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7 Best Christmas Village Sets and Accessories to Buy in 2022

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Christmas Village Sets and the History Behind the Cute Tradition

Whether you’re in it for the dutifully wrapped and thoughtfully-bought presents, the joyful memories to be made with your loved ones, or you’re a die-hard worshipper filling your home with Jesus-themed gifts and nativity scenes fit for the Son of God Himself, there is a Christmas tradition for everyone.

The tradition of building Christmas village sets has been around for years and is rooted in the late 18th-century holiday custom of the Protestant Moravian church.

Back in those days, these elaborate miniature displays took the form of expansive landscapes filled with biblical animals and nativity-esque scenes reminiscent of the birth of Jesus itself.

Over time, however, these festive scenes grew to include a myriad of realistic buildings, water features, and other typical elements you would normally expect to find in a quaint English town.

Nowadays, you can create an entire Christmas Village scene with just one building, such as the Elf Workshop from Lemax Collection, or with a whole set, like the Collection 32-Piece Set from CharmedbyDragons.

Go ahead and continue reading to find your perfect Christmas Village Set to take your festive space into the seasonal stratosphere!

5 Best Christmas Village Sets & Accessories You’ll Love

1. Hand-Painted Animated Tabletop Christmas Village Set – Best Choice Products

Hand-Painted Animated Tabletop Christmas Village Sets

Part of the BestChoiceProducts range, the Hand-Painted Animated Tabletop Christmas Village Set features detailed pieces handcrafted to make a perfect starter set, or a beautiful addition to your seasonal decor, bringing a touch of whimsy, traditionalism, and elegance to your festive home.

These animated tabletop Christmas village sets come with 4 buildings,  including a snow-dusted restaurant where your figures can indulge in a turkey-filled feast; a fairy-lit public house where your revelers can drown themselves in the finest of ales; and finally, a delightful bakery bursting with fresh dough and winter treats fit to keep your town well fed throughout the festive season.

This Christmas village set is also built with a functioning train that moves through a tunnel on a rotating track, taking your festive figurines to and fro on their journey across the winterscape.

If you’re stuck for a flat surface or space to display your seasonal masterpiece, there is no need! – Your BCP animated Christmas village set makes for some versatile tabletop decor, given that it’s small enough to decorate your entryway table or adorn the centerpiece of your dining table.

Concerned about the hassle of hanging fiddly lights like most village sets tend to require? Fear not! This set comes pre-fitted with fiber-optic lights that illuminate the buildings, trees, and stairways in this charming town center scene.

Unlike LED lights, fiber-optic lighting also does not emit any heat at its output, resulting in a much safer, eco-conscious, long-lasting means of lighting your festive winter scene.

Even better, your hand-painted, animated Christmas village sets are battery-operated, saving you those all-important pennies you can put towards next year’s secret Christmas holiday stash!

2. 2020 Collection 32-Piece Christmas Village Set – Charmed by Dragons

2020 Collection 32-Piece Christmas Village Set

The Christmas Village 2020 Collection comes with 32 pieces, including houses, buildings, figurines, trees, and other accessories,  making this the ideal starter set for those looking to get into miniatures or add some festive cheer to their expanding miniature display.

Included with this holiday set are four detailed buildings, including a General Store, Steepled Church, Brick Home, and Antique Shop crafted with high-quality, long-lasting materials sure to add charm and festive cheer to your Christmas holiday display.

Each building includes an opening at the bottom for an LED battery-operated tealight candle that isn’t included but can easily and safely illuminate your festive Christmas village scene.

With twenty-one character figurines and accessories to choose from, you can create a bustling town square scene reminiscent of the Black Friday scramble, bringing the excitement of the real world into your delightful decor!

This jubilant Christmas village set also comes with six Christmas trees in varying styles: Snow-dusted, Snow-capped, and White, sprinkling your seasonal scene with a sense of snowy wonder, bringing the joy right into your front room, without any of the real-life mess!

Also included is one snowy drape that transforms your village set into a snow-covered winter wonderland fit for the likes of Queen Elsa and the whole Frozen crew of Arundel combined, all within a flash!

3. LED-Illuminated Christmas Village Set – ZornRC

LED-Illuminated Christmas Village Sets

Shopping with the health of the environment in mind? This miniature LED-illuminated Christmas Village Set from ZornRC features a Church, a Clock Tower, 2 Houses, 4 Pine Trees, 1 Street Lamp, 1 Mother & Daughter figurine set, 1 Couple, and, last but not least, 1 Santa Claus figurine to populate your cheerful Christmas scene.

