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17 Exciting Ways on How to Make Santa Tracks


How to Make Santa Seem Real with Magical Tracks at Home

Christmas is a magical time for children and adults alike. And Santa is a huge part of that excitement and fun at Christmas time. So, bring Santa into your home this Christmas.

Embrace the season and keep the magic alive this Christmas with these tips on how to make Santa tracks.


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How to Make Magical Santa Tracks

1. Write a Letter to Santa

Get children to write their letter to Santa with a list of everything they are wishing for this Christmas. 

Don’t forget to have a peek at the list, or take a photo if you get chance before it gets sealed in the envelope. Or help them to write it so you know exactly what they’re asking for.

Address the letter to:
Santa/Father Christmas 
Santa’s Grotto 

Take it to the post box and off it goes to the North Pole! If you add a return address and your full name, then you may also be lucky to receive a letter back from Santa.


2. Have Santa Write a Letter Back

Start a new tradition and get Santa to write a letter to you. 

Use Santas Red Letter for a genuine-looking letter from Santa. You can personalise your letter, and it comes with a wax seal and a North pole postmark. 

We can guarantee they will not want to throw it away. 

If you prefer to DIY, make sure to write in a different font so the writing does not look anything like your own. Kids are clever and that’s exactly the type of thing they will be looking out for.

3. Have Santa Call 

Download the ‘Personalised Call from Santa’ app and have Santa call your child, whether they have been naughty or nice. 

This app lets you have a personalised phone call from Santa with a list of unique messages to choose from. They will be thrilled to have Santa call and send a special message.

4. Make Santa Footprints

Buy a footprint stencil or grab a large shoe and use artificial snow, snow spray or flour to leave some footprints from the fireplace to the stockings.

If you’re using flour, spray the bottom of the shoe to let the flour stick and walk a few steps on the floor with the shoes on to make footprints.

5. Leave a Magic Key

Children can get suspicious of Santa being able to squeeze down a chimney. Or if you don’t have a fireplace, how does he get in the house?

Well, with a ‘magic key’ of course! Keep suspicions at bay and leave a fake key by the door.


6. Flying License

The perfect way to make Santa tracks? Get Santa to accidentally leave something behind. A glove, a boot, his glasses or perhaps his flying license!?

If you’re having a bit of fun with Santa visiting, or your children are a little older, how about leaving a lost flying license that Santa ‘dropped’ on the floor? Buy a flying licence from Amazon here. It is amazing how genuine it looks!

7. Wrapping Paper

A rooky error is using the same wrapping paper from Santa and from you. There’s no way Santa would be shopping at the same place as you, is there?

Choose wrapping paper and gift tags with ‘north pole express or ‘from Santa’ on it, to make it look like it has come out of the elf factory. You can even buy stickers which imitate delivery stamps and postmarks.

Stick these on gift tags and presents, or use a stamp. Brown kraft wrapping paper looks great with these stickers and a red ribbon. 

8. Personalised Stockings and Gift Sacks

Buy personalised stockings and Santa Express gift sacks, which all add a special touch to make presents look like they have been delivered directly from the North Pole!

9. Nice List Certificate

Let them know how well-behaved they have been, and hand them an authentic ‘nice list’ certificate from Santa. Or, leave it next to their stocking on Christmas morning. Now they know Santa is watching, they will be behaving!


10. A Newspaper

Get Santa to leave a newspaper directly from the North pole on his visit. Who says Santa doesn’t leave an annual newspaper to update you with everything going on at the North Pole? This North Pole Tribune will update them with everything they need to know, and even has some Christmas puzzles at the back!

11. Leave a treat for Santa and Rudolf on Christmas Eve

Of course, Christmas is not Christmas without leaving a little treat for Santa and Rudolf. They are working very hard, after all. Whether, it is cookies and milk or a mince pie, sherry and a carrot you leave out. We love this solid wooden treat tray, and this plate. Don’t forget to grab a marker and some paper to leave a personalized message for Santa! Put it by the fireplace or the front door ready for their special arrival. 

If you want to leave an extra touch, write a quick note from Santa thanking you for the food to keep them going through the night. 


12. Get Excited about Santa!

If Santa is boring to you, then it will be boring to your children. Talk about Santa and get them excited with different activities such as meeting the big guy himself, and baking cookies ready for his visit on Christmas Eve. 

13. Photo Evidence

Do you have CCTV, or a camera to catch Santa in action? Or perhaps you’re good at editing photos. If so, get creative and have a go at planting Santa directly in your living room delivering the gifts. ‘How to make Santa tracks’ has never been more real!

14. Make a Mess

How do we know if Santa really came without some mess as evidence? Knock over the milk or sherry, eat half the carrot and take a bite out of the mince pie. Don’t forget to drop some crumbs and knock over a plant or photo frame. Or leave some mess from the fireplace. Santa is so clumsy!

15. A Stocking Full of Gifts

Of course, leave a stocking out by the fireplace or in the living room for Santa to fill. Fill the stocking with around 10-15 small gifts from Santa for children to open first thing in the morning. Your child’s face will be priceless.

To make the stocking even more special, buy a personalised stocking which you can use for years to come.

Or, continue the tradition and fill a stocking for your partner, husband and family. Who says Santa is just for kids?

16. Track Santa

Santa is now digital and we can track his every movement. Use Norad to track Santa. Watch on Christmas Eve as he flies around the world visiting every home, and when he will visit you.


17. Extra Gift from Santa

And, don’t stop at a stocking full of presents. How about leaving a gift from Santa at the dinner table, or for breakfast? It could just be some chocolates or sweets, but adds to the wow-factor! These drawstring bags are fun, and we also love these clear festive bags to fill with sweets and candies.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Make Santa Tracks

We hope you enjoyed this list and it has given you some great ideas on how to make Santa tracks, and keep the magic of Christmas going for another year. Delay those ‘is Santa real?’ questions by making a big effort this year, and continue the belief and excitement of Santa that little bit longer. 

Plus, who says the fun has to stop with children? Bring some of this fun into any home and spread the magic. Christmas is all about enjoying yourself and spreading joy, so use these magical ideas on family and friends too. 

And, of course, don’t forget about the real meaning of Christmas too and why we celebrate this special time. Have a read of why Christmas is important here.

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17 Exciting Ways on How to Make Santa Tracks

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