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60+ Best DIY Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas for Adults

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Adults - Open for Christmas

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults That Are Guaranteed To Get Everyone Into The Festive Spirit 

Christmas is such an exciting time of year. The fairy lights, the music, even the dark, wintery nights all add to the magical atmosphere. 

And the build-up to it is almost as good as the day itself. Why not heighten the anticipation by preparing a Christmas Eve Box for someone special in your life?  

Christmas Eve Boxes are a trend that’s caught on over the last few years, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away any time soon. 

To help you prepare, here at Open for Christmas, we’ve come up with such a huge list of Christmas Eve box ideas for adults that you might end up having to buy a bigger box. 

What Is A Christmas Eve Box? 

Christmas Eve boxes are beautifully decorated boxes, filled with small gifts, that are opened the night before Christmas. 

Thought to derive from Europe, where many countries celebrate on the 24th, it’s a modern idea that’s fast becoming a tradition. 

Originally intended for young children that just can’t wait till morning, Christmas Eve boxes are now being gifted to teenagers, adults and even pets.  

For more information on what a Christmas Eve Box is, take a look at our Open for Christmas article.

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box for Adults 

The gifts inside a Christmas Eve box are small and meaningful. They should help create that special Christmassy ambience. 

Include little things that will add to the joy and excitement of what’s to come. Simple items that will make the evening more enjoyable. 

The Best Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas for Adults - Open for Christmas

Whom the box is intended for will dictate what you put in it, although both children’s and adult’s boxes will contain a lot of similar gifts. 

For more ideas for what to put in a baby’s or child’s Christmas Eve Box, or even where to buy pre-filled boxes, take a look at our post: What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box: The Best Ideas.

Gift Ideas & Box Fillers

Items such as pajamas, Christmas DVDs, tasty treats, and an ornament for the tree, are the kinds of gifts that are suitable for everyone.  

Children’s boxes are aimed at keeping them entertained with games and activities, or getting them to bed early with cosy PJs, hot chocolate and a Christmas storybook.  

Woman and presents with Festive Decorations and The Best Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas for Adults - Open for Christmas

Boxes for adults are more about providing them with things that will help them relax and unwind before the busyness of the next day. 

A bottle of their favorite spirit will do the job nicely. Baileys, brandy, a little bottle of sherry, or even eggnog, are excellent Yuletide choices. 

Spice-scented candles can set the mood, and a classic Christmas movie makes for a chilled-out Xmas Eve evening. 

If you’re young, free and single and you’re spending Christmas Eve with your friends, then fill a box with stuff that’s going to get you all in the party mood and set you up for a fun night. 

Silly games, elf hats, yummy snacks, and of course, plenty of alcohol will make sure you’re all full of festive spirit as you welcome in Christmas Day. 

Maybe slip an emergnecy kit into the box too. Smart girls think ahead. 

If you’re part of a loved-up couple and you’re looking forward to a romantic Christmas Eve then set the mood with a Christmas Eve box lovingly prepared for your other half. 

Presents with Festive Decorations and The Best Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas for Adults - Open for Christmas

A bottle of wine with some lovely glasses, some chocolate truffles and a fluffy blanket to snuggle up under are all great gifts to share with your partner. 

You could even pop in some aromatherapy massage oil and a sprig of mistletoe. Because, you never know, you might get lucky. 

How To Make A DIY Christmas Gift Box 

Essentially you can use any container you like to make your Christmas Eve box. It’s the way you decorate it that will make it unique. A cardboard box or a wooden crate will work just fine.  

It doesn’t technically have to be a box at all – even a pillowcase will suffice if you’re pushed. But a nicely presented box will become part of the gift itself. 

It will be a lovely keepsake. And above all, a wooden chest can be repurposed and used again and again, making it the eco-friendly option (you can find eco-friendly and ethical gift ideas here). 

You can cover your box with wrapping paper, or paint it with your own design. Snowflakes, stars, Christmas jams, snowmen – your options are endless and they’re all pretty easy things to draw. 

You can dress your box up with glitter, stickers, tinsel, ribbons and even a personalized topper sign. Maybe stuff it with colored tissue paper, or even cotton wool balls (for snowballs, get it?) 

If you enjoy being a bit creative then this is one of the most fun parts of putting your Christmas Eve box together. You can get really inventive with your design, and make truly personal. 

And for more creative ideas, take a look at the video below.

Where to Buy One-Of-A-Kind Eve Boxes

If you’re not someone who enjoys this type of thing, or you just don’t have the time, then no worries. There are plenty of places selling Christmas Eve boxes. And some very nice ones at that.  

Wooden Christmas Eve Boxes

You can order a wooden one, personalized with a name and message etched onto it, like this one from Etsy.

Or one with a painted design like this sweet Couple’s First Christmas Eve Box.

If you’re looking for something really special then check this personalized painted box from Etsy It’s designed to order and can be made to look like your very own house. Amazing. 

