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19 Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers UK and Unique Chocolate Gifts 2022

Best gifts for chocolate lovers - Open for Christmas

Delicious Chocolate Lover Gifts UK

Chocoholics are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for. 

As long as it’s made of the sweet stuff, they’ll love any present that comes their way. 

But if they’re a loud and proud cocoa-fanatic, they’ve probably received a lot of the same gifts over the years. 

If you’re looking for inspiration that’s slightly away from the norm, then you’re in the right place. 

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for chocolate lovers and unique chocolate gifts that are sure to knock their socks off. 

Scroll down to find our cherry-picked recommendations of chocolate lovers gifts UK

And to make things even easier, we’ve split up our suggestions into categories, so you can skim the post and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

So whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, take a look at our gift ideas below. 

But beware, writing and putting together this post has left us feeling very hungry. 

Have some snacks on stand-by, and don’t be surprised if you end up with some ‘me gifts’ in the shopping basket. 

You’ll find our presents sorted under the following headings:

  • Unique Chocolate Gifts and Funny Gifts for Chocolate Lovers 
  • Chocolate Hampers 
  • Chocolate Bouquets 
  • Classic Chocolate Gifts 
  • Chocolate Fountains and Fondue Kits

19 Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers in the UK

Unique Chocolate Gifts and Funny Gifts for Chocolate Lovers 

We’ve started with this category because we’re pretty sure you’ll love this selection of funny or unique chocolate gifts. 

Many of these we didn’t even know existed. 

Shops like Not On The High Street and Etsy are great for finding unusual gifts. 

Plus, you’re supporting a local artist or small business. 

It’s a win-win!

Here are some of our favourite presents for chocoholics that we found across the web. 

1. Chocolate Stacking Game by Choc on Choc

Chocolate Stacking Game by Choc on Choc

We’re starting this list off with one of our absolute favourites. 

This chocolate stacking game is modelled off the popular game Jenga

Except with this version, you get to eat the pieces you remove!

Each block is made of delicious solid chocolate and the gift is made and sold by a small business. 

We can’t promise you’ll get many rounds of this game, as the pieces may mysteriously disappear. 

P.S. Beware of sticky chocolate fingers on the soft furnishings if you’re playing with children! 

2. Chocolate Tools Gift Set by The Amazing Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate Tools Gift Set + Optional Personalised Box by Amazing Chocolate Workshop

A chocolate gift for the manly-man in your life. 

This is also a great gift for a colleague or somebody at work in the construction industry!

A quirky, personalisable and handmade chocolate gift set containing a solid plain chocolate small sliver spanner, pliers, drill bit and screwdriver.

‘The perfect present for any chocolate lover that has a can-do attitude and a well-stocked toolbox, any DIY enthusiast, builder, plumber or mechanic.’

3. Chocolate All Day Breakfast by Choc on Choc

Chocolate Afternoon Tea by Choc on Choc for Chocolate Lovers in the UK

The perfect present for somebody who loves full English as much as they love their chocolate. 

We love how realistic this gift looks, and it’s sure to put a smile on their face. 

This chocolate “All Day Breakfast” makes a great gift for breakfast lovers everywhere.

Handmade in Somerset from the finest Belgian chocolate is the perfect gift to be enjoyed at any time of the day (or night!)

It features a combination of white and milk chocolate. 

This company also does a great range of other fun products, like their new Chocolate Afternoon Tea

4. Belgian Milk Chocolate Smash Cup by Sweet Trees

Milk Chocolate Smash by Chocolate Trees - Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers UK

Have you ever heard of chocolate smash cups before? 

The clue is in the name, they’re a hollow chocolate shell that you smash to reveal what’s inside. 

And it’s all edible!

Plus, you can personalise the Smash Cup with a message. 

The company describes it as “An entirely edible Belgian Chocolate Smash Cup filled and decorated with all the chocolate faves – A chocoholic’s dream!”

5. Vegan Marshmallow Toasting Kit by The Naked Marshmallow Co.

Vegan Marshmallow Toasting Kit - Gifts for Chocolate Lovers UK

This vegan chocolate gift is perfect for any occasion. 

Since marshmallows are typically not vegan, it may be a food that they miss having. 

Or if you know somebody that’s trying to include more vegan options in their diet, then this would make a great gift for them too.

This vegan marshmallow toasting kit includes any two flavours of vegan marshmallow, a marshmallow toaster burner, set of eight bamboo skewers and a bespoke kraft gift box which features a printed guide on ‘how to toast the perfect marshmallow’.

6. Melt And Make Your Own Chocolate London by Choc on Choc

Make Your Own Chocolate London Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Create a grand day out in your very own kitchen with this melt-and-make chocolate London kit.

It’s the perfect gift for crafty people as well as for chocolate lovers. 

They get to have a fun activity before eating all the chocolate. 

