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25 Best Christmas Ornaments To Buy Now

The Best Christmas Ornaments - Open for Christmas

The Best Holiday Ornaments to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree ornaments are a significant part of the festive season.

Whether you’re on the lookout for traditional festive decorations, unique ornaments, or beautiful baubles, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas ornaments to spruce up your tree.

As the festive season approaches, there’s nothing better than putting up your tree and filling the branches with ornaments to put you into the Christmas spirit. 

Sometimes you just want to buy new ornaments and seasonal finds to add to your collection. 

We’ve rounded up the best decorations from unique baubles to handmade to personalized ornaments to dress your tree for the season. Below are the top-rated and best sellers from Amazon from prices as low as $6.

And the best part is, ornaments can be kept and reused year after year.

For more holiday ideas, check out our guides for Christmas décor tips and hacks, festive activities, and perfect budget gift ideas.

The Best Holiday Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Ornaments 

A Christmas tree without lights or tinsel still looks like a proper tree, but without baubles, the tree appears to be missing a special something. 

We’ve rounded up some beautiful baubles to add to your Christmas tree.

XmasExp Red Christmas Ball Ornaments 

XmasExp Red Festive Ball Baubles

Red and white are classic Christmas colors, and these red ornaments are perfect for decorating small tabletop trees, or a large tree.

Featuring four different designs, these baubles will add a traditional touch to your tree.

Old World Christmas Peppermint Candy Cane

Old World Festive Peppermint Candy Cane Ornament

Is there anything cuter than this beautifully crafted peppermint candy cane? Whether you’re keeping or gifting this ornament, it’ll look stunning on any tree.

90Ct Christmas Tree Ornaments 

90Ct Tree Ornament

Save time during the holidays buying individual baubles with this complete 90 piece ornament set.

Packed full of different decorations such as snowflakes, stars, a Merry Christmas sign, Santa hats along with traditional sphere baubles. You simply can’t go wrong with this set.

D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Ornaments 

D-FantiX Gnome Best Christmas Decorations

These cute Scandinavian plush gnome decorations will add a smile to anyone’s face. Just choose whether you’d like to hang or stand them up and admire.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments  

Originally, Christmas trees were decorated with natural objects that were found easily, such as dried fruits, nuts and sweets. 

These natural decorations continued into the Victorian times, and the Christmas we know today was invented by the Victorians.

It wasn’t until the 1500s that tree decorations were first made out of glass, and the first glass tree ornaments were glass beads and tin figures. 

Ornate Christmas ornaments are truly special and add an intricate addition to any tree.

Read more about Victorian Christmas decorations, and the history of Christmas baubles here.

Kurt Adler Early Years Mini Glass Ornament 

Best Kurt Adler Early Years Mini Glass Festive Ornament

Add these vintage-style tree ornaments to your holiday decor that have all the old-world nostalgic charm to remind you of the good old days.

Of the 24 glass ornaments, twelve are smooth ball-shaped, while the other twelve come in a concave reflector design.

Set of Six Vintage Style Glass Reflector Ball Ornaments with Glitter

Set of Six Best Vintage Style Glass Reflector Ball Festive Ornaments

Bring back memories with this set of six vintage style hanging decorations. 

Highly reviewed, these ornaments will have you wanting to order more.

Kurt Adler Petite Treasures Wooden Ornament 

Best Kurt Adler Petite Treasures Wooden Christmas Ornament

Complete your holiday decor with this 48 piece ornament set. 

These miniature wooden treasures add a fun, yet vintage style featuring Santa Claus, elves, snowmen and other festive petite ornaments.

Old World Christmas Nuthatch Ornaments 

Best Old World Christmas Nuthatch Ornaments

These ornaments are handcrafted with methods that date back to the 1800s. 

After carving, finishing touches mouth-blowing molten glass onto the carved molds, then hand-painting follows, to give it that glittering look. 

Unique Handmade Christmas Ornaments 

As well as adding colour and festivity to a tree, buying and hanging them each year is a beloved tradition for many families.

We love building up our collection of baubles slowly with sentimental and intricate pieces. 

Bee Skep Glass Blown Ornaments 

Glass Blown Ornaments

We love any decoration from Old World Christmas and this one is a true showstopper. This ornament is hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s.

Shop more decorations from the Old World Christmas store here.

Shalinindia Paper Mache Ball Christmas Decorative Ornaments 

Paper Mache Ball Christmas Decorative Ornaments

Hand-painted and unique, these paper mache asian style baubles will add a beautiful addition to any tree. Each ornament is different and made in India. 

Christmas Glass Handmade Icicles 

Christmas Glass Handmade Icicles

This delicate handmade set of 36 pieces will transform your tree. 