You can get crate-type boxes if you prefer, like this one here which can be personalized. We love that there’s also the option to upgrade to a larger crate for the whole family.

Cardboard Christmas Eve Box

Or, to keep things in budget, go for a cheaper cardboard version such as this magnetic close design box from Amazon.

Sack Style Christmas Eve Boxes

If you want to go the Christmas Eve sack route, instead of the box, there are some pretty cool personalized ones available like this Santa and Rudoloh cotton sack from Amazon.

Or perhaps this beautiful Personalized Christmas Gift Bag is more your style from Etsy.

Pre Filled Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Adults

You can even order boxes already filled with gifts. If you’re short on time or ideas, or you want to have a box delivered to someone, it’s a no-brainer. Etsy has some great choices.

Neutral Christmas Eve Box from Etsy

The perfect luxurious box packed full of goodies such as a soft blanket, cozy socks, a cute mug, a cute house and tea. The ultimate cozy gift for her on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Box Set for Men

Or perhaps this great set for the guy in your life! This option comes complete with a muscle soak- Epsom Salt Recovery Blend, whisker Tonic/Moisturizer, Tobacco Cedar soy candle, Cedarwood Sage Knuckle Salve , Amber Silk “Wash” stamped soap, Gentleman’s Lather, Boar-Bristled shaving cream brush, Stainless Steel Flask personalized with their initial in copper vinyl. You can mix and matich to add some of itmes or all to meet your budget.

Personalized Spa Gift Set

With all the stress leading up to Christmas, this wellbeing gift set is ideal for anyone looking to relax the night before the big day. It comes complete with. apersonalized touch!

Christmas Eve Gift Box Ideas For Adults 

The overall idea of a Christmas Eve Box is that the gifts inside are things you can eat, drink, play, or wear on Christmas Eve. Anything you can think of that will make Christmas Eve more enjoyable is going to be perfect.  

Christmas Eve is all about getting cosy in front of the fire so many of the items, such as pajamas and chocolates, are suitable for everyone.

But you can get really imaginative when you start putting your box together and come up with all sorts of interesting ideas. 

And if the box is intended for your best mate it might be fun to go with a super adult theme, but if it’s for grandma you may want to tone it down a little. 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Her 

Something Yummy

This chocolate gift box is perfect for a special night in, snuggling up to watch your favorite christmas movie.

Or, similarly this Christmas Jam Sampler featuring 6, 4 oz. Festive jams perfect to pair with toast or biscuits on Christmas morning.

And don’t forget to give her something to jazz up her hot chocolate with this Hot Cocoa Gift Set. Fun for the whole family, a great way to make lasting Christmas Eve memories.

Something Snuggly

Stay warm on Christmas Eve with this cozy gift set featuring a fuzzy slippers, a soft blanket, scented candle and snuggly socks.

She won’t want to go anywhere without this oversized blanket hoodie. Our top pick? This Oversized Blanket Hoodie.

Something Smelly

Miniature perfumes are a classy touch and this Versace Miniatures Set will be well received by any woman.

Something for the Tree

This Cute Family Ginergbread Ornament will impress mom add personalization to the tree.

Or if she’s taken care of everyone else’s stocking but forgotten herself, this personalized luxury stocking will be a well-needed surprise.

Something to Drink

Try these decadent Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs, Just add hot milk for the ultimate cozy Christmas Eve drink.

And for a well deserved grown-up drink, we love this Gold Prosecco Flute Set.

Something to Wear

This I love A Man with a Beard is a funny yet modern take on the tacky Christmas sweater.

Don’t forget an eye mask to block out the fairy light glare. Moreover, it’ll ensure that Santa won’t catch her peeping.

Something to Do

Charades is a classic Christmas game that everyone loves, and we love this festive version perfect for Christmas Eve.

In addition, she may not be over the moon with more baking but this kit from Amazon Gourmet Decorating Set has everything you need to decorate cookies with the family!

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Him 

Something Yummy

He’ll love these Whiskey truffles from Untold- Scotch and Hazelnut.

Or if he prefers something savoury, this Harry & David Meat and Cheese Box will guarantee to hit the spot.

Something Snuggly

A snuggly warm blanket is essential when it’s freezing outside. Keep him warm under this extra large plaid blanket.

Something Smelly

Aftershave is always appreciated and these Dolce & Gabbana Body Spray is ideal for a Christmas Eve Box, to have him smelling great!

Something for the Tree

If he thinks of himself as a bit of a rock star these guitar tree decorations are really cool.

Or, this weight plate is fun, if he loves the gym!

Something to Drink

This Personalized whisky and tumbler set is perfect to enjoy in front of the fire. Whilst wearing your festive pajamas, of course.

Something to Wear

Keep his toes toastie and warm with these novelty turkey dinner slippers which will look great with these understated Christmas PJs.

