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The Best Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

White presents with red ribbon and baubles - Best Christmas gifts for couples who have everything

Amazing Present Ideas for Couples Who Are Impossible To Buy For

Finding a gift for loved ones is part of the many joys that the festive season brings. But, finding the perfect present can be a challenge.

So, whether you’re looking for a festive Christmas gift for your own partner, or you want to treat your favourite pair to something wonderful this year, our Christmas experts here at OpenforChristmas have rounded up the best gift options for couples everywhere.

Read on to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your perfect couples! 

Presents wrapped in kraft wrapping paper and red and green ribbon - Best Christmas gifts for couples

Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything: Review

1. Scratch the World® Travel Map – Maps International, Amazon

We all know that one nomad couple who never seem to stay in one place for too long. Their snapshots from various tourist traps across the globe inundating our daily feeds.

Unfortunately for most couples, travel plans have been put on hold for the foreseeable, with flights and hotel bookings being cancelled left, right and centre. 

However, flight restrictions will be eased in the not-so-distant future, so this will be an ideal gift to give to help inspire any plans for your favourite couple’s future trips.

In this regard, the Scratch the World(R) map is the perfect gift for your globe-trotting couple, because it will allow them to document their past travels together, map their love journey, and plan travels for when flight restrictions will eventually be eased.

The Scratch Map’s political design, hill shading, and state outlines will spark a generous helping of intellectual discussion, making it the perfect conversation starter during Christmas dinner.

Furthermore, you can pick and choose which style or colour you want from the seven different style options available, including different coloured frames and size options, so you can find the perfect style to suit any kind of home decor.

Give the gift of inspiration this Christmas, with the Scratch the World Travel Map from Amazon UK! The act of scratching off destinations already visited and planning future trips will spur on your favourite couple to travel more and explore as much of the world as possible.

2. Personalised Cheese Board and Accessories – PersonalisedByPicArt, Etsy

Wooden Personalised Cheese Board with cheese knives - Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

What would Christmas be without the iconic cheeseboard and its selection of mild, strong, soft, hard, and mouth-watering cheeses? Well, it’d hardly be Christmas at all!

If you’re looking to gift your favourite couple – or your own spouse or partner – the gift that simply keeps on giving, then look no further than the Personalised Cheeseboard and Accessories from seller PersonalisedByPicArt on Etsy.

This cheeseboard is beautifully crafted from eco-friendly natural bamboo wood, which can be upcycled and repurposed once it loses its sheen after many Christmasses.

It also comes with a concealed, slide-out storage tray for compact and easy storage. The tray carries three different cheese knives for different types of cheese, alongside a cheese fork for easy eating.

All of the knives have stainless steel blades for long-lasting usage, and smooth bamboo handles for style and easy-handling.

The PersonalisedByPicArt cheeseboard is the perfect Christmas gift for couples that love to host dinner parties and are sure to have heaps of friends and family around for that all-special Christmas dinner. 

The engraving and bamboo design will spark plenty of delightful conversation, and ensure Christmas holds a wonderful memory for everyone.

Tips for Maintenance:

Manufacturer and seller, PersonalisedByPicArt, recommends that you preserve your cheeseboard by regularly applying food-grade mineral oil in regular bouts. Start by applying the oil to a damp cloth, then wipe the entire surface (front, back, sides and the slide-out tray) with the oiled cloth. Leave to absorb and dry.

3. Personalised Couples Stacking Tower – Bespoke & Oak Co.,

Photo of Personalised Couples Wooden Stacking Tower Game - Best Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Knowing what gift to get for the couple that has everything can be tricky, especially when it comes to Christmas. However, if they’re anything like us here at OpenforChristmas, then you can be certain that a good-old-fashioned party game will hit the spot!

Well, look no further than the Personalised Couples Stacking Tower from Bespoke & Oak Co.

Effectively an unbranded Jenga-esque game, the Couples Stacking Tower features various plan and branded blocks that can be stacked on top of each other to form a tower. 

Several of the blocks are engraved with words of friendship and love, and can be personalised to include anniversary dates, the initials of the couple you’re gifting it to, and various love symbols.

Therefore, not only is this the perfect gift for couples, but it’s also a memory that can be relived over and over for years to come!

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to remove single blocks per turn without knocking the tower over. Your favourite couple can use it as a fun bonding activity during date night, bringing them closer together while also giving them something to laugh about. 

It’s also an unusual gift for couples because it’s multifunctional in that it can alternatively be played by the whole family on Christmas day!

