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23 Magical Harry Potter Christmas Ideas

Harry Potter Christmas Ideas - Spells and Magic Coming Out of a Book - Open for Christmas

The Best Decorations and Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Potterheads will agree that there’s something very festive about Hogwarts and the Harry Potter books and films. 

Maybe it’s the dark and decorated buildings, the dramatic music, snowy scenes and the big feasts…

Or it could just be the warm feeling we get when diving into a potter book or watching our favourite movie.

Either way, there is definitely something about JK Rowling’s novels that give us that Christmassy feeling. 

How about some music whilst you browse our Harry Potter Christmas ideas?
A Harry Potter Christmas is the exact Spotify playlist we listened to on repeat whilst creating this post. Enjoy!

Why not take it to the next level and implement some witchy and wizardly magic into your home this Christmas! 

We’ve had a (really, really) great time scouring the internet looking for the best Harry Potter Christmas ideas.

So in this post, you will find our favourite Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas and the best Harry Potter Christmas Decorating ideas including ornaments and decorations to buy online!

We’ve also included a bonus list of Harry Potter Things to Do at Home at the bottom of the post! 

Since the fandom of the magical books and movies is so big, there are literally thousands of Harry Potter products to choose from.

To make the festive shopping a tiny bit easier, we’ve narrowed the list down into 23 Harry Potter Christmas decor and gift ideas. 

Before we begin, let’s get into the spirit of things with this festive clip from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Best enjoyed with a hot chocolate or butterbeer. 

Harry Potter Christmas Ideas for Gifts

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a working invisibility cloak on Amazon. (Sort it out, Jeff Bezos.) 

But what we have managed to find are some wonderful Harry Potter Christmas Gifts that will make the perfect presents. 

If you don’t already know the house of the Potterhead you’re buying a gift for, it’s worth finding out. 

A lot of presents are sorted into the four houses, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Each person is assigned a house by the sorting hat, and Harry Potter fans will have chosen their own house to be a part of. Or, most likely, taken a BuzzFeed quiz to find out which colour they are.  

If you can’t find out their house without looking too suspicious, then we recommend avoiding the presents tailored to the different house colour variations.

You definitely don’t want to give a Slytherin themed gift to a Hufflepuff, or vice versa!

Harry Potter Christmas Present Ideas

Hogwarts Letter Writing Set 

Paladone Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Writing Stationery Set - 10 Envelopes, 20 Sheets of Paper, and 10 Wax Seal Stickers in Kit - Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise and Desk Accessories

Any Potterhead will be delighted to receive their very own Hogwarts letter writing set. 

Just don’t be surprised if any future correspondence you receive from them is hand-written and sealed with a wax stamp.

We’ve also included this item below in our Harry Potter Christmas Decoration ideas section, as we think these look great balanced between tree branches or hung on a piece of string over the mantlepiece. 

Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage – Harry Potter 

No products found.

Add a touch of wizarding magic to any letter or postcard with this wax seal making kit. 

The perfect gift for a creative soul who loves all things Harry Potter. 

We also recommend this set to anyone looking to decorate brown wrapping paper with a bit more of a special touch! 

LEGO 75954 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Castle Toy

Lego 75954 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Toy, Wizzarding World Fan Gift, Building Sets for Kids

If you’re looking for some Harry Potter gifts for kids, you can’t go far wrong with a Lego gift set. 

They are on the pricier side, but if Harry Potter and Lego are their two favourite things then this replica of the Great Hall will definitely make it a Christmas to remember. 

LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Toy

LEGO Harry Potter 75955 Le Poudlard Express, Jouet de Train Modélisme Pour Enfants

Another winner in the Harry Potter gifts for kids category. This model Hogwarts Express train is guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face at Christmas time.

Or, if we’re being honest we wouldn’t mind one of these ourselves!

Harry Potter Bath Bombs 

Harry Potter Bath Bomb - Christmas Ideas - Open for Christmas

Harry Potter themed bath bombs. Need we say more?

Literally the perfect harry potter gifts for any HP fan. We love the bright colours of this particular set, but there are plenty more to discover on Etsy. 