Something to Watch

Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas Eve with the hilarious Chevy Chase? It’s time to watch the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Or perhaps Bruce Willis in Die Hard, (It’s considered a Christmas movie, look it up!)

Something to Do

Escape Room challenges are really popular and this Christmas digital version will keep him entertained.

For more ideas on buying a gift for a difficult man, take a look at this post: 11 Exceptional Gifts for The Man Who Has Everything

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Couples 

Something Yummy

This delicious and fun DIY truffle making kit for something tasty and a good time.

As is this delectable gourmet popcorn , so delicious, they’re almost too good to eat.

Something Snuggly

Pop this cute little snuggly Christmas Moose in the box to get your message across.

In addition, a cozy blanket with a funny message is a must-have over the festive season. And, this red plush one is perfect for those Christmas movie marathon sessions. Cuddle up under the lovely snuggly blanket to watch a romantic film together.

Something Smelly

Take some time to relax and reconnect with a warm bubble bath using the cutest bath bombs . What’s more, add a massage for the ultimate pamper night. 

Something for the Tree

A really unique and personal ornament to hang on the tree for years to come.

And of course, don’t forget the mistletoe.

Something to Drink

Celebrate in style with elegant vintage crystal glasses. There’s no better time for being a bit fancy. 

And secondly, this pair of Mr & Mrs Claus festive mugs are perfect for the warm drinks like warm chocolate and Bailey’s hot chocolate.

Something to Wear

You can both slip into something festive with these cute matching Christmas pajamas. Besides, they’re a must on Christmas Eve right?

Something to Do

This popular The Couples Game an interactive game of fun questions meant to make you laugh with your partner and guaranteed to get everyone belly laughing. The perfect game to test how much you really know about each other.

Something to Watch

Love Actually is the perfect Christmas rom-com. Put on your coziest pajamas, light the candles, make a hot chocolate and press play.

For more ideas on buying a gift for a couple, take a look at this post: The Best Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Your Bestie/Sister/Cousin 

Something Yummy

French Truffles, what more could a girl wish for?

Or how about some Kentucky bourbon black pepper caramel popcorn to share while you watch a movie.

Something Snuggly

Give your lazy mate something she’ll love snuggling up with. Plus, this adorable festive reindeer can be warmed up in the microwave.

Something Smelly

Your friends will love the house being filled with Christmas spices from this scented candle.

Too excited to sleep? This set of pillow sprays will help.

Something for the Tree

Unusual and super cool tree ornaments are the perfect gift and a boho knitted stocking.

Something to Drink

You can never have enough festive mugs. So, how about a delicious hot chocolate in a Merry & Bright Christmas mug?

Something to Wear

A christmas sweatshirt is perfect to cuddle up in and these gingerbread slippers are super cute.

And this ‘Wake Me Up When It’s Christmas’ eye mask completes the look.

Something to Do

A Christmas version of the popular Cards Against Humanity game that’s definitely not for kids.

Something to Watch

There are some Christmas movies that you never tire of watching, such as Home Alone and Gremlins (1 and 2, of course).

Something for the Morning After

Pop a little something extra like this Mini Emergency Kit in your bestie’s box to help her in any emergency situation.

This Too Faced hangover replenishing face primer and lastly, these Cooling gel eye masks will leave her looking refreshed in any situation.

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Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Your Grandparents 

Something Yummy

They’ll love this Meat and Cheese Gift Box for a savory treat, or perhaps something sweet to dip in their coffee with this coffee bakery basket .

Something Snuggly

These festive slippers are cozy and fun, and a must have for any Christmas Eve Box.

Something Smelly

A scrumptious scented festive candle will make everyday feel like Christmas. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a Yankee Candle.

Something for the Tree

This adorable personalized grandchildren ornament will mean the world to them.

Something to Drink

Give Grandad this smoked old fashioned kit, they are fun to make and will go down a treat and some mulled wine for Grandma with this mulling spice cocktail kit.

Something to Do

Grandparents typically love a good game of bingo and this Christmas version will get everyone involved.

Something to Watch

Finally, lighten up your Christmas this year with festive classics like White Christmas by Bing Crosby and the timeless classic starring the unforgettable James Stewart: It’s A Wonderful Life will take them back to Christmas Past.

In addition, give them a giggle with the A Christmas Story.

Our Final Thoughts on Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Adults

Whoever your Christmas Eve Box is for, and whatever you decide to put in it, it’s guaranteed to be a hit. The fact is we all turn into kids at Christmas time and would all be over the moon to receive an extra little gift package a day early. 

Hopefully this list of Christmas Eve box ideas for adults has given you plenty of inspiration. And putting a box together is almost as much fun as receiving one. 

In conclusion, Christmas Eve boxes are a great way to start your own special little tradition with family and friends, and are something that you’ll continue to enjoy for years to come. 

The Best Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas for Adults Wrapped Up on a Festive Sleigh with Decorations - Open for Christmas

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