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The Best LED Christmas Lights in the US

LED multicoloured Christmas lights - Open for Christmas

What are the Best Christmas Tree LED Lights?

Christmas lights offer a unique, festive sparkle to any space, whether you’re decorating your lounge, your garden, your lawn, or anywhere else you can think of.

After hours of traversing the internet, using and reviewing the products, and collecting product data from over twenty different light sets, we have come to the conclusion that LED lights are the best lights to use during the holidays. 

Moreover, the following five sets of LED Christmas lights are the best on offer, based on color variety, length, number of LEDs, and ease of use, both indoor and outdoor.

Read on to find the best LED Christmas lights that will fill up your home with festive fun!

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LED warm Christmas lights - Open for Christmas

The Best LED Christmas Lights

1. MYGOTO LED String Lights

MYGOTO LED String Lights, 165FT 500LED 30V Plug in Waterproof String Lights with 8 Modes for Indoor and Outdoor Party Wedding Home Patio Lawn Garden Supplies (Cool White)

If you’re looking for a set of lights that will turn your indoor and outdoor spaces into a glittering winter wonderland, then look no further than the LED String Lights from Mygoto, available on Amazon.

These 165ft string of LED lights come on a storage wheel, best for convenient and easy storage, and can have between 100 and 500 LEDs, depending on the color or style you choose. This means that will be plenty of sparkling lights to transform your tree, hedges, lawn, or windows into a magical, seasonal haven. 

This option to choose how many lights you want also allows you to create a semi-natural, subtle look with 100 lights, or a bright, striking, albeit unnatural look with over 300 lights. Whichever style you’re into, you’ll be able to create the best display with these LED Christmas tree lights.

Another important thing to note about these string lights is that they feature eight different light modes, which provide a wide variety of settings to suit every Christmas mood. The modes of these LED bulbs include Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slogs, Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle, and Steady-On. If you feel like having a boogie, you can throw on the Flash mode. Alternatively, during the sluggish, post-Christmas-dinner slump, you can switch to Slow Fade, for a beautiful but gentle wind down.

More Features

Mygoto’s LED String Lights come in seven colors: Blue, Green, Red, Warm White, Cool White, Cool White and Blue, and Multicolor. Multicolor LED Christmas lights are great for giving the impression of a grotto and add a wonderful pop of bright color to any space. Meanwhile, the Cool White, Warm White, and Cool White and Blue styles provide an authentic, wintery atmosphere. 

In particular, the Warm White lights mimic the appearance of candlelights, so that you can give your desired space a sense of warm, festive joy. Either way, you have seven colors to choose from to find the best LED lights for your home.

Most importantly, these lights string lights are 100% waterproof, due to high quality, heavy-duty wire casing which keeps the wires dry and the LED bulbs cool to the touch. This means that these LED Christmas lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, to be used as Christmas tree lights. Or to decorate your front lawn, exterior trees and hedges, and your trellises to your heart’s content.

Clearly Mygoto’s LED String Lights are the perfect lights for multifunctional use. They can be used in any climate, wet or dry, and they have ample length in order to decorate as many aspects of your home as you so please. Why not check them out here? We can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Twinkle Star LED Icicle Outdoor Christmas Lights

Twinkle Star Meteor Shower Rain Lights, Valentine Lights 30cm 8 Tubes 288 LED Iciclelight Snow Falling Christmas Lights Outdoor Raindrop Lights, Xmas Wedding Party Tree Holiday Decoration, White

So, you’ve got your internal Christmas lights hung, and your Christmas tree adorned with baubles, tinsel, and the whole shebang, but you just can’t shake the feeling that you’re missing something. The front lawn! 

If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood this Christmas, then we recommend lighting up your front lawn with a glittering, LED Christmas light display. You could drape LED string lights along your hedges, set up Christmas ornaments across the grass, and attach festive figurines to your shingles.

However, what better way is there to create seasonal cheer and spread festive joy, than dangling icicles from your garden tree(s) and transforming your front lawn into a winter oasis? For this, we recommend the LED Icicle Outdoor Christmas Lights from the leading Christmas light brand, TwinkleStar.

The LED Icicle Christmas Lights feature a set of eight tubes that each have 36 LEDs, and have the appearance of individual icicles. They come in four diverse colors: Blue, Purple, White, and Warm White, to suit your every Christmas mood. Blue lights are perfect for creating an authentic, icy glow, while the purple lights will add a touch of magic.