‘Each kit contains plastic moulds for the chocolate Big Ben, taxi, and bus, milk chocolate buttons for melting, a London scene to colour in, and even a paper chef’s hat! 

A wonderful activity for a rainy day, or for children’s parties’

Chocolate Hampers 

Hampers are a great way to customise a gift on any budget. 

They often contain a selection of small treats with a running theme. 

Read more about Hampers in our article The Best Christmas Hampers On Amazon

7. Kinder Bueno Luxury Bouquet by CraftyTreatsStore

Kinder Bueno Luxury Bouquet - best gifts for chocolate lovers UK - Open for Christmas

Kinder Bueno have to be some of the best and most popular chocolate out there. 

This hamper features all of the best ones, and some they might not have tried. 

8. Candy Striped Hamper Chocolate Gift Box

Gift box hamper for chocolate lovers

Gift them an ode to vintage cinema with this cute candy-striped gift box, filled with all their favourites.

9. Staunton’s Chocolate Hamper with Prosecco and Biscuits

Chocolate hamper gift with prosecco and biscuits - Open for Christmas

A luxury gift hamper for chocolate lovers who are also a fan of the bubbly stuff. 

10. Reese’s Chocolate Hamper

If they’re into American candy or specifically Reese’s chocolates, they’ll love this Reese’s hamper. 

Chocolate Bouquets 

We have to admit we hadn’t heard of chocolate bouquets before, but we’re glad we now know what they are!

Is there any better combination than chocolate, flowers, candles and prosecco?! 

Whatever the occasion, we’re sure the receiver of this bouquet will absolutely love it. 

Explore The Chocolate Bouquet Company on Amazon for their full range. 

Our favourites have to be:

11. Yankee Candle Bouquet Gift Hamper

Add an extra special touch to their chocolate gift with everyone’s favourite, the Yankee Candle. 

12. The Marvellous Mixed Chocolate Bouquet

Mixed chocolate bouquet - Open for Christmas

If you’re not sure which to go for, try this variety selection. 

13. The Cadbury Chocolate Explosion Reveal Gift Hamper Box

best gifts for chocolate lovers - Hamper gift box - Open for Christmas

If they’re a carbury-or-nothing kind of person, then look no further, this is the hamper for them. 

Classic Chocolate Gifts 

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. 

And these three classic boxes are bound to put a smile on their face. 

They’re sleek, elegant, and (most importantly) packed full of gorgeous choccies. 

14. Ferrero Collection Chocolate Gift Set

Best gifts for chocolate lovers - Ferrero Collection gift set - Open for Christmas

15. Hotel Chocolat The Everything Sleekster 

best gifts for chocolate lovers - Hotel chocolat gift box - Open for Christmas

16. Baileys Giftwrapped Box of Assorted Coffee Caramel and Mint Chocolates 

best gifts for chocolate lovers - box of chocolates - Open for Christmas

Chocolate Fountains and Fondue Kits

Even those who aren’t that keen on chocolate will find it difficult to avoid a trip to the chocolate fountain at a party. 

And why reserve this gorgeous treat for parties and weddings? 

Bring the extravagance of a chocolate fountain to their home with these fondue and fountain kits! 

17. KitchenCraft 3-in-1 Fondue Set with Colour Coded Fondue Forks 

Best gifts for chocolate lovers - fondue set - Open for Christmas

Turn any occasion into a delight with a fondue set and colour coded forks. Perfect for meat or cheese! 

18. Elgento E26005R 3-Tier Mini Chocolate Fountain 

Best gifts for chocolate lovers - Open for Christmas

A smaller, more flat-friendly chocolate fountain that’s perfect for a romantic night in, dinner party, or movie night. 

19. Tealight Heart-shaped Fondue Set 

Best gifts for chocolate lovers - Open for Christmas

An ideal valentines gift that can be filled with cheese or chocolate, that’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much cupboard space. 

Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers UK and Unique Chocolate Gifts – Final Thoughts 

Wow! We definitely had a great time putting together this gift buying guide. 

And we hope you’ve had just as much fun looking through it. 

We’ve tried to invoice lots of variety in our list of the best gifts for chocolate lovers in the UK, so we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. 

And if not, then hopefully you’ve found some inspiration in our suggestions. 

We particularly loved the funny and unique chocolate gifts in our first section. 

Who knew you could buy Chocolate Jenga?! 

That’s definitely going to the centrepiece of our next party. 

Finding gifts for chocoholics isn’t difficult, because as long as it’s made of the good stuff, they’ll probably be happy with whatever you buy. 

But, sometimes it’s nice to find something new and a bit out there. 

And that’s why we put together this chocolate gift guide. 

It’s nice to treat those around us, and ourselves! 

If you’ve enjoyed this gift buying guide and would like to see some more inspiration from Open For Christmas, then take a look at our similar articles below. 

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