Upgraded design: batteries are now included in this set, so no more panic-rushing to the local off-license on Christmas Eve – now you can simply light up your winter wonderland with the flick of a button, with each house/building ready to use once unpacked!

The warm LED lights lend your winter scene a touch of seasonal glow, bringing your village and all of your vibrant characters to life with the flick of a button.

Quaint and cozy, this unique Christmas village set is remarkably lightweight, weighing just 1.5lbs for easy maneuverability if you decide to move it around throughout the Christmas season.

Finally, the tallest building is just 4.33 inches high, meaning that this Christmas village set is the perfect ideal size for decorating under the Christmas tree with: simply set up the houses next to each other, switch on the lights, and voila!

4. Animated Moving Santa & Reindeer Sleigh with Choir Singing Snow Christmas Village Set – Top Treasures

What is a Christmas village set without our adorable Santa savior and his rambunctious reindeer to fly around delivering his bountiful gifts to all your village’s sweet patrons?

The truth is, no set is truly complete without an animated Santa and Reindeer Sleigh and snow-topped village set from Top Treasures to highlight the wonderful Christmas tradition with elegance!

You might have everything an elf could ever need to craft their gorgeous hand-crafted gifts; you might have a whole square dedicated to Christmas shopping in the village center; and, you might even have an ice rink for your characters to glide on, what’s the point of it all if Santa’s not there to oversee the festivities?

And, if the thought of rushing around trying to find all the separate bits and pieces to make your holiday scene leaves you reaching for the mulled wine a little early, then worry not! –

– No more scrabbling around on your hands and knees, nails rifling deep inside your carpet trying to find that one tiny screw that’s supposed to hold everything together – this animated Santa and Reindeer Snow Village set from Top Treasures comes neatly packaged in one unified unit, ensuring your gorgeous holiday Christmas village set stays beautifully intact throughout the festive season.

Pre-fitted LED lights? Yes, please! This animated Christmas village set comes with pre-fitted LED lights so that you can watch over your ‘flock’ and keep the Christmas sunshine going all winter long!

Finally,  this Christmas village set comes with a built-in music player that plays up to 8 different Christmas songs as your Santa and his reindeer bounce along to the festive beat. So you can really get the party started this Christmas, with a handy music player built right into your decor.

Get your hands on this gorgeous piece today!

5. Christmas Village Set Elf Workshop – Lemax Collection

Christmas Village Set Elf Workshop

The Elf Workshop Christmas Village Set comes from Santa’s Wonderland Collection, part of the ever-expanding catalog of adorable Christmas village sets, figures, and assorted Christmas accessories available through the Lemax Collection, a worldwide leader in collectible villages.

This village set comes fashioned out of a polyresin and porcelain mix, so it’s built to last, so you can give your elven figurines a home away from home year upon year!

The Elf Workshop is also easily illuminated with a hidden ‘On/Off’ switch hidden under the base of the building, allowing you to bring some much-needed winter glow to your village scene, without harming the environment or putting you or your loved ones at risk.

At 7.32 inches tall and 6.46 inches wide, the Elf Workshop from Lema Collection will fit in perfectly with most other village sets, so you don’t have to worry about finding other bits to match – mix and match as you please, and let your cute village town do the talking!

Finally, this set comes with plug-in power, for hours of uninterrupted Christmas joy, all night long!

6. Tabletop Winter LED Tea Light Boxed Figurine & Christmas Village Set – Mark Feldstein & Associates

Tabletop Winter LED Tea Light Boxed Figurine & Christmas Village Sets

Fragile but stunning, this porcelain Tabletop Winter LED Tea Light Boxed Figurine & Christmas Village Set is made for display only, built to last if handled with care, and beautiful from every angle! 

Part of the Mark Feldstein & Associates winter collection, this set comes with 13 hand-crafted fir trees scrupulously shaped for accuracy and flecked with artificial snow for realism, alongside 9 blank white village buildings coated with a delicate layer of subtle glitter for a luxurious festive sparkle to bring a touch to any party space.

Alternatively, if you’re not a massive fan of the plain glitter, you could add some of your own sparkles into the mix by painting your buildings to match your village theme and give your scene an overall streamlined appearance.

So, if you’re an avid crafter with a steady hand and a keen eye for detail, then these blank Christmas buildings are perfect for adding your own personal touch and customizing your village to your ideal standards.

Finally, this village set handily comes with 18 battery-operated tea lights to light up the buildings from within. What does that mean? Well, this means you get 9 whole replacement battery-operated tea lights…completely for FREE! Now you can change your ‘bulbs’ in a flash, and you never have to worry about leaving your serene scene in the dark for too long!

