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12 Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10: 10 Dollar Gift for Dad

Cheap gifts for dad under $10 - Open for Christmas

Best Gifts for Dad Under 10 Dollars

There’s a growing misconception that gifts need to be expensive or special. 

We think you can have great gifts that can be more meaningful and appreciated than the expensive stuff, without putting yourself in financial worry. 

And to prove our point, we’ve put together a list of our favorite cheap gifts for Dad under $10

We want to show that you can still give wonderful presents to those you love, without needing to worry about spending too much. 

And to be honest, it was even easier to find 10 dollar gifts for Dads than we thought it would be!

There are loads of great options out there for affordable gifts that don’t look cheap. 

We think they won’t even notice that you’ve only spent 10 dollars on their gift. 

And after all, nobody will really question how much a gift cost. 

Plus, nobody would want anyone to be spending more than they can comfortably afford.

A gift should be a joy to give and to receive, so don’t feel the pressure to spend loads on gifts if you don’t need or want to. 

We hope our picks for the best gifts for dad under 10 dollars will help you find the perfect present. 

And if not, then we hope you enjoy the read, and thank you for visiting us here at Open For Christmas! 

Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10 – Gifts Under 10 For Him

Whether your shopping for gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or any other day of the year, we’ve picked the best gifts for dad under 10 dollars that he’s sure to love. 

Please note: All of these gifts were under 10 dollars at the time of writing, but prices tend to fluctuate a lot on Amazon. We try and keep our gift guides up to date with products but occasionally we miss some. 

1. Cavertin Men’s Novelty Dad Socks with Gift Box 

We’re starting off our list with an old classic when it comes to dad gifts. 

Socks are a safe bet when it comes to gift-giving, but even though it’s played out, we still think they deserve a spot on our list. 

Socks are always going to be used, so there’s no need to worry about it being one of those dreaded unwanted gifts. 

And novelty socks are going to put a smile on their face, and the faces of whoever sees them. 

We love these Dad Off Duty socks that will let everyone know when that he’s kicking back, he’s not to be disturbed. 

2. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza 

This hilarious card game is wonderfully simple but can keep families and friends occupied for hours. 

It’s becoming increasingly well-known and popular around the US and the world and for good reason. 

Take a look at the video below to find out how to play! 

And if you’re looking for cheap Christmas gifts for dad, they also have a festive version of the game! Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman is an awesome Christmas gift for dad under $10, particularly if he’s already a big fan of the original. 

3. Whiskey Glasses – Set of 2, Perfect for Scotch, Bourbon, and Old Fashioned Cocktails 

Dad’s and whiskey are a match made in heaven. 

This set of two glass whiskey glasses are minimalistic and the perfect vessel for their neat whiskey and whiskey cocktails. 

Whiskey glasses are one of those gifts that seem expensive, but this affordable set is brilliant. 

These make the perfect simple father’s day gifts, and they’ll never know that they cost less than $10! 

4. Best Farter Ever – Funny Dad Mug by Find Funny Gift Ideas

For the dad who isn’t afraid to let rip. 

Maybe he’s even proud of the symphonies he produces!

If you don’t let friends stay in the room with your dad for long in case he decides to embarrass you with his farts, then this is the perfect gift. 

If you’re looking to not spend much on a gift, then choosing a funny/gag gift is a great way to make them smile without breaking the bank. 

5. Millennium Falcon Keychain, Bottle Opener, Star Wars Gift

For the dad who doesn’t shut up about Star Wars!

This bottle opener will be the perfect accessory to their ‘beer and a movie’ nights. 

They’ll particularly like this gift as it will show you actually pay attention when they talk about how much they love Star Wars! 

Ordinary key rings don’t particularly say ‘I thought a lot about this gift’. 

As soon as you tailor it to their interest or hobbies, it is a great way of giving them something they’ll love and use every single day.  

6. HOWOD Magnetic Wristband, Small Tool Gifts for Men

This affordable magnetic wristband is a perfect gift for the man who has everything. 

Speaking of men who have everything, we have another gift guide you might find helpful. 

It is targeted to the UK, but you might be able to find some inspiration: 11 Exceptional Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything (UK).  

If your dad is always working on at least one project at a time, then this handy magnetic wrist band will be greatly appreciated. 

7. 5 Pack Men’s Handkerchiefs

This handkerchief gift set is another one that looks more expensive than it actually is. 

We love the mix of patterns that are included and the premium appearance of the box. 

Handkerchiefs are always going to be used, and we think every dad should have a set. 

They are made of 100% woven cotton. 

Whether it’s a classy pocket square or the old-school cleaning handkerchief you’re looking for, these do it all.

8. Winter Beanie Hat Scarf Set – Fleece-Lined 

How cozy does this set look! 

Perfect for cold winter mornings or walks in the frosty air, this hat and neck warming combo is stylish, cozy and within budget. 

And, sorry if we are repeating ourselves, but we think it looks much more expensive than it actually is. 

Thanks, Amazon! 

If you’re looking for cheap fathers day gift ideas, then look no further. 

9. Runtlly Men’s Winter Cashmere Scarf 

Sticking with the winter-warming theme, this fashionable scarf is a great gift for dads. 

And – guess what we’re going to say next…

It has a very premium look about it! 

They have a range of other patterns and designs available, but this is our personal favorite.

10. Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet

A wallet is a great gift for dads due to its practicality. 

Wallets are one of those things that are used so much they tend to look worn and tired after a while. 

Although they’re not as important as they once were, due to the rise of paying on your phone. 

But we still think it’s important to have a functional old-school wallet on hand. 

This one is super slim and lightweight.

Perfect for traveling, walking around, or taking to work. 

If you do happen to be buying for a dad who likes travel, check out our list of 13 Unique Travel Gifts For Nomads for extra inspiration. 

11. Belts for Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt – Reversible

Another one of those practical gifts for dads that they’ll always appreciate. 

A reversible belt is a perfect combination of looking nice and being functional. 

And if your dad likes going on weekends away or short breaks, then a reversible belt is a wonderful space and weight saver in an overnight bag or mini suitcase. 

Especially if they would never ever make the fashion crime of wearing a brown belt with black trousers! 

12. Cotton Velvet Neck Warmer Super Soft

Another one for the cozy category. 

We think that once dads get to a certain age, they stop going out in shorts and flip-flops mid-winter. 

There’s a certain point where men stop being resistant to freezing temperatures. 

If they’ve hit that age, then they’ll love this super-soft neck warmer. 

And if they aren’t a fan of wearing scarves, then a snood-style warmer is the best compromise that will keep them warm. 

Final Thoughts on 12 Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10: 10 Dollar Gift for Dad

Whether or not you found the gift you were looking for, we hope you’ve enjoyed looking through our cheap gifts for dad under $10. 

We tried to find a wide range of gifts so that there was a variety of options for you to choose from. 

And, if we say so ourselves, we think there are lots of great options in this gift-guide. 

What we’ve learned from this article is that cheap gifts don’t have to look cheap, and we think that with any of these gifts, nobody would know that they were under 10 dollars. 

If you’ve found your perfect 10 dollar gift for dad, let us know what you chose in the comment below – and let us know what they thought! 

Choosing gifts for fathers can be difficult, especially if they already have everything they need. 

We tried to pick gifts that were practical, funny, or stylish but understated. 

Picking presents from those categories is a safe way to choose the perfect gift. 

Useful things are always going to be appreciated by dads, but funny and fashionable are a nice way to mix things up. 

If you’ve enjoyed this gift guide and would like to see more, take a look at our related posts below.

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12 Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10: 10 Dollar Gift for Dad

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