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Things to Do This Christmas For The Best Christmas


Activities to Add To Your Bucket List This Christmas

What’s your favourite thing to do at Christmas? There’s so much to look forward to at this time of year. Decorating your Christmas tree, holiday shopping, the lights, spending time with friends and family. The list goes on and on. 

Whether your festive season begins in October or strictly the 1st of December, use this guide packed full of activities for the holiday season to have the best time in the run-up to the big day.

So, get inspired and see how many of these must-dos you can tick-off before Christmas Day.

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24 Things to Do This Christmas

1. Organise a Festive Party

Invite your closest friends and family, or everyone you know and get into your festive spirit together. Christmassy cocktails, mince pies and festive songs are essential.


2. Visit a Winter Market

Whether you visit your local winter market or make a weekend of it there is nothing more magical than enjoying a hot chocolate under all of the lights and shopping for intricate gifts.

Had a read of our post on Christmas markets for some great tips.

3. Do Some Festive Baking

Bake your favourite family treats to enjoy over the festive season. Cookies, chocolate tiffin, cupcakes, gingerbread men, mince pies. The options of endless! Grab yourself a seasonal baking book and get creative.


4. Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Make a day of decorating your tree. Turn up the festive songs and rock around your Christmas tree! Whether you put your tree up in November, 1st December or strictly a few days before the big day, decorate it to the max. The bigger the better with your tree!

5. Wear a Christmas Jumper

If you don’t have a cringy festive jumper sat in your wardrobe then it is time to buy one! Whether you wear it for one day or every day is December is optional. 

6. Drink Hot Chocolate

What is cosier than drinking a mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s evening? Decorate with whipped cream, marshmallows and more cocoa for a truly indulgent treat.


7. Wear Christmas Pyjamas

Get cosy and enjoy the long dark nights with a festive pair of pyjamas. And if that doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, add some festive bedding to match. 

8. Create Your Perfect Christmas Day Menu

Plan in advance and get organised. If you’re creative, print menus and use to decorate your table for the ultimate wow-factor. 

9. Decorate Your House

Don’t just stop with the decorations with your tree! Find some ornaments, Christmas cushions, fairy lights and candles

10. Get Organised

Whatever you do, do not get stressed! The festive season can be overwhelming but with a little planning in advance, you can enjoy every moment. Write your to-do lists, buy gifts in advance, budget your spending and plan your schedule so you can fit everything in! Have a read of our stress-free holiday guide here.

Here is our very own Ultimate Christmas Organiser which will keep you completely stress free and ready for Christmas, so you can enjoy what matters at Christmas – spending time with your loved ones. With 76 pages and 10 categories, this is the ONLY planner you’ll ever need!

Ultimate Christmas Organiser - Open for Christmas

11. Go Carol Singing

Enjoy an evening of carol singing with your friends and family. Join an event or knock on your neighbour’s and treat them to your festive songs. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

12. Send Festive Cards

Seasons greetings! People love to receive a Christmas card. Carry on the tradition and write cards for your family, closest friends and colleagues. Even better – choose cards which donate money to charity.


13. Watch Your Local Christmas Lights Turn On

Visit your local town, and join in the festivities. Enjoy the entertainment, food, activities before the big reveal of the lights!

14. Go Ice Skating

Whether you are a pro or have never skated before – it is fun for everyone! There is something magical about ice skating at Christmas time.

15. Organise a Secret Santa

Choose a group of friends, colleagues or your family and organise a date to exchange your secret Santa gifts and a budget.

Great fun to watch everyone open their presents, and a great saving tip! Do it the old-fashioned way and pull names out of a hat, or use

16. Have a Festive Movie Night 

Organise a night in with family or your closest friends and watch your favourite Christmas films. Make some popcorn, drinks and have mince pies available at arm’s length. For the ultimate night, wear matching Christmas pyjamas!

17. Dance to Seasonal Songs

Cheesy but so fun! Choose your favourite playlist, and get dancing – is there anything better to get you into the Christmas spirit? Alcohol is optional. 

18. Make a Gingerbread House

Bake your gingerbread house yourself, or buy a set already made. The fun part is decorating. And the eating, of course.

19. Drink Eggnog and Mulled Wine

Whether you choose to make it or buy it – it’ll get you feeling Christmassy in no time! Add a mince pie for the ultimate Christmas cherry on top.

20. Make a Wreath

Such a great activity for all ages. Have a go at making your own wreath and decorate with cones, flowers, dried fruits and berries – the options are endless. We can guarantee no one else will have the same wreath. Whether you choose to display it on your front door is up to you.

Take a look at our post on how to make a Christmas wreath in 4 simple steps.


21. Make an Advent Calendar

Start a family tradition and make your own. Either make something from scratch or buy an advent calendar online to decorate, you’ll be able to use it year after year. The only question is – what are you going to fill it with?

22. Turn Your Presents Into Decorations

Upgrade your wrapping with ribbons, bows and gift tags. Perhaps even some present decorations. Your presents will look amazing sitting under your Christmas tree – you will not want anyone to open them.

23. Enjoy a Festive Walk

Dig out your coat, gloves, hat and scarf and venture out for a long winter’s walk. Or how about a walk at night to visit your neighbours and see their bright, festive LED lights


24. Watch Santa on Christmas Eve

Whatever your plans are, make sure to watch Santa on his journey around to world delivering all those presents on Norad. You may even catch him in action if you time it right!

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Things to Do This Christmas For The Best Christmas

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