Potter Cats Shirt  

Harry Potter Cats T Shirt Christmas Ideas - Open for Christmas

If your potter friend is also a cat lover, which most witches and wizards are, then this T-Shirt is the ideal gift.

We love the cute little kitties and their cat pun names. 

You could even buy some tartan or plain PJ bottoms and slippers to turn this into a cosy PJ Christmas present set. 

Personalised Harry Potter Gifts

Personalised Harry Potter Print

Personalised Harry Potter Print Christmas Ideas - Open for Christmas

The perfect potter present that’s minimalistic and stylish but still lets people know you’re a Harry Potter fan. 

Personalise with your names and choose whether you’re holding butterbeer or a wand.

Personalised Harry Potter Dream Catcher 

Harry Potter Dream Catcher - Gift Idea - Open for Christmas

A very cool customisable gift for a Potter fan. Choose your house colours or go for a neutral Gold colour for someone the sorting hat hasn’t got to yet. 

We love the feathers hanging off the bottom, and the hat, and the 9¾ and, well, all of it!

Personalised Harry Potter Gift Box Hamper 

Harry Potter Personalised Gift Box Hamper Set - Open for Christmas

Harry Potter gift sets are sure to be a winner with any wizarding world fanatic. We love this personalised box from Etsy, as there are loads of optional extras to customise the price and items in the gift set. 

Plus, all the work’s done for you! Just select the items you want, and add your personalisation and wait for it to arrive. 

If you fancy making your own DIY Harry Potter gift basket, use some of these gifts for inspiration and take a look at our Open For Christmas gift basket guide: The Best Christmas Gift Baskets This Year.

Harry Potter Stocking Fillers

Harry Potter Warner Brothers Notepad 

Harry Potter SR72083 Warner Brothers Notepad, Multi-Colour

Although it might be a simple present, we think this is one of the best Harry Potter gifts on Amazon.

We just love the design and the idea of all the magical stories a Potterhead would scribble down in this notebook. 

Harry Potter: A Sticker Collection – Paperback Sticker Book 

Harry Potter: A Sticker Collection

A great sticker book for getting started on some Harry Potter DIY decor or craft ideas. 

Harry Potter Style Name Plate 

Harry Potter Style Name Plate - Christmas Gift Idea - Open for Christmas

This small nameplate is a great stocking filler for a desk or to stick to a bedroom door.

“You’re a Wizard ____” Personalised Keyring  

Personalised Harry Potter Keyring - Open for Christmas

If they don’t mind their secret getting out, these wooden personalised keyrings are a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift for a wizarding lover. 

Harry Potter Christmas Decorating Ideas

Our Top Harry Potter Christmas Decorations

Harry Potter Inspired Christmas Crackers 

Harry Potter Inspired Christmas Crackers - Open for Christmas

This lovely set of four large handmade Christmas Harry Potter inspired crackers arrive empty, so you can fill them with whatever you wish!

We think this is such a great idea because the usual plastic gimmick toys will just end up in the bin. 

Hogwarts Letter Writing Set  

Paladone Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Writing Stationery Set - 10 Envelopes, 20 Sheets of Paper, and 10 Wax Seal Stickers in Kit - Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise and Desk Accessories

There are loads of ways you could get creative with this official Harry Potter merchandise

 letter set, as well as using them for Christmas cards.

Use this gorgeous letter writing set as tree ornaments resting on branches, or hang them up on a string over the fireplace. 

Stick a sealed letter on the top of a wrapped present for some wizardly magic underneath the tree.

Platform 9 And 3/4 Red Brick Wall Door Curtain or Backdrop  

No products found.

Turn any door or wall into your very own entry to Hogwarts! Perfect for bedroom doors, as part of a Christmas display or a feature at a Potter-themed party. 

Hornby R1268 Remote Controlled Hogwarts Express Set – Analogue 

No products found.

Imagine having your very own Hogwarts express travelling around the bottom of your Christmas tree! 

Under the tree train sets aren’t quite as popular in the UK as they are in the US, but we hope that changes soon. 

There’s just something so magical about a train moving around the living room, especially when it’s the very one from Harry Potter. 

For more inspiration for train sets to go under the Christmas tree, check out our post: The Best Christmas Tree Train Set For Under Your Tree.