Get your hands on this all-inclusive, delightfully darling boxed figurine and Christmas village set today!

7. Harry Potter Village Hogwarts Hall & Tower Christmas Village Set – Department 56

Department 56 is widely known as being the first company to have brought the tradition of crafting stunning Christmas villages to the mass market.

In particular, the Harry Potter Village Hogwarts Hall & Tower Christmas Village Set is the ideal gift for Harry Potter fans across the globe, with hand-painted details sure to transport you right into the magical grounds themselves!

This holiday village set from Department 56 comes with built-in LED lighting powered by an included A/C adapter so you don’t have to waste all of Christmas day hanging the finicky lights yourself, leaving you free to enjoy the festivities!

At a whopping 13.07 inches in height, this Harry Potter Village Hall & Tower could easily be the staple in your village, catching the eye of curious onlookers and party guests alike.

Fly high in pursuit of the Golden Snitch, and combine your tower with the Landscape Accessory Set to take Hogwarts right into the winter term, and transform your Christmas village set into a magical wonderland fit for muggles, witches, death eaters, and wizards alike!

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Christmas Village Sets

Where to Buy Christmas Village Sets

Traditionally, your fir tree should be front and center in the scope of your Christmas decor.  

HOWEVER – there is nothing to say you cannot emphasize and illuminate your tree with a charming Christmas village set, lit up with a warm glow to fill your neighbors with envy they never thought they could feel.

Whether you are more of a die-hard traditionalist with a penchant for biblical scenes, or you are a fan of the modern sets, and you’re looking for something the whole family will appreciate, Amazon is the best place to look for your next Christmas village set.

They have options for everybody: from pieces straight out of the National Lampoon set to magical buildings flown right out of the Harry Potter landscape, you can be sure to find the right Christmas Village set(s) for you!

The Best Christmas Village Set - Open for Christmas

How to Decorate a Christmas Village Set

Whether your Christmas village is small, large, beautifully streamlined, or wonderfully mismatched, there are a few simple steps you should always follow to ensure your Christmas village display set is as stunning as it can be throughout the festive season.

Step 1: Determine the Size of Your Display

The size of your display depends on the number of houses you plan to have, so count out your houses, measure them and determine the rough square footage you’ll need to accommodate them all in a balanced way.

To space out your scene appropriately, add between 2 inches and 8 inches of space between each building for close-knit towns and sprawling countrysides respectively.

Step 2: Choose Your Display Space

Find a solid, vacant, flat surface: this could be a table, shelf,  or mantlepiece.

Alternatively, you could DIY it: cut a pallet down to size or fill shoeboxes and paint over/cover them.

The added bonus of DIY-ing it is that it gives you added customization options for wiring and more.

Step 3: Decide on a Style or Theme

As with Step 1, you have to identify the style or theme your Christmas village will take in order to determine what pieces you will include and how your village will come together as a whole unit at the end.

You can use your theme to determine everything from layout to accessories.

Step 4: Add Your Artificial Ground

Most village sets come with the snowy ground included, but individual pieces or buildings don’t. In this case, you can use fabric, carpet, or any other material you can find that looks and feels like snow.

Alternatively, you can opt to simply buy some premade fake snow online, such as Department 56‘s own 4-liter bag of Fresh Fallen Snow.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches – Accessories and Figurines

Finally, you need to add the finishing touches, including the figurine characters you want to populate your scene, and the accessories that will bring it to life.

Place the piece(s) that require plugs first so you know for sure that they will reach the socket(s).

Work from largest pieces to smallest piece, placing these in symmetrical patterns and spacing them evenly to anchor the display.

To finish it all off, fill any big empty spaces with trees and other accessories, which don’t need to be symmetrical or evenly spaced, but do need to make sense and have an uncluttered overall appearance.

The Best Christmas Village Set Lit Up - Open for Christmas

Final Thoughts

Christmas shopping is stressful enough as it is when you have gifts, feasts, and festive additions galore to shop for, let alone all the decor we’re generally expected to adorn our homes with, especially when each family member has different ideas or what looks good.

To find a Christmas village set that blends seamlessly with your other decor, brings a spark of joy to your space, and offers a sweet reminder of what Christmas really means and how it matters to you, is no easy task.

All we can hope is that, by putting together this handy list of the best Christmas village sets on offer on Amazon today, you can find the perfect set to bring warmth to your home and keep the festive spark alive throughout the festive season…

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