More Features

All of the lights have a glittering function, whereby the lights of each bulb flicker on and off, one by one, to give the impression of either a meteor shower or icicles falling in the night sky. This is ideal if you want to make your neighbors and onlookers feel as if they’ve been transported right to the North Pole itself!

You don’t have to worry about damaging the lights either, because the individual LED bulbs and tubes are protected by a high-quality, durable PVC casing. This casing is what makes these lights waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant. This means that they’re ideal for using both indoor and outdoor because they won’t get wet and they won’t be affected by the snow.

On the other hand, these icicle lights also feature a strong level of heat dissipation, which prevents the individual LED bulbs from overheating, and renders them 100% safe for you and your whole family.

However, it’s important to note that the total length of these lights is only 26ft, and you only get one set of 8 LED tube lights per purchase. Therefore, if you’re looking to create some real Christmas sparkle, we recommend purchasing at least four to five sets. This will allow you to envelope your lawn or tree(s) in twinkling icicles and transform your street into a beacon of festive spirit.

Nonetheless, these LED lights have very low light decay and, therefore, they’re particularly long-lasting and highly durable, so you can keep your front lawn lit for the whole of Christmas!

3. Decute 800 LED Christmas Lights

Decute 800 LED 272FT Christmas String Lights 8 Modes with Timer Function, Waterproof Twinkle Lights Fairy Lights for Christmas Tree Party Wedding Yard Garden Outdoor Indoor Decorations, Cool White

The Decute 800 LED Christmas Lights are a set of string Christmas tree lights and offer, by far, the best bang for your buck. Featuring 800 individual LED mini lights with a dazzling brightness strength stretched over 260ft, these lights are the best, most ideal Christmas lights for hanging outdoor.

You can cover the entire expanse of your roof, the front of your house, any trees on your front lawn, and then some! These lights will give you the freedom to decorate as much as you want, without the frustration of being restricted by cord length.

More Features

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these particular lights only come in two colors: White, and Warm White. This could be ideal, if you’re looking to adorn your front lawn with authentic, white, star-like lights, because they give off a bright white light which makes them look like stars at night.

If you want to add a pop of color to your garden lights, then you might want to consider one of the multicolor light options in this review.

Nonetheless, users of these lights have indicated that they were pleased with the sturdy, IP55 waterproof construction, which protects the LED lights from dust, water jets, rain, and damage from other solid objects. This solid design and heavy-duty protection allows you to keep your lights in the best condition for years, which will save you a tonne of money in the long run.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of Decute’s LED Christmas Lights is that they’re not remote controlled. Instead, they’re controlled by a button that is on the cord itself. What this means is that you will have to go back to the cord whenever you want to switch up between the eight different lighting modes, which is incredibly inconvenient and rather time-consuming.

As a result of this, it’s therefore important to carefully consider where you want to place your lights and where you can plug them in.

4. Twinkle Star 100 LED Star String Lights

Twinkle Star 100 LED Star String Lights, Plug in Fairy String Lights Waterproof, Extendable for Indoor, Outdoor, Wedding Party, Christmas Tree, New Year, Ramadan, Garden Decoration, Warm White

We just had to include these 100 LED Star String Lights as a second offering from the leading brand for Christmas tree lights, TwinkleStar, because they’re just that good!

These string lights come with a star-shaped casing for each LED bulb and – you’ve guessed it – 100 LEDs to light up the whole room. Star-shaped lights add a touch of wonder and magic to any tree, and help to remind all of us of what Christmas is really about: Joseph and Mary’s journey following the Star of Bethlehem, and the subsequent birth of Christ.

More Features

Furthermore, the star lights come in three colors: White, Warm White, and Multicolor, which means that you can sacrifice the realism to add a pop of color to your space for an uplifting, vibrant Christmas party atmosphere or, alternatively, you could opt for the White or Warm White colors to add an authentic, fireplace glow or icy tinge. Either way, you’re bound to find the perfect glow for your home.

However, some users have indicated strong dissatisfaction with the lack of color variety on offer, claiming that there isn’t enough variety. Nonetheless, there are nine lighting modes to switch between, and this offers plenty of variety for lighting modes to suit every Christmas mood.

