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22 Best Quirky Baking Gifts for the Star Baker in Your Life

Making Cupcakes with quirky Baking Gifts - Open for Christmas

Unique, Fun and Unusual Gifts for Bakers 

Baking is a best-loved hobby among many people. 

We think this is due to the phenomenal success of The Great British Bake Off, and everybody making banana bread as a coping mechanism during the pandemic (a sentence we never thought we’d say pre-2020). 

Since it’s such a popular pass time, it’s no surprise that a fond baker is never far away. 

In fact, if you aren’t a baking-lover yourself, we’ll hedge our bets that at least one person in your close circle is usually wearing an apron and holding a wooden spoon. 

Bakers love a gadget or kitchen tool. 

So when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for someone who likes to bake, it can be difficult to think outside the box and choose something they don’t already own. 

We’ve put together this list of quirky baking gifts, to make gift-buying that little bit easier. 

And to make your present-hunting even more convenient, we’ve sorted our novelty gift guide for bakers into different categories. 

Browse through all our gift recommendations, or scroll to the relevant section if you have an idea in mind already: 

  • Quirky Baking Gifts
  • The Great British Bake Off Gifts
  • Personalized Baking Gifts
  • Funny Baking Gifts  
  • Small Baking Gifts (or stocking fillers)

18+ Quirky Baking Gifts

5 Quirky Baking Gifts

Our list of novelty baking gifts is full of unique presents that’ll either make them laugh or become a staple piece of kitchen equipment they’ll wonder how they ever lived without. 

1. The ‘CupCake’ Full-Size Teapot in Red, Yellow or Blue

The 'CupCake' Full Size Teapot - Quirky Baking Gifts - Open for Christmas

Handmade gifts are always well-received, especially during hard times for small businesses. 

We absolutely adore this quirky hand-painted teapot from Etsy and are sure the baker in your life will too. 

This teapot is perfect for sitting down after a hard day in the kitchen and enjoying a slice of your newest creation. 

2. Giant Cupcake Mold in Hot Pink or Red

Is anything better than cupcakes? How about one giant cupcake bigger than your head!

This cupcake cake mould is easy to use but makes great cakes that, once decorated, will be jaw-dropping centerpieces at a party or just a Sunday treat. 

Choose from hot pink or red.

3. Funky Sardines Adult Apron 

Another handmade gift from Etsy, and another one of our favorites. 

This funky sardine design is sure to be a favorite of their many aprons, and it’ll brighten anyone’s day who’s witness to the master at work. 

If you love handmade gifts, why not have a go yourself? Take a look at these 15 Easy & Unique Homemade Gift Ideas.

4. Baking Conversion Cutting Board 

How many times have you been following a recipe on your phone, and had to open a new tab to google the conversion of measurements only to realise you’ve lost the recipe and need to go back to find it again. 

And then had to repeat this process 5 times for the other ingredients. 

We’re sure it’s not just us… right? 

This amazingly helpful chopping board provides the conversions of popular measurements, so you’ll never lose your place in a recipe again!

5. Christmas with Kim-Joy: A Festive Collection of Edible Cuteness

Most pro bakers know the staple recipes off the top of their head without even having to consult Mary Berry. 

Sometimes it’s nice to move away from the mainstream or the technical pastries and take it back to your childhood to let your imagination run wild. 

This book of adorable book of festive treats is perfect for bakers who pride themselves on the appearance of their bakes. 

And of course, as we are called Open For Christmas after all, we’re big fans of anything Christmassy. 

Kim Joy has another book we absolutely adore for year-round baking, called Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and creative bakes to make you smile.

These books are perfect for bakers of any ages and work wonderfully as activities for children. 

For more festive activity ideas, take a look at our post Exciting Christmas Activities For Kids

The Great British Bake Off Gifts

Any baker is bound to be a big fan of GBBO

They might even have plans to go on the show themselves! 

If they’re an aspiring contestant or prefer to keep their baking to the comfort of their own home, they’ll love these gifts inspired by the infamous TV show. 

1. POFULL Baking Gift On Your Mark Get Set Bake Apron

Whilst they’re waiting to get on the show and win their very own apron, why not gift them an On Your Mark apron. 

