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Best Christmas Cushion Covers in the UK This Year

Merry Christmas Cushion in a Christmas Tree - From the UK - Open for Christmas

Top Festive Pillow Cases 

We all love adding those special touches to our homes at Christmas to take it up a notch from the previous year. 

If you don’t already have Christmas throw pillows in your collection, then they’re the perfect addition to your festive decorations. 

Since we all already have cushions in our lounges, there’s no need to replace them altogether. Just buy Christmas pillow covers in the size of the throw cushions you already have. 

The issue comes with deciding the best ones to get that match your home. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve collected the best Christmas cushion covers in the UK this year.

The ability to ‘dress up’ your pillows at Christmas rather than replacing them makes festive cushions the perfect inexpensive decor item, with a significant impact. 

So keep reading to find out how to add that festive feeling to your living room! 

This post will cover:

  • What are Christmas pillow covers
  • How to choose the right ones for your home 
  • Top Christmas cushions this year
  • Best affordable festive cushion covers 

What Are Christmas Cushions?

Christmas cushions are the perfect way to add a festive feel to a room without having to use typical decorations like tinsel. 

You can buy a range of different styles and designs to suit your interior decor style and your Christmas colour scheme

And they can be used all around the house to add a comfy, practical, festive look. 

For example, if your bedding is white, you can easily add a few Christmassy throw pillows and a matching throw. These simple touches will transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland, without the effort of tinsel or a tree. 

Or if you have an armchair on a landing or in a hall, add a couple of festive cushions for a cosy winter feel. 

2 Red Christmas Cushion Covers - From the UK - Open for Christmas

How to Choose Christmas Cushion Covers 

We’ve gathered four considerations and tips for buying cushion covers that will look great in your home year after year. 

Match Colour Scheme 

Having a Christmas decoration colour scheme isn’t essential. 

Some people prefer a whole explosion of colours and styles which creates a fantastic look of a Christmas toy shop. 

However, some people like to have a colour scheme that becomes the basis for all their decor purchases. It creates a uniform appearance and usually ties in with the interior style of the home or room.

The most common Xmas decoration colour palettes are:

  • Teal and White or Silver
  • Red and Green
  • Red and Gold
  • Natural Colours (Farmhouse style)
  • Red and White 
  • Silver and Purple
  • Silver and Gold

Of course, there are endless colour schemes to pick from, but these are the most common and therefore the easiest to find decorations you’ll like. 

Once you’ve got a colour scheme, you can buy throw cushions that either follow or match your chosen shades. 

Buy Neutral

The most practical option is to buy Christmas pillow cases that match with any colour scheme or theme, so they don’t need replacing when it changes. 

This could be a white, beige or silver as these colours tend to match the best with most festive decor. 

Neutral also applies to the design, so stick to plain colours with minimal or no pattern on them to ensure they fit with your decorations each year. 

Top Tip: Buy a few plain Christmas cushion covers as a base in a neutral or classic colour (white, beige, red, green) with a few statement pillows that can be interchanged depending on your colour scheme and decoration theme.
White and Gold Christmas Cushion Covers - From the UK - Open for Christmas

Buying the Right Size

Cushion pads come in a range of sizes so naturally, cushion covers do too. 

It’s essential to make sure you’ve got the right size, as if the cushion cover is too big, pillows will look deflated. 

The hardest to distinguish is whether a pillow insert is 18×18 or 20×20. Unfortunately, these are the most common sizes. 

It’s worth measuring your cushion pads, and not just guessing, as it makes the difference between a lovely plump Christmas cushion and a sad-looking saggy one. 

However, since these are the most common cushion sizes, there are also many more designs and loads of affordable choices. 

Choose a Theme 

Some people don’t use a strict colour scheme and follow a festive theme instead. Here are some potential decoration theme ideas:

Since your festive pillows make such a significant impact on the overall look of the room, buying the right ones for the theme is crucial. 

Luckily online retailers have jumped on the themed decor trend, and are producing a whole range of festive embellishments in heaps of different styles. 

DIY Christmas Cushions

If you’re creative and fancy having a go at making your own homemade festive cushions, have a watch of the video below. We love Taryn’s easy, but professional looking cushions that anyone can make!

Top Christmas Cushion Covers Online

Best Handmade Cushion Covers

Sophie Allport ‘Christmas Holly & Berry’ Handmade Cushion Covers 

Sophie Allport Christmas Holly & Berry Handmade Christmas Cushion Covers - UK - Open for Christmas

These handmade cushion covers in Christmas Holly & Berry print fabric will really bring some classic festive cheer to your home this Christmas.