With a total length of just 49ft, these star lights are best for decorating smaller spaces, typically covering average-sized Christmas trees, mantlepieces, windowsills, and awnings.

However, this length wouldn’t be enough to cover anything larger, especially when you take into account that a lot of users have indicated that the length shown is misleading: one third (16ft) of the 49ft is made up of plain wire/cord. Therefore, you really only get 33ft of lights, so it’s best to order at least a few to ensure you can cover everything you need to.

Furthermore, it’s best to avoid using these lights outdoor, because while the string and lights themselves are IP44 waterproof, the transformer isn’t waterproof and, therefore, has to be kept inside at all times.

5. Minetom Christmas Snowflake String Lights 

Christmas Snowflake String Lights, 13.8 Feet 40 Led Fairy Lights, Battery Operated Waterproof with 8 Lighting Modes for Xmas Home Garden Bedroom and Indoor&Outdoor Decoration, Warm White (Large Size)

As the only battery-operated and remote-controlled Christmas lights in this review, the Christmas Snowflake String Lights from Minetom are the best Christmas lights around for decorating smaller spaces and features both indoor and outdoor.

The Christmas Snowflake String Lights measure just 13.8ft and have only 49 LEDs. This means that they can really only cover table-top Christmas trees, mantlepieces, or short windowsills and hedges. Nonetheless, they’re surprisingly bright despite this, and if you stock up on several you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

However, it’s important to remember that these lights are battery-operated, and the batteries don’t come included in the purchase. Therefore, you will have to fork out more for batteries, and again when you need to replace them. This is the complete opposite of cost-effective, and will definitely add up over time. You can easily circumvent this by investing in rechargeable batteries and a charger, and save heaps of energy and money in the process.

More Features

On the other hand, some users indicated that they liked the battery-operated feature, as this allowed them to put the lights anywhere they wanted, without having to keep them plugged into one socket all day and all night.

Another sticking point for many users was the lack of variety in color choice: these lights only come in Warm White and Multicolor, which is meager, to say the least. However, if all you’re looking for is a festive string of lights that adds a glow, or the color doesn’t really matter to you, then this won’t be an issue.

But if you’re looking for a set of lights that you can change the color of, set the colors to a timer, or generally add some vibrance, then these won’t be the Christmas lights for you.

Nonetheless, these lights will add plenty of brightness to your space, and offer the ability to alter the brightness via the dimmer switch. They also offer ample flexibility for maneuvering around small, tight corners and crevices. This means that you can drape them pretty much anywhere, and you won’t have any issues.

Furthermore, these lights feature a timer function that allows you to schedule the lights to turn on for up to six hours, and turn off for up to eighteen hours, depending on your preference. This gives you full control over their use and helps you to preserve energy by turning off automatically when the lights are not in use.

Buyers Guide to the Best LED Christmas Lights

The Word FAQ on a wooden background with LED Lights Around - Open for Christmas

What are LED Christmas Lights?

LEDs – also known as light-emitting diodes – are semiconductor light sources that emit light when current flows through it. The light color is determined by the energy levels required to allow electrons to cross the gap of the semiconductor.

LED lights are different from traditional filament lights because they use light-emitting diodes rather than filament to produce light. This technology is highly durable, efficient, and a lot safer than incandescent filament bulbs because they don’t get overheated and they last for years.

Where to Buy LED Christmas Lights

There are heaps of retailers offering sales on LED Christmas lights across America. You could buy them in person from stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, or Target. Or, if you prefer to do your Christmas shopping online, then we would suggest checking out such sites as Amazon or Home Depot’s online store.

Are LED Christmas Lights Safe?

LED Christmas tree lights are 100% safe: Electrical Safety First (ESF) even recommends using LEDs over traditional filament Christmas lighting because LEDs use an extra-low voltage that ‘significantly reduces the risk of electric shock’. They’re also the best for safety because they use much less power, generate ‘little heat’, and, therefore, reduce the risk of fire and thus, burns. This makes them significantly safer to use. Finally, they’re also highly durable, because they’re made of a ‘special plastic’ with no filament, and no glass to break.

What are the Best Outdoor LED Christmas Lights?

More often than not, the majority of Christmas decorations are focused inside the home, and the outside is far too often neglected. Decorating your lawn, hedges and any trees on your lawn is a fun, festive bonding activity for the whole family, and goes a heck of a long way to show your holiday spirit!

