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What to Buy for Baby’s First Christmas | 7 Gift Ideas

Baby Opening Gift - what to buy for baby's first christmas - Open for Christmas

Best Gift Ideas to Buy for a Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas has long been an immovable staple, unwavering despite countless global crises threatening to derail the sacred Christian holiday.

Despite growing economic uncertainty, the rise of Covid-19 has made little impact on this very fact. Christmas is still on the horizon and, in fact, it’s now more important than ever, in order to keep our economy afloat and businesses running throughout the festive season.

As a relatively new mother, you might be worried about how you can treat your darling baby on their first-ever Christmas with gifts they will never forget.

But worry not! –

Our Christmas-savvy experts here at Open for Christmas have put together a comprehensive list of the 7 best gifts you can spoil your adorable newborn baby with on their special day!

So read on to find out what to buy for a baby’s first Christmas.

And, if you’re looking for the perfect gift ideas for that family or couple who seem to have everything, we’ve also got you covered.

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 what to buy for baby's first christmas - Open for Christmas

7 Ideas for What to Buy for Baby’s First Christmas

1. Baby Christmas Knitted Reindeer Jumpsuit and Bib – Amazon

Picture this: 

You’re gathered around the fireplace on a crisp yet cosy Christmas evening, snow pattering against your floor-to-ceiling windows, the glow of your Christmas lights filling the room with seasonal cheer.

You’re cradling your adorable bundle of joy in your arms, their excited giggles erupting across the room, cutting through the chatter with ease they should not have been able to master yet. 

One minute, you’re sitting pretty, sharing stories, and feeding your progeny their Cup-o-Christmas-Dinner –

– the next minute, you’re hunting for a clean dishcloth and a change of baby clothes perfect for their ever-growing baby pudge, but you just can’t seem to find something they haven’t outgrown. 

[Enter Baby Christmas Knitted Reindeer Jumpsuit from mimixiong with separate ‘Let the Spoiling Begin’ Baby Feeding Bib from Acce Products]

Made from 100% soft cotton and 100% acrylic respectively, this sweet matching set is unparalleled in terms of long-lasting, non-tearing, and drool-proof material sure to keep your cherub toasty and protected well throughout the winter season. 

Concerned about picking the right festive fashions for your little boy or girl?

Well…don’t be!

Made with progressive mothers in mind, this jumpsuit is decorated with a neutral red and white colouring, a seasonal reindeer print, and ample sleeving.

Now, you’ll never have to worry about their tiny toes or minuscule fingers catching a cold again – with these sleeves, they’ll be well covered and warmed for up to 2 years, with options available for babies aged up to 24 months!

2. Keepsake Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Advent Calendar – NotOnTheHighStreet

Baby's First Christmas Advent Calendar - Open for Christmas

As far as baby toys go, the personalised Baby’s First Christmas Advent Calendar from MaxMadeMeDoIt on Notonthehighstreet is by far the most enjoyable and gives you the best bang for your hard-earned buck.

This personalised advent calendar is a fun, special way to get excited for the big day as a family, allowing you all to enjoy crossing off days together, teaching your little ones about the Christmas tradition, and recording wonderful memories as the big day gets closer.

Your bundle of joy’s first Christmas should be one to remember, and with this personalised, hand-crafted advent calendar it will be hard not to…

Not only does this calendar come with cute doodles of forest creatures for your baby to learn from and enjoy giggling at, but it also comes with a compartment fit for filling with snapshots of your little cherub in action!

Never again will you have to dig around for an adorable pic of your baby to show off to your mum friends over coffee: with this calendar, you always have a safe, memorable place to stash those all-too-cute baby pics.

Printed on premium semi-gloss 271gsm fade-resistant media, you can display the calendar anywhere you want, without having to worry about sun damage. So, hang it over your mantlepiece or frame it upright and display it proudly on your windowsill.