So, if you’re looking to bring some excitement and fun into your favourite couple’s lives, then the Personalised Couples Stacking Tower from Bespoke and Oak Co. is the ideal way to go! They’ll be stacking and toppling towers for years!

4. Merry Christmas Experience Gift Box – Red Letter Days

Merry Christmas Gift Box - Red Letter Days - Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

On the other hand, if you’re looking for unusual gifts for couples, we recommend gifting an experience rather than a physical Christmas present.

This is the best way to ensure you’re not gifting something your couple already has, and they’ll be appreciative of the gift no matter what because everyone needs a bit of a break during the stressful Christmas period!

The Merry Christmas Experience Gift Box from RedLetterDays is the best experience gift any couple could ask for at Christmas. For a set price, your couple can pick and choose from over 2000 fantastic days/nights out throughout the UK, ranging from a thrilling zipline adventure to a delightful evening meal at a five-star restaurant.

No matter how your favourite couple chooses to spend their Christmas break, or whatever their idea of fun is, there are plenty of different experiences to enjoy.

Give the gift of time, this Christmas, with an experience box full of fun activities for your favourite couple to enjoy alone together, away from the stresses of everyday life.

Being an adult during Christmas, especially as a parent, is time-consuming and can be exhausting; make sure your couple get some to themselves by gifting an experience for them and them alone. 

5. Luxury Spa Days Gift Box – Red Letter Days

Luxury Spa Days Gift Box - Red Letter Days - Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Alternatively, if you know your couple well and want to give them the gift that money can’t buy, you might want to give them more of a romantic, personal gift such as one of RedLetterDays’ Luxury Spa Days gift boxes.

Made specifically for two guests, the Luxury Spa Days Gift Box is valid for up to two years and features over 200 experiences from a wide range of luxury spas and venues across the UK. From quaint country houses to stylish health clubs, there is an experience tailored for any – and every – couple.

Help your favourite couple to unwind by gifting them a day of soothing treatments or a retreat for a charming overnight spa escape for two. Whatever they are into, this gift box is the ideal gift for those couples who adore being pampered. 

It’s also an ideal couple gift for those couples that have been separated throughout the lockdown period, and need some time away from everything, to catch up and rekindle their romance.

Christmas is a stressful period for most adults, parents and non-parents alike. So, if you want to make your favourite couple’s festive season, give them the gift of a relaxing spa break, totally cut off from the stresses of everyday life.

The Buyer’s Guide to Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Christmas Gifts for Couples: Experiences vs Presents

Research confirms that around the festive season, most of us tend to buy material objects for our friends and loved ones; whether it’s a bespoke handmade necklace from or a personalised art print from Etsy

However, recent studies have shown that giving your loved one or your favourite couple an experience as a gift instead of a material thing – which will probably end up in a dusty box at the back of some dusty cupboard – helps to forge a strong bond between one another.

Experiential gifts are more socially connecting and tend to be more emotionally evocative, which is why they tend to be valued higher than material gifts. When you’re gifting an experience, you’re not just gifting a thing, but you’re also gifting the time that comes with the thing, and the memory of it that will last a lifetime.

However, some people prefer to have physical, material objects that remind them of a certain experience. Therefore, you could combine the two gift styles to give your favourite couple a material gift that reminds them of one of the wonderful experiences that they had together.

Physical Gift Ideas

For example, Thorntons have an entire category on Gifts for Couples. With gifts ranging from single selection boxes, such as the Continental Specialist Selection, right up to entire hampers made for a romantic and delicious night in, such as the Personalised Signature Flavours Chocolate Hamper, filled with an array of mouth-watering, gooey chocolate delights certain to turn any couples Christmas into a romantic wonderland. 

If you really want to make their day, you can ask one of Thorntons’ expert chocolatiers to handcraft a chocolate masterpiece in the design of something that would mean a lot to them (e.g. the place where your couple got married or first got together), and in the flavour, they love most.

Experience Gift Ideas

Alternatively, you could gift your favourite couple a magical weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Airbnb doesn’t tend to allow you to book trips on behalf of other people, which makes it tricky to actually gift the experience to them directly. However, you could plan the booking yourself, send them the link to the booking and offer to pay for it yourself either online or in person. 

Or, if you’re based in the US, you can buy an Airbnb gift card, load it up with as much cash as you want to gift, and then send it off to your lucky and unsuspecting recipients!