Better yet, the elegant hanging icicles are made from eco-friendly glass so you can feel proud that you’re protecting the environment.

Best Christmas Ornaments 2020 

Let’s be honest – 2020 has been a strange year, and a year we’ll all remember for different reasons. 

And what better way to remember the year than with funny Christmas ornaments hanging on your tree which will become a keepsake for years to come.

All around the globe, people love to buy an ornament for the family that’s tied to an event or a good theme to summarize the year.

Lucky for you, we’re rounded up the best 2020 ornaments on Amazon.

Personalized Name 2020 Christmas DIY Ornament 

Personalized Name 2020 Christmas DIY Ornament

This personalized Christmas tree ornament sums up the year. Just grab a pen to add a name or message to make the perfect gift for any family, stocking stuffer, or your Secret Santa.

FaCraft Quarantine Christmas Ornament 2020 

Quarantine Christmas Ornament 2020

This double-sided funny festive ornament makes a perfect addition to any tree. Plus, it’ll double up as a gift for any family.

Fvviia Christmas Hanging Ornaments 

Christmas Hanging Ornaments

Just in case you’re struggling to remember what happened this year, commemorate the year with this fun ornament. 

2020 Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Mask Ornament 

Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Mask Ornament

Slightly inappropriate Christmas ornaments always add a cheekiness to your tree.

This ceramic ornament is well-made and a great way to remember this year, whether you want to or not.

Personalized 2020 Family Christmas Ornament 

Personalized 2020 Family Christmas Ornament

What’s more appropriate after the year we’ve all had?

Write the names of each family member, along with a festive message to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Suitable for up to seven family members, this personalized decoration is the perfect gift.

YUESUO Christmas Ornaments  

Toilet Roll Holiday Ornament

Put a smile on everyone’s face with this cheeky toilet paper ornament. Made from clay, this beautifully made decoration is finished with a red ribbon.

SAM & LORI Face Mask Ornament

Best Christmas Ornaments - Face Mask

Handmade from 100% cotton is the perfect funny tree decoration to resemble the year.

Klikel 2020 Christmas Holiday Sleigh Holly Bell Ornament  

Christmas Holiday Sleigh Holly Bell Ornament 

Sometimes less is more (not always when it comes to Christmas). This simple, yet elegant Christmas bell ornament engraved to remember the year is perfect and minimalistic.

3D 2020 Santa Christmas Ornament Set 

3D 2020 Santa Christmas Ornament Set

Made of 100% polyresin, this detailed ornament will become a 2020 keepsake for years to come.

It also arrives in a festive box ready to be gifted.

Unique Christmas Ornaments 

Finding unique ornaments adds a touch of distinctiveness to a tree. 

Buying ornaments from Christmas markets, independent shops and craftspeople make them extra special and you’re sure to find some gems.

However buying online is easier, especially in the current climate. We’ve handpicked these quirky Christmas ornaments on Amazon that are sure to strike up a conversation.

Beardaments Beard Ornaments 

Beardaments Beard Christmas Ornaments

These easy to attach clip-in ornaments are a fun way to guarantee a giggle this Christmas.

They come in a variety of colors, and are unisex – women can wear them in their ponytails.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament, Christmas Cupcakes Gingerbread

Hallmark Christmas Cupcake Ornament

Sweeten the holidays with this gingerbread keepsake ornament featuring a cute gingerbread man on a glittery, frosted cupcake. 

Hallmark Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift for preserving precious memories.

So cute, it looks good enough to eat!

Midwest CBK S’Mores with Cardinals Ornament 

Midwest CBK S'Mores with Cardinals Festive Ornament

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this cheery ornament is made durable resin material, and you can hang it on an ornament stand or hook. 

Plus, it also makes the perfect gift for any s’mores lover, and comes in protective packaging ready to be gifted.

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament – Lionel Trains 2348 Minneapolis & St. Louis GP-9 Diesel

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Hallmark ornaments are loved by all, and known for celebrating individual hobbies.

This classic metal ornament features the traditional red, white and blue engine with wheels that turn. 

The detailed decoration is the 25th in the Lionel Trains series.

Coastal Beaded Jellyfish Glass and Ribbons Christmas Holiday Ornaments 

Beaded Jellyfish Christmas Ornaments

Made from glass with fluorescent ribbons, white beads, faux pearls, and clear rhinestones, these jellyfish ornaments are a show stopper for all the right reasons. 

Make a coastal statement in your home with these dreamy decorations.

Our Final Thoughts on Festive Baubles

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best Christmas ornaments, and found some gems to spruce up your Christmas tree.

Whether you’re looking for vintage style baubles, unique and different ornaments or traditional decorations, we’ve covered a montage of festive decor styles.

That only leaves one thing – it’s time to decorate the tree!

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