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Top 10 Gardening Gifts For Him in 2022

Top Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

Gifts for Serious Gardeners

Nothing has risen to fame quicker in recent years than house plants and home-grown herbs. 

It seems like you can’t open your social media without seeing somebodies plant-babies getting a nice watering. 

But we aren’t complaining!

Plants are a great escape and pass-time for millions of people around the world. 

In fact, gardening is probably one of the most popular hobbies for men and women alike.  

If you’re looking for the best gardening gifts for him available online, then keep reading. 

At Open For Christmas, we think that buying hobby-related gifts is an almost guaranteed way to ensure the present will be genuinely liked and well-used. 

When it comes to buying gifts for the men in your life, we’re well aware that it’s not an easy feat. 

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We’ve packed this post full of funky garden gifts, practical tools for gardeners and some personalised presents for the green-fingered amongst us. 

So, if you’re wondering what to get somebody who loves gardening then you’re in the right place. 

Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Him

We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for garden lovers to take some of the pressure off your Christmas shopping. 

To make things even easier, we’ve split the list into the following categories: 

  • Gifts for Older Gardeners
  • Luxury Gardening Gifts 
  • Unusual Gardening Gifts 
  • Personalised Gardening Gifts for Him 
  • Gardening Gift Baskets 
Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

Gifts for Older Gardeners

Although there is definitely an increasing number of young gardeners, it’s more commonly enjoyed by the older generation. 

These gifts are chosen to keep gardening accessible and pain-free for the older gardeners out there.

1. Garden Kneeler And Chair With Tool Bag 

Gardeners are often bent up into awkward positions on top of cold hard surfaces. 

Our green-fingered friends are no strangers to aches, pains, cuts and bruises. 

It’s a shame that enjoying their favourite activity can be ruined by joint pain or general stiffness. 

We think that this Garden Kneeler, Chair and hoist-yourself-upper is a gamechanger for male gardeners – or anyone who’s into the soily stuff. 

The Garden Kneeler comes with side pockets to store those handy tools or refreshments. 

It’s also such a great price! 

Say goodbye to sore knees or say hello to your new favourite portable garden bench! 

2. Worth Garden 36 Pockets Hanging Vertical Wall Planter 

When bending over and potting up plants becomes more of a form of torture than a fun way to relax, it’s time to go vertical.

Vertical planting is perfect for older gardeners, as it removes the need to be crouched down all the time. 

It also saves space in the garden and brightens up a wall or fence. 

This Worth Garden Vertical Planter has 36 pockets and an automatic water-dripping system to keep plants healthy and hydrated. 

One reviewer even commented that they’ve had no pesky slugs or snails since storing their salad greens in this vertical allotment! 

Luxury Gardening Gifts

If you’re present-shopping for a dedicated green-fingered gentleman, then these gifts for serious gardeners are sure to be a winner. 

They come at a slightly higher price-point than some of the other products, but for good reason. 

3. Personalisable Love Seat – Teak, Oiled, Hardwood  

Garden Love Seat - Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

Nothing beats a good bench. 

And we also believe that you can never have too many benches. 

This lovely hardwood garden patio love seat with optional custom engraved backrests is a one of a kind gift to take pride of place in any garden for years to come. 

Imagine every time the male gardener in your life sits down with a cup of tea to admire their flower beds, they’re reminded of you and feel loved. 

This Hardwood loveseat is also personalisable. 

To make this bench extra special you could add a message, notable date or a tribute to someone who’s passed. 

4. Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair 

Sticking with the theme of garden seating, this Swinging Egg Chair will be a welcome addition to any garden-lovers patio or lawn. 

It’s the best place to loll after hours working hard in the garden.

The gentle swinging allows you to properly lie back and enjoy the flowers and garden scaping around you. 

These chairs are subject to wear and tear on the fabric seating, but prolonging the life and quality of outdoor furniture is easy with an inexpensive Rain and Winter Cover

Unusual Gardening Gifts 

These unusual gifts for gardeners are a bit different and hopefully unexpected. 

5. Vegetable Embroidered Beanie Hat 

Embroidered Gardeners Hat - Best Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

We love this cute embroidered beanie hat! 

They come as one size fits all, and every single one will be different due to them being hand embroidered and designed by the Etsy crafter! 

We think the individuality adds to the charm. 

It’s slightly unusual but not too out there that it won’t ever get used. 

The beanie hat will keep any gardeners head toasty and warm all through the winter when they’re out in the garden or strutting their stuff around the town. 

For the quirky gentleman gardeners in your life, we’re pretty sure this will quickly become their favourite fashion piece. 

6. Funky Veg Kit 

Plant Theatre are renowned for their funky vegetable growing kits and this one is no different. 

