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17 Best Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything & Unique Toddler Gifts

What to Buy a Toddler Who Has Everything - Open for Christmas

Find the Perfect Present for The Little Tot In Your Life

Shopping for gifts for the child who has everything is never easy. 

And it’s especially difficult when you’ve been hit with the “No more toys!” rule from their parents. 

Or maybe you’re shopping for your own children who you know very well already have more than enough stuff. 

But, the sight of a tree with just a couple of presents under it just feels wrong. 

So, how do we find the best gifts for toddlers who have everything, that they’ll actually use and/or appreciate? 

We’ve packed this gift guide full of unique toddler gifts so you can find the perfect gifts for the toddlers who have everything. 

Of course, we can’t promise these gifts will become their favorite item. 

After seeing many kids playing with bins and utensils, who knows what would actually be on a little tot’s Christmas wish list

We’ve split our gift suggestions for toddlers up into the following categories. 

You can jump to the one that suits the little one the best, or read through them all. 

  • Unique Toddler Gift Ideas (Not Toys)
  • What to Buy the Boy Who Has Everything
  • Toddler Gifts for the Little Girl Who Has Everything
  • Thoughtful Gifts For Kids

17 Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything and Non Toy Toddler Gifts

Unique Toddler Gift Ideas (Not Toys)

If a child’s parents have explicitly asked you not to buy any toys, buying toddler Christmas or birthday gifts can be slightly tricky. 

AyeKu Baby Balance Bike 

Baby Balance Bike - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

This bike is designed for children to increase balance, coordination, and strength. 

It can be used indoors and outdoors, and you can choose between blue, pink and yellow. 

Whether they prefer to push it whilst walking or sit on the seat, the steering is limited to 50 degrees so there’s less risk of any falls. 

The product says it’s suitable for ages 10-24 months, but many reviewers say that their 3-year-olds still enjoy riding along on it. 

Baby University Board Book Set 

Book Set - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

For the little geniuses. 

The Baby University books are a bestselling educational series written by an expert that features colorful, simple introductions to scientific principles for babies. 

We’ve gifted some of these books before ourselves, and aren’t ashamed to admit that we learned a lot whilst reading through them! 

This particular series is science-based, covering topics like quantum physics and rocket science, but definitely check out the author’s other books too. 

Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic Spinning Activity 

Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

This super fun activity for toddlers around 18 months and up gets them whirling and twirling. 

Plus, it helps them practice balance, coordination, and motor skills.

One reviewer says that this was a winner with their youngster who refuses to play with toys. 

The top stays still and they use it to pull themselves around on the rotating base. 

Handstand Kitchen 17-piece Introduction to Baking Set

Intro to Baking Kit - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Spark, or encourage, their inner-baker with this adorable introduction to baking set. 

They’ll have their very own set of baking tools that they can use to help with whatever’s been cooked up in the kitchen. 

We couldn’t find an age on this kitchen set, but one happy reviewer commented:

“My 2 and 3 yr old want to help in the kitchen so badly, but everything I use is too big for them to handle. These are perfect! I have to admit I like the whisk the best and use it myself without the kids.”

What to Buy the Boy Who Has Everything

Although we’ve named this category with gender, we’re using this loosely. We’ve based this on ‘typical’ stereotypes of boys and girls interests, but we all know that this is often not

Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Boys’ 3-Pack Loose Fit Fleece Pajamas 

Loose Pyjamas - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Three sets of gripper-foot pajamas, with a load of fun patterns to choose from. 

Suitable for boys and girls, you could even let them pick their favorite pattern from the selection. 

And they’re super cozy and snuggly, but don’t just take our word for it…

One reviewer’s daughter said they’re as soft as a beaver! 

“As soon as they arrived and were washed we put them on and she said “these are as soft as a beaver!” though she’s never even seen a live beaver, let alone felt one, so you can just take that as they are very soft and comfy.”

SupMLC Aqua Magic Doodle Mat 

Doodle Mat - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Messy play, but clean! Hooray! 

Kids can draw on it with the included water pens with no mess. 

Once the water dries, the drawing disappears. 

A great gift for toddlers who like drawing on big surfaces like freshly painted walls, doors, and cupboards. 

This one is a larger model, so make sure the measurements will fit the playroom or living room. 

Dino Time Whimsy Plush Fleece Throw Blanket 

Fleece Throw Blanket - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Their new favorite blanket! 

For the toddler who loves dinosaurs, this adorable soft blanket makes a great accessory for a chair or a new blanket for their bed. 

And it’s designed to be lightweight, so you can stow it away in your backpack or luggage for ultimate comfort in a car, bus or plane.

Fire Truck Ride on Wiggle Car by Lil’ Rider  

Fire Truck Ride - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

This Ride on Wiggle Car by Lil’ Rider is a safe, easy to operate, ride-on toy that doesn’t require pedals or batteries.