No matter how you choose to show off your little one’s first Christmas calendar, you can rest assured that even when they’re all grown up, it will still be as clear and beautiful as the day you bought it.

3. Keepsake Patchwork First Quilt – Etsy

Keepsake Quilt for Baby's First Christmas - Gift Present Ideas - Open for Christmas

In an ever-increasingly eco-conscious world, every Christmas we are choosing to re-use, reduce and recycle in more creative and imaginative ways than ever before.

One of the things that we struggle to find ways to upcycle is old clothes and, more specifically, old baby clothes. Most parents either choose to give them away or simply keep them for their future children.

That being said, it’s tough in such Covid-ruled times as these, with many charity shops being closed for the foreseeable and few other ways of donating.

So, what do you do with all the baby clothes from your cutie’s first few exciting months?

What better way can there be than to have them fashioned into a cosy Keepsake Patchwork Quilt to keep your little one all snuggly and warm throughout the chilly but cheerful Christmas period!

This stunning handcrafted winter quilt measures up to 180cm long and 150cm wide, giving your bright-eyed babe plenty of thick, luscious blanket to wrap up tight and drift off in, so they can spend their first Christmas in blissful peace.

Give the gift of an unforgettable memory this Christmas, with a personalised keepsake quilt that will bring your bouncing baby oodles of joy from their very first Christmas to their last. If you like, you can request to add an applique decoration, such as their full name, initials or illustrative embroidery.

In the many decades to come, your baby-turned-adult will look back on this quilt with a great deal of fondness, instantly transported back to their inaugural foray into the festive tradition.

The perfect gift if you’re struggling on what to buy for a baby’s first Christmas!

4. Peppa Pig Travel Harness – PoundToy

Peppa Pig Travel Harness - Gift Ideas for Baby - Open for Christmas

Does your work leave you zipping from A-Z, breathless without a second to stop?

Are you predicting a hectic Christmas season stocked so high you’re worried you won’t be able to spend quality time with your growing bundle of joy?

Do you want to give your baby the chance to really get stuck in and experience their first Christmas before it all passes by and we slide, unwitting, into the new year?

The Peppa Pig Travel Harness from PoundToy allows you to take your baby with you wherever you go. making it your ideal baby’s first Christmas gift for any travelling or working parent that’s constantly on-the-go.

Easy to put on and fully adjustable to the height and size of your adorable munchkin, this harness is the next best solution in child safety and monitoring. Simply strap them in and go about your day without ever having to leave their side!

Looking for a Christmas gift for a rambunctious baby that always seems to wiggle their way out of their high-chairs or seats?

Fear not – this harness also comes with a pair of safety reigns that allow you to walk with your baby once they start taking those tentative first snow-covered steps into toddlerhood.

So, if you want to give your adorable baby a unique first Christmas gift they’ll get tonnes of use out of, then why not take the Peppa Pig Travel Harness for a spin, this festive season?

No more baby FOMO with this practical, stylish pink harness!

5. My First Gadget Set – Boots

ELC My First Gadget Set - What to Buy for Baby's First Christmas - Open for Christmas

Start your baby’s electrifying education early, with this cute My First Gadget Set from ELC, available at Boots.

This fun, interactive playset features a fake smartphone so they can get used to holding a phone, get a feel for pressing buttons, and learn how to use electronics without any of the danger actual electronics might pose.

The keyring fob is particularly exciting for your baby’s first Christmas because it comes with button-activated lights that illuminate your child in a warm glow as they learn…

As the nights grow colder and turn darker increasingly early, this toy will definitely come in handy as we draw the year to a close.

Most people say that they don’t remember their first Christmas, but your cheeky cherub won’t be able to forget theirs when you give them the gift of motor skills and enhanced imaginative play.

This toy gadget set encourages your baby to explore the buttons, copy your behaviour as and when you use the real things, and develop their creative thinking when they think of cool new ways to use their gadgets.

