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What to Buy Your Boss for Christmas | 19 Unique Gift Ideas

What To Buy Your Boss for Christmas - Open for Christmas

The Best Unique Christmas Gift Ideas To Buy for Your Female & Male Boss

When you only know your boss in a professional capacity, choosing a present they’ll actually like and use is beyond tricky. 

There are tons of unknowns when selecting a gift, especially when all you know about them is what they like to eat for lunch and how they take their coffee. 

In today’s world, there are many more dietary requirements and lifestyle choices that make simply picking up a box of chocolates at the local store a risky move. 

But luckily, we’re here to provide you with our top unique gift ideas for the big dog in charge. 

So what do you buy your boss for Christmas?

The fail-safe way of deciding what to buy your manager for Christmas is to go neutral. 

And by that, we don’t necessarily mean boring. 

By ‘going neutral’ we’re simply suggesting that you stick to universally enjoyed gifts that aren’t specific to one particular taste. 

For example, one person might love flamboyant art and think a painting they discovered at the local market is the best thing they’ve ever seen, but it would stick out like a sore thumb in their bosses minimalistic, contemporary apartment. 

However, the more you know about your boss’s personal style, the bolder you can go. 

Our suggestion for buying gifts for your boss is to stick to what you know about them and buy presents based on those factors. 

After all, no one forgets a bad gift. 

19 Christmas Gift Ideas To Buy for Your Boss

In this post, we’ve split our gift ideas into female and male, but we recommend reading both the categories as most of them aren’t totally gender-specific. 

We’ve also included categories for personalised gifts for bosses, and funny gifts for bosses, so take a look and see what you can find!

Find the perfect gift for your manager guaranteed to make a great impression.

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Christmas Gifts for Your Female Boss 

Real Wax LED Glass Candle Sets with Remote Control

On Sale!

Giving candles for Christmas isn’t a new thing, and most people do appreciate a nice smelling one every once in a while. 

However, they’re a very easy gift which means that bosses with lots of employees will probably end up with a lot during the holiday period. 

We absolutely love this remote control set of candles that includes a ‘flicker’ setting to add that cosiness. 

The glass containers are filled with real wax which adds to the appearance and makes them a great addition to any home. 

Set of 2 Metal Outline Glass Vase 

We think that these metal outline vases or candle holders are the perfect balance between interesting and enjoyed by the majority of people. 

Since they’re artistic but minimalistic, they will look great with almost all decor styles by just adding a subtle touch. 

They also look great in a home or office, so they’re the perfect gift for a boss. 

Dahey Decorative Mason Jar Centerpiece 

Although decorative items can be risky, we think this centrepiece set is adorably rustic. 

Even if their home is modern, this wooden tray and jar set would add a cosy and home-like touch to a bathroom or lounge. 

And even if they don’t like the flowers, they can be switched out for something they do like! 

‘Boss Lady’ Mug 

The perfect mug for the boss who’s an absolute boss. 

Let them know how cool you think they are with this empowering mug for the woman on a mission. 

And whilst you’re at it, pick one up for yourself too whenever you’re feeling confident and want to show the world who you are. 

NIVEA Pamper Time Gift Set  

Play it safe with a skin-friendly pamper set that doesn’t use any strongly scented or potentially irritating ingredients. 

Most bath sets and skin-care goes untouched after the Christmas period as people like to be careful about what goes on their skin. 

Nivea is renowned for being kind to skin, so a gift set is bound to be used and enjoyed by anybody. 

Hammam Linen 100% Cotton White Fluffy Bath Towels 

Who doesn’t love a good white fluffy hotel towel

Luxury towels are guaranteed to be used for years and years. 

Bring the luxurious experience into their own home with these gorgeous 100% cotton bath towels. 

Most of us are reluctant to spend too much money on something like towels, so it’s always nice when someone treats us. 

Christmas Gifts for Your Male Boss

Bartender Kit – Barware for Bartending 

If you’re sure that your boss likes a drink and does drink alcohol, then a bartending set is sure to be a winner. 

How many times have you looked up the recipe for a new cocktail you’ve discovered, only to find out it requires 14 ingredients and 5 tools you’ve never even heard of. 

A cocktail and bartending set will elevate their home-bar experience to the next level. 

Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat 

Heated back massagers are one of those things we all want but can never justify buying. 

But in reality, they’re a great investment and don’t actually cost that much money. 

We know we’d be thankful if someone got us one of these for Christmas, as they’re especially great for people who tend to sit in desk chairs all day. 

And if your boss tends to get a bit shouty, then this may help to relieve some of their built-up tension. Win-win!