These seasonal pillow covers are available in multiple sizes with optional red pom-pom trim down the sides. 

Details: Optional included insert. You can choose at checkout whether to include a cushion pad. Multiple sizes are available. Machine Washable. 

Best Christmas Pillow Covers 18×18

If you require some 18×18 pillow covers (or 45cmx45cm), we recommend these Cushion Inner Pads (Pack of 2, White).  

Merry Christmas Decorative Pillowcases 

Perfect for a cosy, classic Christmas. 

Although not the softest fabric, these cushion covers can be used as gorgeous decoration pieces to enhance a festive room. 

Velvet Cushion Cover – Decorative Pillowcases 2 Pack 

Find the perfect colour to match your Christmas decoration colour scheme. These cushion covers are luxuriously soft and not just for decoration. 

Best Christmas Pillow Covers 20×20

If you’re looking for some holiday pillow covers 20×20 or 50cmx50cm cushion covers and are in need of some cushion pads, we recommend these Cushion Pillow Insert (Pack of 2, White).  

Pack of 2 Velvet Soft Christmas Decorative Square Cushion Cover 

With over 30 colours to choose from, these cushion covers will have an option for every colour scheme and decor theme. 

They make a great base to layer more intricate designs on top of, or as an elegant statement piece. 

Our favourite combination is the turquoise and grey

Puffin Fabric Cushion Cover 

Puffin Print Cushion Cover UK - Open for Christmas

*cushion pad not included*

This gorgeous puffin cushion cover fits a 50cm x 50cm cushion pad. We love the neutral colour palette as it matches most Christmas colours and works well year after year. 

Details: Beautiful matching puffin piping and zipped along the bottom.

Machine Washable. 

Personalised Christmas Cushions

Best Personalised Family Cushion Cover 

Cute Animals Personalised Christmas Cushion Cover With the Family Name and Names 

Personalised Christmas Cushion Cover UK with Family Name and Animals on a Red Festive Chair - Open for Christmas

This adorable pillowcase is ideal for decorating your home and adding to your decor collection. It would look great as part of a group on a sofa, or on its own on an armchair with a cosy throw.

This personalised festive pillow is a perfect gift for someone special at Christmas or as a new home decor item. 

Details: 40cm x 40cm (15.7in x 15.7in) cushion cover made from a polyester blend, linen-like material.

Cheap Christmas Cushion Covers UK

Set of 5 Christmas Pillow Cover 

These 18×18 cushion covers come with five different designs at an affordable price. 

Their red colour and snowflake designs are festive and fun and will match with most decoration styles. 

The quality isn’t the best as the print isn’t high resolution, but if you’re not going to be looking at them too closely, then they’re a great affordable option. 

6 Cushion Couch Covers 18 x 18 Inch Buffalo Plaid  

These Farmhouse Christmas pillow covers have a cosy, country design that’s perfect for a living room or bedroom. 

The quality of the fabric isn’t the best, but for six cushions at an affordable price, they’re well worth it. 

The designs of these farmhouse pillows are intricately detailed, and work well in any farmhouse or classic Christmas decor themes. 

Each design is slightly different so you could split up the red plaid and the white background to match different rooms. 

Best Christmas Cushion Covers in the UK This Year – Final Thoughts

Writing most of our posts here at Open For Christmas gets us feeling super festive, but this one has an extra special Christmas feeling. 

Maybe it’s the combination of Christmas designs and cosy cushions that’s just lifted us into a festive fizz?

Whatever it is, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Best Christmas Cushion Covers in the UK as much as we’ve enjoyed writing about them! 

It’s clear that festive pillowcases are a great, affordable addition to every home’s decoration collection. They make a massive impact on the overall appearance of a decorated room, without being too overpowering or tacky. 

(Don’t get us wrong, we are big fans of a tacky Christmas.) 

Christmas pillows create the perfect harmony between Christmas decorations and practical household items. Nobody can say no to extra throw pillows, right? 

So whether you’re buying for your bedroom, living room, a cafe, or office, we hope you’ve found what you need or feel inspired to look through all the options out there. 

If you’ve enjoyed this guide, check out some of our similar posts on all things Christmas decorating! 

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Best Christmas Cushion Covers in the UK This Year

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