Gift Card Written on White Card with Red Bow - Best Christmas gifts for couples

Handmade Christmas Gifts for a Couple

Handmade gifts are some of the best gifts to give during Christmas, because they go the furthest to show that you care, and some require a great deal of time and effort. 

Giving your favourite couple a handmade gift means a lot during the festive season, because we’re all usually already fairly busy, so we all know how hard it can be to find those spare few hours to craft such a gift. 

Related: For more handmade Christmas gift ideas, have a read of our post on 15 Easy & Unique Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas.

So, if you want to give the gift of time, effort and personalisation, we recommend setting aside an evening or two to craft any of these wonderful homemade gifts.


Handmade Gift Ideas

–   Gingerbread Fudge – Perfect if you’re an avid baker and your favourite couple adore bite-sized sweet treats. You can find the recipe over at Delish.

–   DIY Cross Stitch Ornament Gift – Do you have a keen eye for detail and steady hands? If so, then a cross-stitch ornament could be the perfect gift for your favourite couple. Create cute cartoon representations of your couple and stitch away! You can find the tutorial here.

–  DIY Agate Coasters – These are a great option to add a bit of festive style to your favourite couple’s home: they’re gorgeous, quick and easy to make, and they can be personalised with the colours and additional materials you think they’ll appreciate (e.g. glitter, detailed edges, rainbow design, etc). You can find the tutorial at The House of Wood.

–  Unique Cutting Board Spice Rack – For fans of upcycling and conserving the environment in style, this will be a perfect Christmas gift! Simply use screws to attach wooden cheese boxes to an old, repurposed chopping board. For an added touch of personalisation and care, you can paint on the initials and anniversary dates of your favourite couple, to give them both a practical and a sentimental gift.

A Gift for Couples to Do Together at Christmas

When you’re looking for thoughtful, last-minute couple gifts for your favourite duo, trinkets and personalised art prints are typically the way to go. 

After all, every couple would love a charming reminder of their most precious memory together, and prints tend to be cute, chic additions to any home. 

However, before you go splurging on some high-quality, expensive work of art, you might want to consider something a bit outside of the box. 

There are ample activities to help your favourite couple reconnect this Christmas, and many can be found online, with e-commerce sites like Amazon, RedLetterDays, or Groupon offering ample choices for gifts.

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been a traditional Christmas staple for decades, not least because they make great use of that sluggish stretch of hours before Christmas dinner, but also because they challenge the mind and bring the people taking part closer together.

In this regard, if you’re thinking of buying a fun, outside-the-box Christmas gift for a couple that will both make their special day and remind them of a precious memory, then we recommend that you consider purchasing a personalised jigsaw puzzle.

Personalised jigsaw puzzles, such as the Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle from SoloPuzzles, are some of the most fantastic gifts for couples.

This is because you can customise the design to feature their most precious photo memory, for example, one of the photographs from their wedding day, engagement or anniversary.

Putting the pieces together as a team, to form a wonderful, sentimental jigsaw puzzle will also be fun for all involved, and the perfect opportunity to relive those lovely memories.

This particular personalised jigsaw also comes with a free personalised mug decorated with the same chosen photograph, a tidy box to keep the jigsaw in, also branded with the same photograph.

It comes in nine sizes/difficulty levels, ranging from 48 pieces (Super Easy) to 3000 pieces (Extra Hard), for couples of all jigsaw-abilities!

To personalise the jigsaw puzzle to your desired standard, simply do the following:
  • Click the ‘Customise’ button.
  • Choose the orientation from the options available, i.e. either ‘Horizontal’ (landscape) or ‘Vertical’ (portrait).
  • Upload your desired photo from your pc, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Make sure the resolution of your photograph is at least 300 dpi to ensure that it doesn’t come out looking stretched and unrecognisable.·   Add the jigsaw to your cart & purchase!

If you’re looking to bring hours of fun and togetherness to your favourite couple this Christmas, look no further than the Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle from SoloPuzzles.

Our Closing Thoughts on Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Christmas is a stressful time for all of us, not least for those of us who have to buy presents for an extended list of friends, family, and other loved ones. 

And, especially when you’re buying Christmas gifts for couples who have everything.

Buying presents for a couple is even more stressful, because you have to find something that both of them will enjoy, appreciate and get plenty of use out of; plus, on top of that, you have to consider how to make the gift personal and meaningful to the specific couple you have in mind.

From all of us here at OpenforChristmas, we hope that by browsing through these creative and unique gift ideas, that you can find the perfect idea to suit your favourite couple, whether or not they’ve just started dating, they’re engaged, or they’ve been married for longer than you can count.

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