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5 Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Best Artificial Christmas Trees - Christmas Tree Topper

Our Top Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas: the season for joy and festivities for many across the globe, and a time of celebration for most.

However, if you’re anything like us and the stresses of having to rush around buying presents, cooking Christmas dinner your kids won’t scour at, and the awful clean-up afterwards fills you with dread, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, you will find everything you need to find the best Christmas trees to suit your homes and decorating styles. 

We have chosen to focus on Artificial Christmas Trees because unlike real trees, the best artificial trees come with lights already connected and assembled, require little to no clean-up of needles, and last as long as you can imagine. 

Read on to find the perfect Christmas tree to last a lifetime! 

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Review of the Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

1. Balsam Hill – Canadian Blue-Green Spruce Tree

Your friends and family will not have to strain to see the realism in this Canadian Blue-Green Spruce from Balsam Hill.

Modelled on the Picea Pungens, The Canadian Blue-Green Spruce is one of the best prelit Christmas trees on the market.

It has a traditional, full appearance with generous 1460 ‘Classic Needle’ PVC branch tips and is available in a range of sizes and widths.

Some of the main benefits of this tree are the sturdy branches ideal for hanging delicate baubles, and the 350 CandlelightTM Clear LED lights that mimic the warm white, candle-like glow of traditional Christmas lights.

The only downside is the time it takes to load up and decorate all the ample branches. 

Other Details/Specs:

Price: £119 (4ft) – £1029 (12ft)

Sizes Available: Height = 4ft – 12ft // Width = 34″ – 68″

Pre-Lit? Yes – either CandlelightTM Clear LED, Clear LED or Multi LED lights. 

Warranty: All Balsam Hill trees have a 3-year warranty for lights and a 10-year warranty for the foliage.

2. Balsam Hill – Royal Blue Spruce Tree

The Balsam Hill Royal Blue Spruce is renowned as the finest spruce tree across the globe, both for its elegance and the exclusive Balsam Hill trademarked ultra-realistic True NeedleTM evergreen foliage.

True Needles feature a blend of colour variations within the branches to create a lifelike appearance for the ultimate level of realism.

So, you can feel like you are snuggled up in a winter wonderland right within your own home.

This tree has a narrow design with a dense silhouette perfect for providing a festive feel within a limited space; so, even if you are stuck for floor space, this will provide the perfect seasonal solution. 

Other Details/Specs:

Price: £169 (4ft) – £819 (8ft)

Sizes Available: Height = 4ft – 8ft // Width = 32″ – 50″

Pre-Lit? Yes – you can choose from either CandlelightTM Clear LED or Colour + Clear LED or opt for the Unlit style. 

Warranty: All Balsam Hill trees have a 3-year warranty for lights and a 10-year warranty for the foliage.

3. Home Treats – Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Get into the festive spirit with this full-size artificial Christmas tree from leading home furnishings retailer, HomeTreats.

This tree comes pre-lit, for your convenience, with 300 warm white bulbs featuring 8 memory light functions to suit every winter mood.

For stress-free setup, the HomeTreats artificial tree features branches with umbrella hinges. Simply pull the branches down and add the decorations of your choice for the perfect, traditional Christmas!

Other Details/Specs:

Price: £69.98

Sizes Available: Height = 6ft // Width = 42″

Pre-Lit? Yes. 

Warranty: No warranty currently available on this tree.

4. Keplin – New Green Artificial Christmas Tree (Amazon)

If you are looking for a stylish artificial Christmas tree this year, then look no further. The Keplin New Green Artificial Christmas Tree is here for all your festive needs.

At just £39.75, this 6ft option is the best artificial tree option if you are on a budget. This tree features thick, bushy PVC branches offering 550 fire-retardant tips.

This tree also does not come with lights, so you can decorate the branches however you want!

However, the only downside to this tree is that the base width isn’t listed. So, if you’re unsure about whether or not this will fit where you want it to, then I would check with the manufacturer directly. 

Other Details/Specs:

Sizes Available: Height = 4ft – 7ft // Width = Unknown

Pre-Lit? No.

Warranty: No warranty currently available on this tree.

5. Christmas Tree World – Pre-Lit Frosted Ultra Mountain Pine

The Pre-Lit Frosted Ultra Mountain Pine has several things in its favour. First off, it comes in a range of heights and widths to suit your home and Christmas decor style.

It is quick and easy to put together, meaning you will have plenty of time to relax with your favourite festive tipple.

It also has plentiful PVC branches ideal for hanging lights and other natural and artificial decorations.

All of this, and it is relatively cheap, the tallest option costing only half of Balsam Hill’s own tallest tree.

Other Details/Specs:

Price: £92.99 – £524.99

Sizes Available: Height = 4ft – 10ft // Width = 33.4″ – 78.7″

Pre-Lit? Yes – hand-strung white LEDs

Warranty: 10 years

The Guide to Artificial Christmas Trees: Common Questions and Themes

Decor - Open for Christmas

How Do I Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?


In their guide on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree, leading Christmas Tree brand Balsam Hill recommends buying a tree that is at least 15cm (6 inches) shorter than the height of your ceiling/room, to ensure that there will be enough space for a tree topper and that the very top leaves aren’t crushed. 