Oversized Travel Duffel Bag 

A large weekend or sports bag is a great gift for anyone, but it’s also a safe enough gift to give to a boss. 

We don’t think we know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a duffel bag for Christmas, so it’s a pretty fail-safe present. 

We like this stylish brown duffel bag from Amazon which is in the mid-price range, but there are plenty of cheaper or more premium ones to choose from.

THRIVE Natural VIP Men’s Skin Care Set 

A men’s skincare set with natural, beneficial ingredients can be hard to find. 

And if your boss is the type who uses 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and face wash, then this will be a great education into the world of skincare. 

THRIVE is a US company that uses natural ingredients, so it’s also a great way to support an independent business during the holiday season. 

Personalised Gifts for Boss

Customized Charcuterie Board 

Charcuterie and snack boards seem to be all the rage at the moment. 

A personalised wooden board can be used as a chopping board or table display for meats and cheese. 

This works great for bosses who have just been married or moved into a new home. 

Personalise with their family name or their initials for a professional but special extra touch. 

Men’s Merino Wool Scarf

A good scarf is something that most men won’t buy themselves but will appreciate more than you know!

The neutral colours are perfect for buying for a boss as they’re bound to have an outfit that will match this scarf. 

The soft material will be cosy in the winter months and keep them stylish and professional at work. 

Funny Gifts for Boss

For more funny gift ideas, take a look at our Open For Christmas article The Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts.

Tiny Violin 

The ideal present for the boss without a heart. 

Have you ever been in a meeting where a boss has listened to someone’s excuses and pretended to play a miniature violin? 

If so, then this is the gift for them. 

I’m the Fu**er in Charge of All You – Poured Soy Candle  

If you’re good friends with your boss and can 100% guarantee they will find this candle funny and it won’t get you into trouble – then it makes a great novelty gift. 

Choose from two different sizes and 3 different scents to suit their personal tastes. 

Apexstone Wooden Gavel and Block 

You may regret buying this gift for your boss, but they will love the power trip. 

This gift is great for the boss who loves to raise their voice above everybody else and make themselves heard. 

If you aren’t good friends with your boss then this one might not go down so well – so proceed with caution! 

‘Yoda Best Boss’ Funny Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for any Star Wars fans out there. 

They’re guaranteed to love this adorable coffee mug and it’ll cheer them up every morning. 

Let them know they’re the best, in the best possible way! 

Hobby-Based Gifts

If you often have a water-cooler chat about your mutual interests and hobbies, then you’re at an advantage with buying holiday gifts for the boss. 

Gardening Gift: Kneeler & Seat Garden Storage

If your boss loves spending a weekend out in the garden, then they’ll love this multi-purpose, seat, kneeler, and storage stand. 

It makes gardening easier and pain-free, which can be a problem for gardeners kneeling or bending over for hours on end. 

Take a look at our Open For Christmas article Top 10 Gardening Gifts for more ideas and tips.

Runners Gift: TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

Is your boss a big fan of Strava? 

Then they’ll love this water-resistant armband that holds a phone during those rainy runs. 

It makes it so much easier to skip songs and track runs without having to keep your phone in a pocket or bag. 

For more gift ideas for runners, take a look at our gift guide featuring The Best Presents For Runners.

Cycling Gifts: AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera


This affordable sports camera makes a great equivalent for a GoPro without forking out hundreds of dollars. 

We think it’s a great way to experiment with sports action filming before investing in a premium version. 

And this nifty camera is also great for filming memories like family holidays or parties, without having to lug around a huge video recorder. 

Take a look at our recommendations for some of the Best Cycling Gifts for more inspiration.

What to Buy Your Boss for Christmas – 21 Unique Gift Ideas – Final Thoughts

Bosses are definitely one of the more difficult people on the Christmas shopping list. 

But we hope that our gift ideas have been useful or offered some helpful guidance in deciding what to buy them. 

We’ve tried to find gifts to suit most budgets, and we picked a whole range of products from pretty, to funny, to useful, to luxury. 

So, hopefully from reading this list, you’re slightly closer to deciding what to buy your boss for Christmas. 

We think that as long as you stick to what you know about them, and don’t make any assumptions, you’ll have the best chance of picking something they’ll love. 

And remember to make sure you know their dietary requirements and lifestyle choice before choosing food or alcohol. 

It’s never a nice situation to give a gift and later find out they don’t drink or can’t eat the food, especially when the person is your boss. 

We think it’s best to avoid that situation altogether unless you know for sure.

If you’ve enjoyed this gift-buying guide and would like to read more, take a look at some of our similar Open For Christmas articles listed below. 

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What to Buy Your Boss for Christmas – 21 Unique Gift Ideas

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