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13 Top Tabletop Trees | Best Mini Christmas Tree with Lights

Woman Decorating the Best Small Mini Christmas Tree With Lights and Decorations - Open for Christmas

Pre Lit, Decorated & Outdoor Small Christmas Trees To Light Up Your Home

As Christmas approaches, many people are putting up their Christmas trees. Everyone would have to have their décor yelling, “Merry Christmas.” 

There are many Christmas trees, and therefore there’s no need to look like any other person. Instead, be creative in your way and make your décor outstanding. 

Small Christmas trees add a festive finishing touch both indoors and outdoors. And wherever you position your tree, they look magical, especially when twinkling with warm, cozy lights.

Whether they’re used to decorate your office desk, as a bathroom accessory, a centerpiece, as your main Christmas tree, or even outdoors to greet guests into your home, the options are endless.

And the fact they can complete any space only makes them even more special.

Here at Open for Christmas, we like to make things easy for you so we’ve put together our top picks of the best mini Christmas tree with lights around. 

Best Mini Christmas Tree With Lights - Open for Christmas

Some people prefer to add their own string LED lights to choose their own color (warm white, white, multicolored) as the options are endless. Or, they’re specific about how many lights they like on the tree. 

So, to make things even easier, we’ve also included some decorated trees with the ornaments for even less decorating to do.

If you’re searching for a mini pre lit tree, a decorated tree or an outdoor tree, read on to find the best tabletop Christmas trees around.

In this article you can find: 

  • Tabletop tree with lights
  • 2ft tabletop christmas tree
  • Decorated mini Christmas trees
  • 3 foot tabletop christmas trees
  • Outdoor small Christmas trees
If you’re looking for advice and ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree, head to our article: How To Put Tinsel On A Christmas Tree & Decorate Like A Pro.

The Best Mini Christmas Trees with Lights

A mini tabletop Christmas tree with lights is both practical and convenient by removing the time of finding fairy lights and carefully wrapping them around the tree. 

Best Mini Christmas Tree With Lights - Open for Christmas

We’ve researched the best pre-lit trees on Amazon, and found the cream of the crop. 

Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree with White UL Lights 

Green mini Christmas tree with lights and gold base

It is one of the many mini fake Christmas trees with lights. This tree weighs 2.92 pounds and is burgundy in color. Made of PVC, the tree looks like a real fir tree. 

It does not require any assemblance as it comes with pre-lit artificial branches, which give it a sparkling look. The tree has 71 discretely tailor-made branches making it look natural and resemble a tree with life. 

Because the manufacturer sets the lights and makes the branches well, setting up this tree is very easy. It gives you that convenience, and you can also disassemble it easily. 

The tree is made to last long and can serve you over many holidays. Another thing to note is the golden burlap base that lasts long (we all know that canvas does not wear and tear easily).  

The tree’s UL lights will serve you even if the bulb burns out. It also has needles that are fire-resistant and will not cause you any allergic reactions. 

This tree from a reputable brand (National Tree Company) in the US stands at two feet tall and has an 18 inches wide base.  

Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree with LED Lights 

Best Flocked Mini Christmas Tree with Pine Cones and Lights

The tree is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you will be placing it in the outdoors, it should not be in the open. 

Being under something like a tent will make it serve you right. It brings the Christmas atmosphere to any room. 

You can set up this tree at the office, in the living room, or bedroom. The tree has 70 discretely crafted branches, which make it look attractive. 

You use a battery to operate the LED lights, and they could run for over 6 hours. It stands at 2 feet tall and has a golden burlap base that is attractive and lasts long.    

National Tree Spruce 

This tree stands at 3 feet tall, and you can use it on a tabletop or desk. It is unique, as it has 363 branch tips. The tree is suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor occasions.  

Another unique feature of this Christmas tree is the built-in lighting system with 50 battery-operated warm white LED lights, and the lights will be on for over 6 hours if the timer is on and 18 hours off-timer.

The 25-inch golden burlap base will add to the festive mood.  

Decorated Mini Christmas Trees with Lights and Baubles 

Baubles add extra beauty and appeal to your Christmas tree. 

You can choose to add some “flavor” to the Christmas atmosphere in your home by buying Christmas trees with lights and baubles. 

Best Mini Christmas Tree With Lights & Baubles - Open for Christmas

Perfect if you’re stuck for time, or Christmas decorating is not your forte.

MAOYUE Snowy Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you’re a fan of a flocked Christmas tree, this could be the tree for you. Beautiful subdued, this is a classic snowy tree with silver baubles and a glittery statement star topper.

This battery-powered tree features a silver tree top star, 6 pine cones, 24 silver balls, and 13.1ft string lights with 25 warm lights. It’s the perfect addition to any desk or dining table.

The elegant mini tree also has 8 settings for the LED lights so you can change the mode depending on your mood.

It’s worth noting that this tree does not come pre-assembled with the lights and decorations attached, but this way you can decorate the tree to your preference.

If you’re wondering what a flocked Christmas tree is, and how to flock your own tree like a pro, check out our article: What is a flocked Christmas tree?

QBK Small Christmas Tree with Lights 

The QBK mini Christmas tree with lights and decorations will grab your attention more than any other Christmas tree. 