Harry Potter Christmas Tree Decorations

There are loads of Harry Potter Christmas tree decorations available all over the place, with stores like Primark often bringing out their own range near to the festive period. 

We think the great thing about a Christmas tree is nobody will ever have exactly the same design and decor items. 

If you’re going for a Harry Potter theme for your Christmas tree this year, here are some staples that’ll help to give that magical wizardly vibe. 

You can then build up with more intricate, decorative pieces that will elevate the whole tree!

15 Miniature Brooms   

Mendi 15 Mini Broomstick 5.90' Brush Halloween Witch Crafts Promotional Birthday photocall Amulet Periapt

These cute little brooms add a rustic, cosy charm to a Potter-themed Christmas tree but are subtle enough to not steal the show completely. 

Mixed Vintage Old Look Skeleton Keys

No products found.

Not technically the same as the flying keys in the films, but they’ll definitely add a vintage effect to your wizardly decor. 

These also look cool hung up on a string!

50 Warm White LED Christmas Candle Indoor Fairy Lights with Tree Clips 

50 Warm White LED Christmas Candle Indoor Fairy Lights with Tree Clips in White by Lights4fun

You’ll really be channelling Hogwarts with these warm candle fairy lights that clip onto the branches. 

Any fairy lights will do, but these candles just add extra special magic. 

Harry Potter Baubles

Harry Potter Hand-Painted Hanging Decoration

Harry Potter Hand Painted Hanging Decoration - Open for Christmas

These hand-painted Harry Potter house wooden decorations are a beautiful addition to a tree.

Choose between Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

Harry Potter Unique Recycled Christmas Bauble 

Harry Potter Unique Recycled Christmas Bauble - Open for Christmas

These book page baubles are perfect for a fully Potter decorated tree, or as a compromise for getting just a touch of Hogwarts on any normal tree. 

We love that you can choose which book the pages are from! 

Harry Potter Set of 4 Christmas Decorations 

Half Moon Bay DECHP02 Christmas Decorations, Multi-Colour, Approx. 8 cm

This set of 4 porcelain Harry Potter ornaments are a perfect addition to a Hogwarts themed Christmas tree. 

We recommend buying a few sets of these to spread out around the tree.

Our favourite might be the Hogwarts one, but we love them all. 

Harry Potter Activities, Ideas & Things to Do at Home

Harry Potter Baking 

Decorate cookies, cakes or mince pies with the house colours!

Harry Potter Board Games  

Movie Marathon!

Save this one for a rainy day and cuddle up under a blanket, see how many of the films you can get through. 


You’ll need a whiteboard or somewhere you can pin up some large pieces of paper, and some whiteboard markers. Write out a list of things to do with Harry Potter onto small cards, such as names of characters, places, objects etc. 

Cut the cards out and put them into a bowl, or a sorting hat if you have one lying around.

Pick a card at random and draw what you’ve picked on the paper or whiteboard. Have your family and friends guess what you’re drawing. 

Either play as a group or divide the players into two teams using two different whiteboards or pieces of paper. 

Harry Potter Christmas Ideas - Spells and Magic Coming Out of a Book - Open for Christmas

Harry Potter Cocktails

Make a cocktail for each House colour. Green could be mojito, blue could be a blue lagoon, red a bloody mary and yellow a tequila sunrise! Get creative with the names of your cocktails, and you could even make your own recipes! 

Magical Harry Potter Christmas Ideas – Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that we are feeling especially festive after researching and writing this post. 

We hope you are too after reading it!

There are heaps and heaps of Harry Potter Christmas ideas out there, and we hope you’ve found the perfect ones for you. 

We try and find a wide range of products and prices to suit all age groups and budgets. 

The magic of Christmas is always around, but nothing is quite the same as a Harry Potter Christmas. 

We definitely hope to one day have a fully kitted out wizarding world Christmas decor and tree. 

From all of us here at Open For Christmas we hope you’ve got that festive feeling from this post. And, as always, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, whatever time of year it is for you! 

For more Christmas gift-buying ideas or festive home decor inspiration, check out some more of our posts and guides below. 

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23 Magical Harry Potter Christmas Ideas

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