Add their name to make it extra special, so anybody who enters their kitchen knows exactly who’s boss. 

2. Keep Calm and Bake Off Mug 

A baker needs a good mug to enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of whatever goodness they’ve slaved away over in the kitchen that day. 

And what better mug than a Bake Off mug? 

They’ll love cosying up on the sofa catching GBBO with this gift.

Great British Bake Off Books

If they’re a big fan of recipe books and can’t stand looking at recipes online, take a look at some of these GBBO books to add to their collection.

Personalized Baking Gifts

When a baker is in the kitchen, nothing else matters. 

Make those treasured moments even more special with our favorite personalised kitchen baking gifts. 

1. Personalized Chef Apron 

Provide them with an official title as Queen of Cakes with a personalisable Apron from Etsy. 

You can choose from different colour fabrics and colours of writing, so it suits their personality as well as their status in the kitchen. 

We love the simplistic design of this apron that’s stylish yet subtle.

2. Personalized Cake Pan with Lid 

A baker needs somewhere special to keep their bakes. 

And where better than a personalised cup Pan? 

Add their name to the already lovely design and they’re sure to make this cake tin a staple in their kitchen. 

3. Personalized Recipe Book

Personalized Recipe Book Cookbook - Quirky Baking Gifts - Open for Christmas

Protect recipes from splashes, forgetfulness and chocolatey fingerprints with this gorgeous wooden recipe book. 

As well as personalising by adding a name or quote to the front of the book, you also get to choose the:

  • Type of wood
  • Cover design 
  • Recipe page layout 
  • Size

Get creative and tailor the gift exactly how they’d like it! 

Funny Baking Gifts  

These funny gifts for bakers are to be bought with caution. 

Make sure the baker you have in mind will find these funny and not offensive, and that they’re age-appropriate. 

If you’re certain that they’ll have a good laugh at these funny 

1. Funny Cutting Board  

Probably a better one for your friend rather than your grandma, as it involves murder.

We think that for the right person this cake board will make them smile each time it’s used. 

And the wooden board is sturdy and well-made, so it will also do a good job as a serving tray as well as a source of amusement. 

2. Mr Sneezy Egg Separator 

This egg separator is an acquired taste and won’t be to everyone’s liking. 

Watching the egg whites pour out of his nose like snot is gag-inducing for some, but for others, it’s a funny sight that never gets old. 

If you know someone who finds the gross stuff hilarious, then they’ll love this Mr. Snnezy Egg Separator as a new tool in their kitchen. 

3. Funny Mug for Bakers 

This punny mug is fun for everyone!

If the baker in your life is a friend or close relative that’ll love using this mug, then it may become a favorite of theirs. 

Small Baking Gifts

This section is dedicated to small baking gifts that are perfect as stocking fillers, Secret Santa or giving as a thoughtful gesture without breaking the bank. 

1. NINJABREAD MEN Cookie Cutters

Combining a pun with a cookie cutter? Genius! One of our favorite gifts for cookie bakers. 

2. Cute Animal Kitchen Timers 

Make sure their bakes are never under-done or over-baked with these cute digital timers. 

3. Just Desserts Card Game 

Just Desserts is a sweet card game all about serving some very picky guests! No soup, salad or entree … just desserts! Battle your opponents to be the first player to fulfill the orders! The game is fun for kids and adults of all ages

4. Wildflower Loaf Pan

This pretty mold is fun as a small gift.

The Best Quirky Baking Gifts for the Star Baker in Your Life – Final Thoughts 

Bakers are renowned for having fully stocked kitchen cupboards, featuring every gadget and gizmo under the sun. 

We hope that our list of quirky baking gifts has offered some inspiration and guidance into the world of novelty presents for bakers. 

Thinking outside the box with these slightly different gifts should ensure that they don’t already have what you’re planning on buying. 

We try and split our gift guides into smaller categories, and include presents from a range of price points so that we can meet the needs of as many people as possible. 

Whether you were after a small stocking filler or a large main present, we hope you’ve found what you were looking for.

Or if you haven’t found the perfect present, we hope you’re at least feeling more informed about the options out there. 

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for or would just like to read more, take a look at some of our similar articles and gift guides listed below. 

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22 Best Quirky Baking Gifts for the Star Baker in Your Life

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