those that don’t have a place to display them or simply don’t blend well with their other decorations, and thus get thrown into the back of a drawer somewhere to collect dust.

Therefore, if you do opt for a physical gift instead of an experience, then we recommend combining the two and choosing a physical gift that reminds them of a fond memory of something they did together as a family.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Families Who Have Everything

For example, you could send a picture of their latest family holiday, ensconced in a personalised picture frame. On the other hand, you could opt for a souvenir from their latest trip to the beach, with a personalised, heartfelt message from you written on a tiny scrap of paper and stuffed into a miniaturised glass bottle for that authentic ‘message in a bottle vibe’ that sends them hurtling back there, in spirit!

For more handmade DIY gift ideas, take a look at our article on 15 Easy & Unique Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas.

No matter what you decide to spoil your family with, make sure it’s authentic, personal and heartfelt, and nice enough to be displayed alongside their other gorgeous furnishings and decorations.

We hope this list has lent you a hand and given you some gift ideas for the families who have everything this year.

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5 Best Gift Ideas for Families Who Have Everything

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