Simply just twist, wiggle, and go! Also comes with fire truck themed decals, that your future little firefighter will surely love.

The produced is suggested for toddlers 2 years and up, so they’ll love their little Wiggle Car for years to come.

JUMELLA Lawn Mower Bubble Machine for Kids 

Bubble Machine Blower for Toddlers

Who doesn’t love bubbles? 

And since toddlers just love to push things along, this lawn mower bubble machine is sure to be a winner. 

The ‘lawnmower’ is super lightweight and electric, so it can produce realistic sounds and make more than 2000+ bubbles per minute automatically. 

It’s fun, encourages kids to do outdoor activities, and lets them help mom or dad “mow” the lawn.

Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, a Halloween gift, or a prize or reward, boys and girls will love this electric lawn mower. 

Colwelt Kids Gardening Tool Set  

Gardening Tool Set - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Another one for helping out in the garden, this fun gardening set will let them do their bit of gardening. 

There are some bigger sets on Amazon that includes a wheelbarrow for them to push around the garden, but we weren’t sure if the trowel and other pieces were a bit dangerous for toddlers. 

This set is baby-friendly (with parental guidance) and is great for sandpits, wet-play, or just digging up worms in the mud. 

Toddler Gifts for the Little Girl Who Has Everything

Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent for Girls with LED Star Lights 

Playhouse Tent for Little Girls - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

We aren’t going to lie, we’d be happy with this magical fairy tent complete with star lights. 

How cozy does this look! 

Perfect for a bedroom or playroom. 

And a major bonus, it is made of hard-wearing materials that allow you to simply apply safe cleaning solutions and wipe the playhouse clean!

Battat – Grocery Cart with Pretend Play Food Accessories

Grocery Kart - Gift Idea for Toddler

Let’s go grocery shopping: this sturdy toy grocery cart is perfect for tiny hands and big imaginations.

Some reviewers say it can be a bit flimsy, but others say it’s great. 

We think as long as they aren’t using the trolley as a stabilizer to take their weight whilst walking it should be fine. 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your toddler occupied in the supermarket, this little pretend shopping trolley is a fab activity.


LeapFrog 2-in-1 Leaptop Touch

LeadFrog Game - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

Get a laptop and tablet in one with the 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch. 

Kids can learn about letters, numbers, music, and more on a laptop that’s made just for them. 

Toddlers can also pretend to be like mom and dad with role-play activities like emailing Scout.

Choose between two color options, green or pink. 

Thoughtful Gifts For Kids

Stainless Steel Time Capsule 

Steel Time Capsule - Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything - Open for Christmas

This is a great activity for kids to do, either for themselves or to bury for somebody else to find in years to come. 

This time capsule is designed to last, so you can be sure nothing inside will be damaged by rust or water. 

Fill the time capsule with anything you and your toddler want. 

We think it would be great to document the process and make a mini-movie of ‘The Day We Made a Time Capsule’, to show them when they’re older. 

They can then decide whether to dig it up themselves, or to leave it for somebody else to discover. 

(Just remember to make a note of where it’s buried in case they want to dig it up themselves!)

Take a look at this article from for ideas on what to put inside.

My Time Capsule – A Keepsake for my Future Self

Time Capsule - Open for Christmas

Similar to the above, but this is one for them to keep. 

Spend a day filling it with keepsakes like a sock, a cherished toy, a drawing or their name, or anything you want. 

Add in some photos of them and their family and friends. 

You could write down some stories and memories you have of them for them to read when they’re older. 

Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Mother’s Guided Journal 

Gift Ideas - Open for Christmas

A gift for Mom and for them. 

Mom fills out the journal with stories, advice, and lessons from their life which they can pass on to their kids and their kids’ kids. 

One Question a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal 

Gift Idea - Open for Christmas

An activity for them to do for years, which they fill in every day with a guardian. 

They can then keep the book forever and look back at their answers over the years.

It’s a great alternative to a toy that will get them thinking. 

Plus, you’ll get some very funny answers too. 

17 Best Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything & Unique Toddler Gifts – Final Thoughts 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best gifts for toddlers who have everything. 

We’ve tried to find lots of unusual and unique toddler gifts that they won’t already have, and some useful presents too. 

Whether you were looking for non toy gifts for toddlers or gifts for spoiled brats, we hope you’ve found some gifts you like and that you’ve enjoyed reading the post. 

We particularly love the thoughtful gifts in here, as they are lovely activities for the family as well as making a momentum. 

Do you have a favorite from our list? Let us know in the comments if you decide on one of these gifts, and whether or not the toddler in your life is a fan. 

If you enjoyed this gift buying guide for kids and would like some more inspiration, take a look at some of our similar posts below. 

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