Floor Space Needed/Diameter:

One of the first things you should do before deciding which kind of Christmas tree you want to buy is to measure the spot where you intend to display your Christmas tree. Then choose a tree that best fits within those the space you intend to use.

Christmas trees usually come in three width types: ‘Full’, ‘Slim’ or ‘Pencil’/’Narrow’. ‘Full’ Christmas trees are typically the industry standard since they best represent the shape and appearance of a real Christmas tree. While ‘Slim’ or ‘Pencil’ trees do not tend to look as realistic.

However, ‘narrow’ trees tend to be less expensive since they are not as widely used, and are made to fit within tight spaces, of which UK houses tend to have plenty! 


One of the major benefits of purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is that while they may be somewhat expensive up-front, they are cost-effective in the long run.

This is because you will not have to replace your high-quality tree every year. Most artificial trees typically last 10 years or more, depending on how well you maintain and take care of it. 

Pre-Lit or Unlit:

A great way to decide which kind of tree to buy is to look at your traditional style of decorating. Does the very idea of hand-laying the string of lights, tinsel garlands, and baubles send you into a panicked, frustrated ball?

If so, you are better off opting for a pre-lit tree since these come with the lights already installed and hidden away for a stress-free set-up and clean up. 

However, if you do choose a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, we recommend looking for one that has labels like ‘Continuous On’ or ‘With Burn-Out Protection’. This means that even if a single bulb burns out, the rest of the lights on the strand will continue to work. 

Alternatively, if you cherish the bonding that comes with decorating your tree yourself as a whole family, then you should choose an unlit tree. 


Foliage Style:

Many artificial Christmas tree brands offer different styles of foliage in their trees. The style of the foliage on your artificial Christmas tree is one of the biggest determining factors in how real and authentic the tree looks. 

There are three main styles of foliage according to Balsam Hill’s guide to choosing the right artificial Christmas tree

  • Classic ‘Needle’: This style is made of thin PVC sheets cut into fine strands to resemble evergreen needles. This style can be used on its own OR as a filler for other Christmas trees, due to its light-blocking ability and fuller appearance.
  • Pine ‘Needle’: Extruded PVC needles mimic the size and texture of long, thin pine needles. 
  • True NeedleTM: Exclusive to Balsam Hill, this ‘True Needle’ technology is created with injection-moulded PE plastic and various colour pigments to mimic the structure, texture and colour of natural evergreen needles.

While some artificial Christmas trees consist of one singular type of foliage, many will use a mix of styles to achieve the highest standards of realism. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees?

After hours of crawling some of the most popular sites such as Christmas Tree World, Wayfair, Amazon and Balsam Hill, we concluded that Balsam Hill offers the best diversity in style and choice.

Balsam Hill is widely known as the leading artificial Christmas Tree brand, not least for their commitment to high-quality products that produce everlasting Christmas memories.

But also for the high levels of realism created with each of their Christmas trees, and most importantly, their passion for the product and season on the whole. 

Across their site, they offer a multitude of Christmas tree styles, heights, widths, lighting options and decoration styles. So whichever style of Christmas tree you’re looking for, you can be assured that you’ll find the perfect fit to provide you with a lifetime of wonderful Christmas memories!


Are Pre-lit Christmas Trees Worth It?

If you dread the idea of having to hand-decorate every branch of your Christmas tree every time the festive season rolls around, then yes: the cost of buying a high-quality pre-lit Christmas tree will be worth it.

They typically last for up to five years, and they do not require much set-up either. Just attach the sections together and plug in the wire for lights. 

However, if decorating your Christmas tree is something you look forward to and cherish each year, then maybe buying a pre-lit tree just is not the option for you. We recommend buying an unlit tree.

This way, you get to decorate your Christmas tree as much or as little as you please and in whatever style you please. 

When Do Christmas Trees Go On Sale?

The best Christmas Tree brands tend to take advantage of the post-New-Year economic slump, re-targeting customers from the previous Christmas with their January and Spring sales. 

Balsam Hill run a ‘Spring Savings Spectacular’, which runs from the start of Spring until the end of June. This savings campaign usually offers a 30% sale on artificial Christmas trees and home decorations, along with free delivery on all orders to the UK and Ireland.

There is also a Christmas in July sale which runs in July to celebrate this unofficial holiday where you can save up to visit 50% off Christmas trees. 

Our advice: Buy your artificial Christmas tree after Christmas or wait until promotions, such as Christmas in July, to make a huge saving.

Final Thoughts on the Best Artificial Christmas Trees

During the Christmas rush, you already have enough to do, what with buying and wrapping all your presents, decorating the house, and cooking the entire delicious Christmas dinner. Granted, you probably have a few helping hands to make the process go a lot faster and smoother.

But if you don’t: hopefully this article will make the job of finding and buying the best realistic Christmas tree will leave you feeling a whole lot more relaxed!

All the best artificial Christmas trees that we looked at are great for giving your home that authentic, festive experience. While keeping your cleaning routine down to almost nothing with their high-quality PVC/PE branches, branch tips and needles. 

No matter which style you choose to go for, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a wonderful artificial tree that will fill your family with amazing memories for years to come!

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