This Funky Veg Kit is their original product and comes with everything you need to start growing these funky vegetables in one box, so it’s ideal for beginners and pro-gardeners. 

These funky veg are funky because of their bright colours and the fact they’re all distinctive and unusual vegetables. 

In this box, you get seeds for purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red Brussel sprouts, multi-coloured swiss chard. 

Plant Theatre also have a Wacky Tomato Kit with 6 Weird & Wonderful Tomato Varieties, and a Psychedelic Salad Kit.

Personalised Gardening Gifts for Him 

Whether you’re looking for gardening gifts for dad or just gifts for men in your life, these personalised products are an easy way to add a special touch. 

7. Engraved Gardening Tools | Personalised Gift Set 

Engraved Gardening Tools - Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

These Personalised Engraved Gardening Tools are the perfect Gift Set.

We think this review sums it up nicely:

“5 out of 5 stars. Such a gorgeous gift for any garden lover. Extra special as can add personalisation. Really good quality would highly recommend.”

The basket is made of full antique wash finish willow and the tools are held with cream elasticated strapping.

Includes Personalised fork, Personalised trowel, wooden markers, string and measuring dibber.

To make this gift basket extra special and tailored to the specific person, you could fill the basket up with extra gardening bits and pieces before giving the present! 

Scroll down to the heading “How to make a hamper for gardeners” for some tips of what to include. 

8. Personalised Gauntlet Gardening Gloves 

Personalised Leather Gauntlet Gardening Gloves - Best Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

This pair of Luxury personalised Gauntlet Garden Gloves will make an unusual and useful gift for any avid gardener.

“Love them! Hard-wearing, great colour and excellent coverage for your forearms. The personalisation is subtle, ideal Christmas present from my green-fingered mammy.”

The gloves come in pink, blue or brown and can be personalised with a monogram or name. 

The gauntlets are made from soft leather and have a soft suede cuff which makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

A perfect gift for anyone that loves gardening, and a great way to stop anyone pinching your best gardening gloves!

Gardening Gift Baskets 

9. DEWINNER Garden Tool Set 

This practical 11 Piece Garden Tool Set is a tote bag with Pruning Shears, Weeder, Hand Trowel, Transplanter, Cultivator, hand rake Kneeling Pad and Sprayer, Garden Claw Gloves.

These stainless steel garden tools set are high quality, durable, rust-proof and non-deformable.

“Pruned my tomatoes and organised my vegetable patch. This set was exactly what I need and it was strong and did not bend under pressure. So glad I bought this set 💪”

This garden gift set makes the perfect present for an avid gardener or someone who’s just started out. 

Fill the bag with extra garden gear and refreshments to make a personalised garden gift basket.

10. Scott & Co Seed Sack: 30 Different Seeds 

The seeds are all presented in a bright eye-catching sack, making it an ideal present or gift for male gardeners all year round.

In this seed sack, you get 30 Different Varieties Of Seeds including:

  • 7 x Herb Seeds
  • 5 x Salad Seeds
  • 6 x Tomato Seeds
  • 7 x Vegetable Seeds
  • 5 x Chilli/ Pepper Seeds

Some reviewers claim that this seed sack is more style over substance.

Since there’s such a variety of seeds for an affordable price point, we think it still makes a great small gift or part of a larger gift basket. 

How to Make a Hamper for Gardeners:

To make your own gardening gift basket first decide on the “basket”. You could use a compost bin, garden tool canvas bag or a wicker basket. 

The easiest way to make a homemade gardeners gift basket is to buy a garden carry bag that’s already filled with tools and add your own personal touches like seeds, snacks and a card.

Once you’ve decided on your hamper receptacle, you can start to fill it with practical tools, yummy refreshments and unique gardening gifts. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Gardening Books:

For more gift hamper ideas, take a look at our Open For Christmas guide to The Best Christmas Gift Baskets This Year.

Gardening Gifts for Him - Open for Christmas

Top 10 Gardening Gifts For Him – Final Thoughts 

Luckily, gardening is one of those hobbies where you’ll never run out of stuff you need. 

There will always be more seeds to buy, weeds to pull and plants to water. 

This is great for somebody who’s looking for presents for male gardeners that are particularly hard to buy for. 

There are loads of choices out there and most of them will be well-appreciated as long as they’re useful and sturdy. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10 gardening gifts for him and have found what you’re looking for. 

At Open For Christmas, we try to pick a range of categories to suit the varying tastes of different people. 

If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, we hope you’ve at least gotten some inspiration of what to buy or how to make your own gardening gift basket. 

For more gift-buying advice and gift ideas, take a look at some of our similar posts below.

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Top 10 Gardening Gifts For Him

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