You also have more variety when it comes to outdoor lighting because you don’t have to stick to string lights or mini lights. You can hang icicle lights off of your hedges, snowflakes from your windows, or string lights from your plants and bushes.

The #1 best LED Christmas lights for use both indoors and outdoors have to be, in our expert opinion, the TaoTronics Dimmable Waterproof 100-LED Lights, for their multifunctionality and variety of lighting modes. However, read on to find out our Top 3 picks for the best outdoor Christmas lights…

Top 3 Best Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

1. TaoTronics Dimmable Waterproof 100 LED Lights – Amazon (Best LED)

LED’s are extremely durable, hard to break, use much less energy than other lights, and generate less heat, which means they’re much safer too.

There’s 33ft of bendable, sealed copper wiring to cut and choose from, in five different color styles, including warm white for that festive, candlelit glow. For variety, you have 16 diverse lighting modes from rapid flashing to a soft fade, for that customizable light.

2. Home Accents Holiday Clear 300 Incandescent Light Set – Wayfair (Best Icicle)

These are a popular choice because they’re easy to set up and add sophistication. They’re made from highly durable wire, so they’ll glow no matter the climate. The soft white color is gentle and seasonal and adds warmth to any garden. Another important thing to note is that even if one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit.

3. Home Accents Holiday 300-Light Multi-Color String Lights – Home Depot (Best Colored)

Even Scrooge would laugh and cheer at the sight of these fantastic, multi-colored incandescent Christmas tree lights from Home Depot. These outdoor Christmas lights come in blue, green, red, orange, and pink, to suit every festive mood.

They also have their patented ConstantON technology, which allows the string of Christmas lights to stay lit even if one bulb burns out, whether you’re relaxing during the post-dinner slump, or having a boogie well into the night.

Another great feature is their length: these lights come with a super long string, which makes for quick and easy installation and connection with other lights.

Outdoor LED warm Christmas lights on a house - Open for Christmas

Who Has Christmas Lights on Sale?

You might be wondering – especially with the current heatwave and Covid-19 – who would stand to gain from offering sales for Christmas items at this time of year?

Well, here’s where you’ll be pleasantly surprised: a lot of retailers love offering sales at this time of year because its heatwave season and we’re all yearning for a reminder of the cooler days. Plenty of people will be gearing up for the snowy season, just like you.

Here are some of the best sites offering sales on Christmas lights and LED Christmas lights.

Festive Lights

Leading string light brand,, is currently offering a Spring Clearance sale of up to 75% off everything on the store. Alongside this sale, they’re also running a 20% sale on all of their low-voltage, discontinued ranges, which is great for finding inexpensive, high-quality, low-voltage LED Christmas lights.

Their third sale on offer is their Christmas clearance sale, which is great for picking up exclusive items, because ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone!’. Their final sale is their Home and Garden Clearance, which is perfect for picking up items for outdoors, such as outdoor Christmas lights.

They’re also offering an extra 10% off your first order if you sign up to their mailbox, so there are heaps of savings to be made here!

Christmas Lights Etc

Leading Christmas light brand, ChristmasLightsEtc, aren’t currently running any sales, but their LED Mini Lights – perfect for indoor and outdoor Christmas lights – are heavily discounted and a certified bargain, in our opinion.

It’s also important to note that they have a wide variety of style options to choose from, too. For example, their Wide Angle 5MM LED Lights come in Warm White, Red and Green, or Red. While their Mini LED Christmas Lights come in Multicolor, Warm White, Red, and Blue.

There are over 100 styles of battery-operated or remote-control string Christmas tree lights to choose from, ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor Christmas trees or hedges.

If you have a browse through these extensive sales offers, you can be certain you’ll be able to find the perfect LED Christmas lights for your tree and home!

Close up photo of LED multicoloured Christmas lights - Open for Christmas

Our Final Thoughts on The Best LED Festive Lights

LED lights during the festive season add such a warm, magical and Christmassy touch to the holidays. It’s safe to say that Christmas decor is not complete without the bright lights twinkling away.

With so many options, features and colors out there it can be a little overwhelming when searching for the perfect LED lights.

We hope this guide has enabled you to find the best LED Christmas lights for inside or outside your home. Our top tip: Always read the list of features and compare different lights before you buy to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

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