So, if you are on the hunt for an inexpensive and interactive playset that will keep your baby occupied while you are rushing around serving Christmas dinner, then look no further.

The My First Gadget Set has plenty of pre-recorded sounds, lighting displays and functions to satiate your baby’s natural curiosity.

This gadget set will keep their tiny, yet adorable hands busy so that you can get on with the important stuff: rocking Christmas and throwing a killer festive fiesta!

6. Adults Novelty Vodka Baby Bottle – Gifts Tomorrow

blue_vodka_bottle-Gift - What to Buy for Baby's First Christmas - Open for Christmas

Most of the time, new parents really only want one thing for them and their baby: a good night’s sleep and a heck of a drink to boot!

Now, with the Adults Novelty Vodka Baby Bottle from eKomi on Gifts Tomorrow, you can kill two birds with one very unique, unconventionally Christmassy stone.

This joke bottle is designed both for adults and babies, with 100% child-safe, food-safe plastic bottle material and a baby-safe sucker in the place of a screw lid. Rest easy – there are no included parts that your baby could ingest.

Whether you fill it with child-friendly liquids and gift it to your favourite new parents, or you choose to send it as a novelty adult water bottle, this bottle is the perfect first Christmas gift for anyone with a wild sense of humour.

Holding a whopping 250ml of milk, juice or alcohol-free liquid ( or vodka, if you wish to use this baby toy for yourself), this novelty water bottle is perfect for taking along with you on your parent-baby adventures!

It has never been more important to keep yourself and your little one(s) hydrated, and now you can, while also giving your friends and family something to laugh about in the midst of an uncertain future.

For the safest use and best results, we recommend that you (or your lucky new parents) hand wash the bottle after every use, especially if it’s going to be used by both parents and baby, to keep everyone as safe as possible throughout your angel’s first Christmas…

7. LED Snowflake Night Light Projector – Amazon

So, the last few months have left you frazzled, fried and notably un-festive, with far too many nights spent cradling your so-called ‘bundle of joy’ back to sleep after waking up to a frightening pitch-black room. As a result, you at your wit’s end, insomnia beyond a joke at this point.

What could possibly get you that all-important rest you’ve been craving so desperately?


In terms of Christmas gifts, the LED Snowflake Night Light Projector from Blue_Bone on Amazon is, by far, the best practical and unique gift that you can give to your baby this Christmas.

This nightlight helps new mothers just like you to ease your baby into a blissful, fear-free sleep comforted by a subtle yet pretty snowflake pattern that allows you to catch up on hours of lost beauty sleep, leaving you refreshed for the joyful day ahead.

The adorable night light also helps your panicked, postpartum mind to relax, with a large light range and 360-degree rotation that keeps your baby well in sight at all times, leaving you to enjoy the festivities in peace, knowing your baby is always safe and sound.

Included with this nightlight is an infrared remote control, with simple, easy-to-read buttons that allow you to switch modes, adjust the brightness and set the built-in timers. Why does this matter? Well, as your baby grows and develops into toddlerhood, you can teach them to control their light by themselves, leaving you to prepare their first scrumptious Christmas dinner utterly undisturbed.

What are you waiting for? Get Blue_Bone’s LED Snowflake Night Light today, and transition into a refreshed, well-rested boss of a mum!

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Final Thoughts on What to Buy for a Baby’s First Christmas 

Christmas is a stressful time for most but for no-one more than mothers who have welcomed a newborn into the world over the last few months.

You are already stretched wafer-thin between the complex responsibilities and emotions that come with being a new mum; you don’t need to be stressing about what Christmas gift to get them so they get to experience the festive day in all of its golden glory.

We hope that, by putting together this shortlist of the seven best gifts for what to buy for your baby’s first Christmas, we have helped to lighten the load, even if it is just a little.

Because your first Christmas as a new mother and baby should only ever be filled with peaceful, rest, and plenty of seasonal joy.

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What to Buy for Baby’s First Christmas | 7 Gift Ideas

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