The tree comes with many decorations like small drums, pine cones, letter cards, Christmas balls, candy, and color LED light. 

It’s suitable for the do it yourself (DIY) home décor, according to your liking and creativity, whilst adding any personal or additional ornaments to complete the tree. 

This tree is the perfect tabletop Christmas tree, and you can easily set it up and disassemble. 

It also has A LED light string that is 3 meters long to provide flashing lights, and emits warm light that illuminates the whole room, setting up the festive mood. 

Liecho 24 Inch Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree 

The 24-inch tabletop Christmas tree comes with red berries, Christmas ball ornaments, a golden treetop star, and 2 LED light strings (one warm white, one color). 

The lights require 3 AA batteries, which you buy separately. You can set the lights according to your preference – whether you want a steady on display or a flashing display.  

Because the tree travels over long distances for delivery, the company does not deliver it pre-installed. You install it yourself, and the process is simple.

It’s the perfect tabletop tree to lighten your Christmas mood.  

Minterest Mini Christmas Tree with Christmas Tree Skirt 

The Minterest mini Christmas tree is another fake mini Christmas tree with lights. Its package comes with many decorations, including Christmas balls, a present box, and greeting cards.

The tree is an ideal mood setter for the festive season as it resembles a real pine tree. The good thing about this tree is that you can use it either indoors or outdoors. 

It ensures you remain neat as it has a Christmas tree skirt, and you get no fallen pine needles. As a product of non-toxic PVC, you and your family are safe.  

Because the tree has around 50 branches, setting it up may take some time, up to 10 minutes. You may encourage children to join in helping you assemble, which will be a great Christmas activity. 

This tree can be on the dining table, office desk, or even kitchen and may serve you on multiple occasions.  

iPEGTOP 24″ Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree  

The tabletop mini Christmas tree comes with glitter balls, gift boxes, and a mini tree topper. 

Although it is a fake Christmas tree, the decorations make your room lively during the Christmas period. 

The tree is 24 inches tall, with a sturdy metal stand and a plastic base. The durability of the mini Christmas tree makes it able to serve you over and over again. 

The Best Outdoor Mini Christmas Trees 

Outdoor mini trees will set the mood if you are celebrating your Christmas outdoors. Not to mention impress your neighbors and passers by.

Best Snowy Flocked Small Mini Christmas Tree With Lights - Open for Christmas

You can get your artificial Christmas tree outside and hang the LED bulbs on them.

MorTime 2 PACK 30 Inch Mini Artificial Christmas Tree 

The tree weighs 3.94 pounds and stands at 2.5 feet tall. The material used to make the tree is ultra-realistic PVC and is non-toxic. 

The pack comes with 66 LED lights and a metal stand. The lights give a warm white glow that leaves an eye-catching spectacle.  

With a metal stand, you can insert the base into the earth. The metal does not rust and can serve you for the next holiday. 

You can display the MorTime outdoor mini Christmas tree at the entrance, near the fireplace, or anywhere outdoor. Also, you can buy it and give it to a friend as a gift. 

Victostar Artificial Christmas Tree Mini Xmas Pine Tree 

The Victostar Artificial Christmas tree is one of the Christmas trees that are durable and can serve you more than one season. It comes with a lot of decorations. 

The decorations include 25 balls of 5 different colors, 50 warm yellow LED lights, star treetops, and around 75 tree branches. 

The small Christmas tree can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

It is made of PVC and metal material, making it waterproof. The metal stand helps the tree to stay firm and straight. The tree has a red skirt base, which helps add firmness.  

With more than 50 yellow LED lights, you get to experience beautiful colors, especially when they shine on the Christmas balls. It is ideal for any family, whether with kids or not, as the colors will lighten your mood.  

Homeable Mini Christmas Tree 

Best Mini Christmas tree with lights

Imagine your home having small lovely, twinkling sparkles! You can get this mini artificial Christmas tree with lights and give your home that bubbly festive mood. 

You can use the beautiful small trees to decorate your front yard or back yard.  

The package has four trees, and that is undoubtedly going to grab the attention of anyone around. When you switch on the timer, it runs for 8 hours. 

The battery may last up to 16 hours if the timer is off. Homeable mini Christmas tree is all you need to make your festive season joyous. 

Juegoal 3-Ft Christmas Tree 

This two-pack of Christmas trees make a beautiful statement. You can place the Christmas tree at your entrance to get anyone visiting the festive mood.

The tree resembles a real tree, and it has 82 well-crafted branches. With 100 LED warm white bulbs, the pre-lit tree illuminates the home and makes the night appear beautiful.  

The sturdy golden urn base makes the tree stable, perfect for any windy weather, and also gives it a unique look.

A unique feature of the Juegoal tree is its eight lighting modes from which you choose – Combination, In waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady on. 

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Mini Christmas Tree with Lights

The festive season is when friends and family have time to celebrate together. As such, you need to make sure that you set the right mood for everyone to enjoy the season. 

Whether that’s with a mini Christmas tree with lights, a decorated tree or an outdoor tree, they can help you create the right mood. 

The trees can also serve the purpose of making your home appear unique, and your creativity and taste will make you stand out.  

We really hope this article has been helpful and you’ve found the perfect tabletop tree for your home to take your holiday decor to the next level. 

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