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The Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Our Round-Up Of Under £10 Gifts for Secret Santa

After so many years of Secret Santa, the whole thing can start to lose its novelty. To keep things interesting we’ve put together a list of funny secret Santa gifts under £10! 

Most of these suggestions are office-appropriate and should be great for any environment or group. We had a lot of fun putting together this list of our favourite funny secret Santa gifts that fit your budget. 

The list has been categorised into sections so take a look and find your perfect present!

What is Secret Santa?

If you’ve stumbled upon this article after searching this question, you’ve probably been roped into taking part in your first secret Santa! This method of gift-giving is great for offices, family reunions and friendship groups. As well as keeping costs down, you get a fun activity out of the process.

Secret Santa is a gift exchange between a group of people where everybody gives one gift and receives one gift. Names are drawn at random so there’s no favouritism involved. It’s a fantastic way to keep Christmas gift-buying in budget and makes sure nobody is left out. 

How To Do a Secret Santa

For all the methods below make sure you set a budget and tell everyone involved how much they can spend. It’s also good to set a minimum spend so people are guaranteed to get something in a similar range and won’t be left disappointed. 

Before allocating who has who, set a time and date to hand out your secret Santa gifts so everyone can be there.

So, how do you actually do a Secret Santa?

Pull Names Out of a Hat 

There are a few ways of arranging who gets who in a secret Santa. The most common is probably pulling names out of a hat. This method is easy to do and works well in offices when everybody will is guaranteed to be there. 

Of course, a bag or bowl or anything that can have stuff in works just as well.

Write down the name of each person taking part on small individual pieces of paper and put them in the hat. Ask each person to pick out one piece of paper, and to choose again if they get their own name. 

Online Secret Santa Generator

Online generators work especially well if you won’t be seeing the group until the gift exchange. 

Each site works slightly different but the majority of them allow you to enter each person’s email address and set a message with the budget details of the gift exchange. The site will then send each person an email a name and the details.

We looked through the top online generators and have rounded up our favourites:

  2. – has it’s own Christmas countdown!
Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Themed Secret Santa 

To add a fun twist to your secret Santa, you could choose a theme. One option is that the gift has to start with the letter of the receivers name. So for example, Angela might get an angel, or Barry might get boxing gloves. 

Other themes might be only buying gifts from charity shops, the secret Santa gift has to be worn at the Christmas party, or a book you think they would like. 

This adds a funny and exciting element to the usual secret Santa but also makes it easier to buy a gift for somebody you don’t know very well. 

White Elephant 

This is a more competitive version of the usual secret Santa. Instead of being allocated a name, everybody buys a gift which is put in a pile. The gifts should follow a budget and or a theme.

Everybody is given a number which indicates the order of people opening presents. The person who has the number one opens first, and number two then opens their present. 

Number two can either choose to keep their present or steal number one’s present. 

The game continues with each player either choosing to steal or keep their own gift. If you’re left without a gift you can open another one on the pile. 

Fun Fact: In Brazil, secret Santa gift exchanges involve giving a clue about the recipient and everybody guesses who it’s for. So you might say “This present is for somebody who likes getting a bit too drunk at the Christmas party!” and everybody has to guess who you’ve got. 

Do You Reveal Who’s Secret Santa You Were or Not? 

This is really up to the participants. Traditionally secret Santa’s were kept, well, secret. But a lot of people do reveal who had who nowadays. There are benefits to both ways but it mostly depends on the environment of the secret Santa. 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

In some more professional or formal environments, people might want to keep the gifts secret. For close friends and family, it can be fun to try and work out who bought your present, and the guessing adds an extra element to the game. 

A good way of finding a funny secret Santa gift is using an inside joke, in which case they’ll know it was you anyway! 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa Gifts for Guys

1. Muscles or Dad-Bod Waist Bag

No products found.

2. Beer Belt

SENHAI Beer Soda Can Belt Holder, Holds 6 Beverages, Camouflage Travel Pouch with Adjustable Belt Strap for Hiking Camping Picnic Beach Barbeques, with 1pcs 750 ml Foldable Wine Bag

3. ‘Crappiest Gift I Could Find’ Toilet Paper 

Toilet Roll - Secret Santa Gift Ideas

4. ‘Baldi’ Mug

Baldi Mug - Secret Santa Ideas

Secret Santa Gifts for Girls

1. ‘Oh For 🦊 Sake’ Mug

Oh for Fox Sake Mug - Secret Santa Gift Ideas

2. Funny Tiger King Christmas Bauble

Funny Tiger King Ornament - Secret Santa Gift Ideas

3. Pet Avocado

Pet avacado - Funny Gifts for Secret Santa

4. People of Walmart Adult Colouring Book

People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity (OFFICIAL People of Walmart Books)

Funny Pet-Related Gifts 

1. Cat Bum Coasters

Cat Bum Coasters - Funny Secret Santa Gifts

2. Pet Bow-Tie

Pet Bow Tie - Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10

3. Dog Waistcoat

Dog Waistcoat - Secret Santa Gift Under £10

4. Taco Tortoise Cosy

Taco Tortoise Cozy - Secret Santa Gift Under £10

Funny Home-Made Secret Santa Gifts

Customise a pair of trainers

Buy a blank pair of pumps and decorate with funny and nice things about the person. This could be things they say a lot, flags from their hometown, lyrics from a song they like, a drawing of their pets or messages from their friends.

Coloured permanent markers work great for this so the ink won’t wash out. 

Customise a T-shirt or sweatshirt

Buy a plain T-shirt or sweatshirt and decorate with the ideas from above. Make it a collage of the things you like about them or funny things they say and do!  

Fill a stocking or Christmas gift bag 

Buy a small Christmas stocking or gift bag and fill it with smaller joke bits and some treats. You could use funny socks, retro items like whoopie cushions and other novelty gifts. Or, perhaps some coal if they’ve been naughty this year!?

This can be made as a great gift for kids to put together for friends or to receive. 

Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Photo of yourself in a nice frame 

A classic gift for someone who you know loves you sooo much! All you have to do is buy a picture frame and find a lovely (or not) photo of yourself to put inside. 

Our Final Thoughts on The Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas for buying or making the perfect funny secret Santa gifts under £10. For more inspiration, why not check out our post 15 Easy & Unique Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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The Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

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